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American Science & Surplus Reality Show: "Warehouse of Wonders" (Ep. 2)

American Science & Surplus Reality Show: "Warehouse of Wonders" (Ep. 2)

it all starts with the by Noir in Las Vegas at the association of surplus dealer trade show where American science and surplus has had a booth for over 30 years actually it's 40 years for over 40 years at the show it's just another chrome exhaust stack for semi how many on at least 20 appreciate me saying you're out we have to test everything we sell this is afrin l lens if you take this outside and you put a penny at that focal point it actually will melt the penny in three seconds we can actually light the asphalt out on the parking lot on fire with this or up in Wisconsin a farm where we love to test some of the outdoor gear three two one low and left things that require a whole lot of space it's a low stop keep going so I think a great way to test these is to bring Pauline and Paul can perhaps run off into the woods here let's put on night-vision goggles and see if we can track them down check it out that's one of my favorite parts of this job getting to play with all the stuff we sell once we test the items we send them to our warehouse where they're organized Christ and then shipped out to our stores where some of it sells an imitation shrunken head we couldn't get enough of them but not all of it not sure what the market has produced Dutch snowshoes right now but we got a bunch of them it's a whole gamble on my part we have to roll the dice and take it all and hope that it sells get it great to the staff here a good team working I had to make a rule where bill can't build any more tasers because he kept tracking his coworkers there's no typical American science and surplus customer because we have artists and we've magicians we have the crazy inventors we often have to tell people that that sounds dangerous so that'll start a fire that might electrocute you we return this 1974 version of G into a secret agent spy vehicle

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