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howdy fellas is your own super poopy and you're probably asking yourself what is up with my uniform have I ever did anything else did I get a cap do my tap arrived did I get the patches for it and if you make a clone of yourself and having sex with it would that be considered incest or another form of masturbation who knows all these questions will be answered in this video so if you are wondering what was good you're going to get the answers how do you do Tebow's it is your whole super poopy and today we're gonna get to the right I know it's just quick reminder this uniform is unfinished this is my unfinished yeah your uniform I just want to show yet progress because I haven't uploaded in the week is absolutely goddamn homework and the last two videos were so low energy because oh my head my head was oh shit I gotta finish it's all boring but anyways today I'm extra high-energy and I'm hyped up on cocaine anyways we have an M 42 helmet yes we're doing late more plus we've got an empty 44 so we have no choice but to late work plus I've seen a lot of Jaeger troops use and people report I have literally a picture where there's and just this one picture there's five mp44 five guys with mp44 is all Yeager's so as you can see I got my anger patch I love my hate your patch and everything anyways um you can see lichens are still fucked up we have new listings on the way in case these are not reusable but we got new ones just in case so we're gonna fix this right away I did not hold them properly so over here we have White's trapped by Epping militaria almost all my gear is by epic military epic moment area has pretty good gear I know they get a lot of shit for the uniforms and you can tell I got done 44 from them and it was missing shades agreed and also people told me that it did not have the proper cuts I don't know what they mean by that but I did see the missing shades of green and other people were saying no no and awkward avoid random so technically it's not Bernard but either way I want to get out of SS I got my MP 44 conscious I got these from Amazon who I am a now I am a social to Amazon so it Singh there are a lot of these companies that sell move more to stuff that so to Amazon so Amazon although a lot people tell you not to buy from Amazon you just gotta look at the brand so be careful alright don't get that Hickey shock shit unless there's no one there to know where else to find it cuz I know a guy that got a uniform from Hickey shop and he did a few modifications in the uniform look but you know I played it safe and got it from Kelly's military and not only that but you know the wool is of higher quality at least I'm told so but it is high quality it's very scruffy very thick a little irritating for the skin but it's definitely a military thought so which me it is sagging a little bit so we'll fix that maybe later we have a break bag now I know these sling things are supposed to be like triangle shape so I don't know where L for a fix that cause it's like they're just tiny D telling me I don't really plan on reacting so I don't know and then we have the camp team from I am a military a very good quality I know when the camera comes out great but it's actually green the wool is green and I know I've done comments saying like we need a different cover because this one's great no it's a cute green but the camera has a trouble capturing the green in fact I get told about my officer's uniform that it's a post-war uniform when in fact it's nice it's just a really light green and the camera has trouble catching it anyways now these trousers they're very lovely made out of wool the only cost me 30 bucks so the cuts are a little shitty sorry about that but you know they still look cute on me anyways we got buddies here eventually we're going to replace the putties for rolled-up socks with the three greens you know you know what I'm saying I got to get the one with the three rings because big socks big cocks you know what I'm saying 13 inches running down your leg so now under these putties we have Suisse mountain height boots very similar to the birds Jaeger boots but if you put them side-by-side you can definitely notice the difference now unfortunately the birthday girl oops are so frickin expensive they're like 700 bucks and like 300 bucks for reproductions these only cost me 80 and the variance so please don't get angry at me but it's a it's a meanwhile thing but I also will get regular hobnail boots and also I'm getting some check out 90 boots with your new song beautiful plain leather boots and they're not hot nailed and they're they're not World War two boots obviously but they look similar they're slightly taller but I'm gonna be doing stunts and stuff and I with hobnail boots you're gonna be tripping all over the goddamn place everybody the only reason why I have a helmet with with these boots on it's because it's so easy to trip and slip it's dangerous all right so yeah I'm gonna get those m90 boots and use them exclusively for stunts and regular everyday fashion so anyways I think that's everything everything of course another reminder this impression is not finished but I just want to show you guys what I have so far I will get gloves unfortunately everywhere the large the psychological bulbs are sold out so I may cut off the fingers I don't know if the troops did that for extra grip or I don't know that was too cold to do that but I may have to end up doing that so yeah I think I already showed you guys my cap it's blank you can see it's not Marvel buttons it's it was advertised for good buttons so I don't know what what's up with that but uh yeah I gotta have two patches and the Jager leaves here and with the Oaks and basically set like so close to finishing and also I'm gonna need a parka I don't know how much you get kind of larger blank but I've seen a lot of behaviors you splinter camo so I'm most likely your counter place not only goes it's my favorite but I have a crap-ton the photographical evidence okay here's using splitter Cal applies a lot if I ever go to this this will be probably the uniform outtake we still need an undershirt with we got just a regular shirt under so I mean it's covered so it's not like anyone will notice but you know I want to keep it under present authentic but you know this is gonna have to do for so far situation another third reminder this impression is not but please I do accept criticism and business anything wrong with my uniform please say so if you're just gonna cut me out and say what a fucking idiot I am for doing one little itty-bitty mistake I'm just gonna fucking block you alright I'm not even gonna listen to you but if you're a respectable of you homie if you owe me like more fair production okay that guy's never give me shit that guy always give me good tips he's always respectful and he's one of the best Korean actors out there so shout out to that guy I'll tag him I'll give you his Instagram name and everything but uh yeah you know that guy just really keeps he's such a homey you know he always told me I recommend you get this I recommend you get that you should do this in combination with that like he's just he's a great reenactor and he gives a lot of great tips so shout out to that guy do funnel I'm on Instagram and I believe me having YouTube account you know is I do have an announcement that I almost forgot to make I'm gonna have a photo shoot somewhere mid November or early December hopefully we get snow by that but we're gonna hike them very high mountain if you follow me on Instagram and seeing my stories you probably know which mountain it is now this isn't the wilderness so right – okay just hope and carry this like no problem because I know it is illegal even for airsoft student you know to open carry an airsoft gun obviously you know it's basically a replica of a real gun is that oh it's just the only way you could tell that this is fake is that it does not have wood grips but you know who's gonna know that you know so you know I don't know if you tried open carry in California but it goes a little something like this so for Halloween I am gonna have also a photoshoot on Halloween Day and I'm gonna go to nice area such as Beverly Hills and other Hollywood areas and other nice areas that just give off like a classy vibe like I know there's a lot of places that kind of make it look like a forties type of town or something like that and I'm gonna be taking pictures just chillin in a dress uniform obviously you don't want to carry these ammo pouches and carry this gun on the old fingers once again you don't want to open carry in California because everyone just loses their shape so that's two photo shoots and we also got an Operations restore Oh photo shoot which is 1993 I believe 1991 to the 93 acally so that would be fun and it's going to take place in an abandoned base so it gives a real mug addition type of vibe however the graffiti is gonna kind of ruin the vibe but we'll make the best of it yeah I think that's it love you guys take care and hey we're about to reach off 400 subscribers so thank you for that like shit man we moving on up now and you know we're not just doing both more to also doing post apocalyptic stuff which is not historical and we're all eventually gonna do a green so you know cuz I hear a lot of these World War two guys are getting like blocked in that and discriminated against on YouTube so I gotta be careful but at the end I'm just gonna have fun with that I want to entertain you guys I love y'all and maybe making videos entertains y'all it's a double double we're both benefiting so you know thank you guys I'm up anyway whoopee take care

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