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Almost all industries could be affected by Japan’s removal of S. Korea from whitelist

Almost all industries could be affected by Japan’s removal of S. Korea from whitelist

which bans removal of South Korea from
its whitelist of trusted trading partners coming into effect today eyes
are on how the move will affect local industries across the board our Yoon’s o
min starts us off at the stroke of midnight on Wednesday South Korea was
removed from Japan’s whitelist of trusted trading partners according to
the Korean Security Agency of Trade and Industry over 1,100 items including 857
non sensitive items are classified as strategic goods by Japan and will face
tighter controls among the non sensitive items are high-tech materials
electronics machinery computers sensors navigation equipment and many other
items often used for military purposes other than weaponry Korean companies
that have been buying machineries from Japan will wish to keep using the same
products because machinery such as inspection equipment is standardized for
Japanese products even foreign on strategic goods shipped to countries
excluded from the list could require case-by-case approval if Japan thinks it
necessary in effect industries across the board except for food and lumber
could be affected at any time if Tokyo decides to implement a tighter screen
the Korean government is paying closer attention to 159 items in particular
exporters in Japan have to get case by case approval from the government every
six month for shipping to non whitelist countries unless they follow Tokyo’s
internal compliance program the approval may take about 90 days for non-wireless
countries while it usually takes about a week for whitelist countries you know
mean Arirang news

Reader Comments

  1. Boo hoo too bad so sad.
    Don’t worry you can still go back to your proud ancient cultural industries such as dog farming!

  2. Korea is not even included in the whitelist of European nations. Whats wrong with Japan removing Korea from it? Europe doesnt include Korea, so will Japan.

  3. Are you dying? Do you have rice to eat? Are women and men turning whores because out of Jobs? I just hate you so much for bringing this up every year.

  4. 【South Korean people's language expression is different from Japanese people's.】
     The enterprises and the investers of Japan are currently preparing the withdrawal from South Korea.
     But South Korean people like to say "It is the invasion by Japan."
     I consider that most of South Korean people can't distinguish <forward> from <backward>.

  5. all japan has asked of korea is to explain where those sensitive materials have gone to. what korea did in reply was making scenes everywhere.

  6. 【South Korea fancy themselves as if they are the strongest in the whole world.】
     USA's government has already expressed concern and disappointment at South Korea's withdrawal of GSOMIA with Japan.
     Previous to South Korea's decision, USA repeatedly expressed strong concern about the increase of risk for US forces caused by South Korea's withdrawal of GSOMIA.
     After South Korea officially announced the withdrawal of GSOMIA, USA expressed deep disappointment against South Korea's government.
     But South Korea's government required USA's government not to express concern and disappointment at South Korea's withdrawal of GSOMIA.
     Instead South Korea's government criticized USA's government that USA's behaviors don't make any contribution to strengthen the bond between USA and South Korea at all.

  7. Well in July, the SK media was saying that they can mass produce the etching gas by September. Well it is almost September. SK should be just fine without Japan. LOL

  8. Skorea has one of the highest rates of sucide in the world, now it's the very Korean Country which will commit sucide!

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