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Altama OTB Maritime Assault Military Sneakers

Altama OTB Maritime Assault Military Sneakers

hey guys Rob from Harry's here just want to show you a couple new items we got in for fall one is the Jordan Craig vintage distressed m65 filled jacket we have in black we have in olive this thing is very very comfortable only $89.99 comes with a real nice brass zipper and pot loaded with pockets like you're familiar with them with the m60 5's but very soft very comfortable fits great also I've been wearing these all day the Ultima OTB maritime shoes these things come in your multicam black khaki and these things are built for battle your Chuck Taylors have nothing on these these are built with comfort with support Cordura nylon and also has these vents that will will let the water drain from the shoe so they dry quickly has an insole that doesn't absorb any water built for the Navy SEAL but also built for anybody who wants a great look for fashion or once let excuse that's going to last and is light comfortable and then fits like a glove so come check these out we have them in the high top and the low top starting at 89.9 I'm going to put a link in the comments where you can go see all the different colors and check them out for yourself come on in and check this stuff out you're going to love it we'll see you soon

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