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American Citizens, American soil, Illegal Military Combat Tactics & Weapons, No Rights/Laws BS

American Citizens, American soil, Illegal Military Combat Tactics & Weapons, No Rights/Laws BS

today is February 22nd 2019 I came downstairs to throw the laundry in the dryer just a quick message I am an American citizen I thought I had rights I thought there were laws I don't know of anything legal that allows anybody to target me with neurological and biological weapons to obstruct or violate my rights to commit crimes on me I don't know of any law stature executive order nothing military nothing but says there are no laws are no rights now I know these people doing these crimes with this illegal DHS military surplus and military sexual weapons know their crimes because they still walk into courtrooms and pretend like there's laws they still show up before Senate hearings and pretend like there's laws they're still pretending like there's laws in all other ways except when they're dealing with these people that they've targeted with their weapons people are being hurt with combat torture severely some of them it's way beyond gang stalking and harassment it's violating people in every aspect of life they're making people homeless and they're still targeting them they're I'm crying in my house that I can't move and get help and then I'm okay I can go to the dryer this is insane it is insane I can't believe I'm an American citizen and I'm living this kind of and you mean sadistic cruelty by the police fire and rescue the FBI and there's military units that are part of the fusion centers I want to cry for what I'm living and then I'm talking to others and they're they're homeless they're cold they're hurt they're attacked we've been screaming now for years this is not human experimentation this is an attack these are crimes and these are police officers Fire and Rescue the FBI and military special units doing these crimes to us we're part of the public or part of society I'm not disabled per se there's no court or any medical anything against me I'm supposed to be a functional self-sufficient adult but they are ripping people apart and I don't know how the hell this is happening in the United States so I figured why I came down here to throw my clothes in a dryer I just make a quick video because this is mind-boggling and to those who are being made homeless my heart goes out to you I'm sophomore torturers so darn bad at words the words don't just

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  1. Premeditated. Total set up where the indoctrination is concerned. I suspect you have done much that is right. I recognize your voice..His peace i pray for you. Tried in the fire..

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