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what’s up everybody? welcome back to my
channel!! hi, who’s ready to get Extra Terrestrial??
now in today’s video I am debuting my fifth eyeshadow palette and I am
unveiling the entire 2018 holiday collection!! now listen I am so excited
because this big old alien head is something that I’ve been working on for
a long time and the color story inside is different than anything you guys have
seen from Jeffree Star Cosmetics thus far so in today’s video we are going to
dive in and unveil the of course alien eyeshadow palette we’re gonna dive into
eight velour liquid lipsticks, four lip ammunition for velour lip scrubs we have
a few accessories in here so girl let’s get started
now in the past you guys know I have only stuck to doing eyeshadow palettes
in the shape of a square we have beauty killer
we had androgyny we had thirsty and of course you know I changed the game with
the blood sugar palette and this crazy packaging that I did earlier this year
I’m gonna say the blood sugar is the palette of the Year T alright so when I
was creating the alien palette I was like girl I want to create a different
shape we have done the jewelry box the moment we’ve done and there’s there’s
more coming you all think this shape is the only one wait till next year but
when I was creating this I was like look I am an alien I want to create a palette
that looks like an alien and I want everything to be very earthy weird
greens purples just like a whole weird palette because I’d like this year there
has been so many warm tone palettes there is so many of the same things like
if I see one more Brown neutral palette girl if you guys want to know the
inspiration behind all of this when I shaved off my eyebrows for the very
first time in chant grade I was living with my grandparents they were raising
me while my mom was getting sober and I shaved them off right I was like I have
good grades I’m gonna really take it there they’re like alright girl you can
look wherever you want as long as you’re good in school so when I shaved them off
the next day my grandpa who rest in peace is no longer with us but he looked
at me and he goes now you’re my little alien and it’s just like really stuck
throughout my whole life and of course having no brows I get called an alien a
lot I thought what better way to create my
own palate so you guys ready to see the inside let’s do it alright so before we
even open it I wanted to show you guys the palette I know a lot of people
weren’t sure how thick or thin this was girl this is a nice palette it’s very
sturdy so of course we have the faux leather which is not real on the outside
but it is very soft and buttery it feels very real but it’s not so you guys can
see that the eyes are actually 3d they are industrial plastic and pressing on
amazing you guys can see that they are really sturdy and I just wanted like a
3d aspect that was like kind of coming alive and you guys can see of course
that there is a hinge right here at the top of course we have the info on the
back and when you open it it’s very easy all you do is you take your thumb and
you can slide it this way or this way of course there is magnets all around here
so when it is not moving it is fully in place let’s unveil the colors all right
you guys here is the alien palette yes right now alright you guys this color
story is very different than anything I have done before as you guys see there
are 18 shades just like blood-sugar same formula you’ve got beautiful metallics
you have pure super pigmented mattes and you have a whole array of an
extraterrestrial palette I’m so I’m just so giddy you guys so immediately what
colors do you gravitate to pause the video sound off below I want to know
what you guys like what your initial thoughts are this was a dream palette of
mine that I didn’t really see on the market and I just want a lot of greens
and a lot of weirdness so of course there is a whole array of colors on my
eyes we’re about to touch them all and play with them but I want to give you
guys a few tidbits this palette does a retail for $52 so with 18 shades you are
paying two dollars and 80 cents per shade now of course these are the same
pans as thirsty and blood sugar you get a lot of product and of course you may
notice that a few of the pans do have some characters in there we got a little
flying saucer abduction moment and then we have
right here all right I think it’s time to go down each row and let’s talk about
the shades all right I also want to mention that this is the unit cart and
that the alien pilot comes in it is a very Spacey of course and all the info
is on the back of course just like my entire brand everything is vegan and
cruelty free all right let’s dive into the shades all right so
the first shade that is in the palette is called Pluto so quick backstory I’m
not gonna run my mouth about all of these but some of them do have some cute
stories I did a project in sixth grade you had to pick your favorite planet
that was actually what it was and I picked Pluto which isn’t Pluto not
deemed a planet anymore it’s like a chunk of ice
regardless can’t relate it was my favorite planet it was blue way way far
out there and cold like my heart okay just kidding
all right so Pluto is a very icy shade but it has a dual chrome shift to it so
I’m gonna ruin the star pans and I’m gonna go in there now these are so soft
and buttery I’m just gonna take this and just put it on my hand right here so you
guys can see the shift it does have a really cool peachy yellow like shift in
there but also being really icy and blinding
now the next shade is called Titan which is one of the moons of Saturn Thank You
Nathan for hymning that shade and it is a really nice like ivory bone white
color that just has just really thanks to laid down when you’re just wanting
day you know do a quick little smokey eye or if you want to take it to an
intergalactic level it is perfect for putting everywhere from the lid all the
way up to the brow bone oh you guys know my mats are so buttery and they’re so
soft so I’m just gonna put this one right there BAM and then you guys can
really see the tone of it the next shade is of course the name of the palette
alien which is a really new on bright green I love this shade I’m actually
wearing it today a little bit above here on the brow bone by the way my momma
Mitchell so laid my makeup there will be a video on this tutorial coming up very
soon so alien right here it is a really cool green I am obsessed with this color
I’ve never made a color like this so I really wanted to just take it there Oh
that it does of course had a shift to it and it is really blinding on set when we
did the crazy prosthetics alien head when Nicole was doing the beauty makeup
she used the shade as a highlighter as well girl I was obsessed all right the
next shade it’s a gonna be a little hard to see on camera how it really looks but
it is called interstellar and the reason why I said that is because it has a
really weird gold like a white gold almost like antique and it just has such
a cool finish oh I love that and that color is actually in here right in that
lid right there I’m gonna look down for you guys I also forgot to show you guys
of course when you flip this palette up we have a big mirror excuse all my dirty
fingerprints I know that its own professional yeah there’s a really big
mirror what I like to do on my vanity because I know a lot of people were like
girl how big is that alien head when you fold it back and it sits on the eyes it
is literally perfect it holds itself up and it sits right on your vanity but
it’s a little big but it’s not like massive where you really can’t like
throw it in a bag like when you compare it to blood sugar it’s like not too bad
so the next shade is called abduction and I really wanted to make a chartreuse
match like I have never done a shade like this before so I was like you know
what we got to do something really cool and this shade is actually on right here
in the brow bone and going down like that and the shade we’re just gonna tuck
right here for now oh yes BAM literally is the same color as this shirt work the
next shade is called a UFO or obvious reasons we love aliens
so UFO it’s this beautiful green gold and I’m just gonna show you it right
here on my hand BAM it is so soft and it has a lot of payoff like this all over
the lid ahh the next shade is called gravity gravity
and she is a really good transition color I love just popping this right in
my crease I’ve secretly been using this one for a while on my channel I’m having
to pretend it was something else because I couldn’t leave my own stuff
but this shade will put her right here uh is so good
all he’s together like hey good morning the next one is one of my favorite
shades in the palette is called Martian soil and this is the shade that Nicole
puffed under my eyes when I was wearing the big alien head and it is so good
it’s like a really cool mustard and I just love it for blending it’s so pretty
BAM alright now the next shade is called Flying Saucer as you see there is a
little bit of a design in the pan right there it’s so good I don’t want to ruin
it but we have to okay so these fingers have some shadows on them but this
middle finger does not so one is just to see because greens and purples are very
hard to make especially with a vegan formula so I want you guys just just to
see on my clean finger I’m just gonna rub in there for a second
hello pay off this is a really good green and we’re just gonna tuck this one
right there BAM one swipe bitch you know this brand we’re not playing games the
next shade is called phone home now et is one of my favorite
movies of all time so if you’ve never seen it I’m Chuck
alright but this color is a beautiful weird Mavi Brown that is really good for
smokey eye is really good for a transition or just anywhere you want to
put it I love it it’s also very kind of like almost like deceased liquid
lipstick so that’s kind of where I got the inspiration for and it’s very
ethereal the next shade is called moon rock if you are a cannabis smoker you
know what moon rock is honey and this is like a really cool like just Foresti
green that has gold in it I really wanted to have Gold’s be a undertone
theme in this palette and I think I really got a good one with that one oh I
love this color now this one is tuck right in there with
alien right over there hello mids now the next shade is called x-files
hi and of course there is a big old alien head in there
I love now the alien emoji that is my most used emoji on my iPhone and I have
just loved aliens forever so I had to put an alien in there now this is a
literal pure khaki army green and it is so good on the eyes I’m just gonna put
this one right here come on hands are running out of room BAM oh I love a good
the next shade is called ghost og one of my favorite strains I love a ghoul now
this one is a really dark dark army like four and I wouldn’t say forest green but
like it’s just a really dark farming green I love it it goes perfect with
everything in this palette and I’m just gonna tuck this one right in there so
you guys can see the shades BAM hello-o now the next shade area 51 it is a
standout shade in this palette it is a beautiful rich royal purple I am wearing
it today it’s all in here Mitchell blended it with like five other colors
and it just looks so stunning and this packed over all over the lid as well
Lord Jesus so you guys had to wipe off my hands my fingers are getting a little
messy and I’m just gonna go like this one two three
you guys this purple is not playing games it is really hard to perfect a
purple but I said girl if we’re gonna do one we’re gonna do one so I know I want
to have all the colors on my hand so I’m gonna start moving up over here I’m just
gonna put this on my middle finger maybe see how it looks works on the skin but
this purple you guys I know that’s so messy I’m so sorry
let me rub it in there we go it is a good purple excuse my messiness there we
go BAM hello how are you alright the next shade is a really cool
metallic brown with some pearl in there and it is called space cowboy now this
shade let’s just put it right here yes fingers with a texture on your fingers
it’s a little different than right here alright you guys could see that it is a
really cooler there is on my finger right here it’s just a really cool
different metallic Brown it just has such a like amazing metallic finish
BAM yes hands now the next shade is called probe and it’s right here it is a
really cool literal like almost like predator alien skin and has such a
really like interesting shift to it let’s use this finger right here and
there it is oh my god hi I’m just gonna swatch it right here it is so cool as
such a dope effect it’s almost like an oil slick it has like a brown undertone
but then it has that really cool foresty green shift to it alright so shade tall
gray is right here it is a really cool gray with a blue undertone and that is
blended under these lashes right here with a little bit of an abduction under
it now tall gray of course if you guys don’t know what Tiger is it’s an alien
and it is on my pinky and I am obsessed with this color let’s try to make it fit
right there BAM no I I couldn’t believe it when I sat down to
finish this palette I couldn’t believe that I have never made a pure black
matte shadow what the hell so here is black hole of course the blackest in the
universe it is really rich in pigment and I just cleaned my hands off I’m just
gonna take two fingers right here we’ll do one and we’ll do two and this is pure
like y’all dough if I was gonna make a black shadow I was not gonna play games
so I am looking running out of room here maybe in between here like hi BAM
well there you go I’m like you guys can see has a one swipe coverage and there’s
still some left on my finger it is very pigmented but there is not a lot of
fallout which you guys know I have been trying to perfect and girl I’m very
happy with this formula so you guys here is the alien palette oh my god and of
course there is and will be a lot of pictures all over social media of all
different skin tones wearing this in all the campaigns and swatches so of course
head on over to the brand cosmetics page for all of that info alright so sound
off below and let me know what you guys think of the palette now it’s time
to dive in into the lipsticks every holiday season we changed the packaging
for everything and this year now listen last year we had the crazy Barbie pink
glitter BAM this is what it looked like I loved how it loved I loved the glitter
just for a packaging standpoint it was hard to accomplish but I said you know
what if I got to figure it out let me do it again but let me do it more weird
I wanted the glitter to almost look like it was on fire I know that sounds weird
but like very alien space I’ve just watched some crazy movies girl you know
I was smoking good and I just wanted something to just Sparkle insane so this
year first of all here is what the unit carton looks like it is a beautiful
white that has a really cool iridescent tone to it now because of the beauty
lights it’s not really showing you the reflection so I’m gonna turn off a light
or two and oh look at that highlight bitch and look at it has like a rainbow
shift to it so excuse my studio lighting but now you guys can see the reality so
the first shade before I pull it out is called can’t relate of course you guys
know it has been such a viral thing that I said earlier this year it’s taking
over a girl it’s a movement so this is the shade can’t relate I know you guys
are probably thinking Jeffrey how many news can you make I had to make another
one you know I had to so this is kind of like if skin tight and mannequin had a
baby it is just a different tone than what I’ve ever made before so when I
pulled out of the box BAM here is the packaging reveal now we’re gonna dim the
lights right now because it is not showing off this glitter like it should
but you guys know this YouTube lighting is low tricky so pseudo you guys can see
the full effect of the glitter it looks so pretty in daylight in the Sun at
night it’s just these YouTube lights that are making it a little dull but it
is full beautiful gold fire glitter against white with gold trim it looks
stunning so there is eight velour liquid lips for
this holiday season I am gonna be showing them off but while I have this
lip on I want to show you guys something new that I created of course you guys
know I have made lip ammunition before with a satin formula
we did a few glitters but this year I wanted to make a different formula than
what I’ve created before so this is a satin glitter formula that you can use
by itself or over any liquid lip or lipstick so let me pull one out here all
right we have shade alien tears of course the component will match the
liquid lip but I did a pink chrome top instead of gold just because you know
throwing it around a little differently this year all right so this one I’m just
gonna put over all let’s put in the center of can’t relate there’s literally
two swipes right there BAM and then you can take your finger if
you want blend the edges and it gives such a really cool glittery effect and
then real quickly I want to show you guys how it looks by itself it is really
glittery and reflective so let’s get back into the velour liquid lips there
are so many shades here so let’s dive into one of my favorites of all time and
is a beautiful khaki green to go with the alien palette and this shade is
called karma yes honey karma has been really working this year and I want to
show you guys this color it is so pretty it is like a beautiful weird just like
what do you want to call an exorcist green alright I just quickly put and
can’t relate next to karma and now the next shade there’s a little hard to tell
in the component because of all the glitter but this shade is called
Geoffrey Hulu you guys know why it’s been awhile year I like to make jokes
and have a fucking good time so Geoffrey whoo Geoffrey’s right here girl and this
shade is such a beautiful oh you’re about to see what color it’s like
Calabasas but like a diet calabasas it’s so pretty it has such a really cool rosy
warm tone to it it is stunning alright the next shade is called girl scandal is
a really pretty lavender moment and she has a little bit of sparkle in her and
when it dries the reflex are really pretty but this is a color I haven’t
really created before it’s just kind of soft more like the Mabi
rose tone and it is stunning alright now the next shade is called hi how are ya
and it is a beautiful holiday red that has really pretty mica and reflex of red
glitter in this and when it dries you just rub your lips together and the
formula really has that glitter pull through but it is such a pretty
Christmas red berry the next shade is a beautiful metallic lavender purple and
it is called clout it is the purple version of thirst trap which came out
this summer same type of really blinding metallic formula I’m obsessed with this
one even as like a base for eyeshadow remember you guys my liquid lips are
vegan and I save so you can lay these down as a base you can use them as
eyeliner you can do whatever you want with them now this shade has so much
pigment it is really really blinding now the next shade I already told you guys
the name on line and it had to be done it is this really unique navy blue
metallic called your still on the property quite at that I believe the
property are we still in the property we always are you know this blue I am in
love with it it’s very different than the Blues I’ve made before and it has
such a root like a cool shift when it dries the last shade last but not least
is a beautiful really blackened plum and it is called it triggered I love how it
looks in the component with a glitter against it and let’s give you guys a
little swatch so you can see what she looks like and also has a little bit of
glitter in it as well I wanted to create something different you guys I have over
60 liquid lipsticks on my website can you believe that made that many colors
I’m like whoa so I wanted to just take it there and do something a little
unique you know I mean everything is always unique but I’m like what else can
we do and I this was definitely missing from my roster so there is triggered now
let’s dive in right back to the lip ammunition now remember this shade is
called alien tears we have three more shades and this one is called galaxy
gold it is such a unique goal that is very metallic it packs a punch and the liquid lips have no fragrance but
the lip ammos are like a vanilla bean creme brulee you guys know I am dessert
obsessed and these smell so yummy so of course we’ll just tuck her right in here
and here is galaxy gold this next shade is a really cute amazing
multi-dimensional bronze color and it’s called BAE me up and I love this color
we’re just gonna put her we’ll put her down here BAM you guys can see that has
kind of like a weird like gold green pinky shift to it and these are so
finding the fourth a lip ammunition shade is this really weird amazing
metallic glitter green and it’s called area 51 just like the purple shade in
the palette I wanted to have a little cohesive moment and this green really
packs a punch I’m just gonna put it right here in my hand like BAM I know
that as a horrible swatch you guys I’m so sorry but let me just kind of rub it
around here by itself it is so pretty mmm yes all right you guys so here are
all eight velour liquid lipsticks which of course retail for $18 as well as all
four lip ammunition glitters at which of course are $18 as well want to hear your
thoughts what colors are you living for what do you need and love and what you
desire all right you guys let’s move on to the lip scrubs because you know mama
needs to keep your lips smooth now for holiday I am giving you guys four velour
lip scrubs let’s talk about the flavors of course these are vegan they are
edible they are really good for prepping your lips before any lipstick any liquid
lip any lip liner girl anything or really good for dry patches on your skin
you could exfoliate honey we love a multitasking product now the first shade
of course hi it’s holiday is eggnog hello Robin never done an eggnog before
I’m so sorry you guys let’s show you guys of course the component is the same
glittery finish as everything else and it smells so good I wish you could smell
it through the screen but girl the second flavor is pumpkin pie
now if pumpkin pie is my favorite dessert of the holiday season
and I really wanted to capture that moment with like pumpkin pie with
whipped cream on top so this oh that is so yummy all right the third flavor is
one of my favorite things ever to eat and that is french toast oh my god I’m
on a food cake you guys now this one now the sugar is a beautiful dark chocolate
brown color mmm you just taste like that like I captured literal french toast you
taste the bread and the syrup right in your mouth hi breakfast how are ya last
but not least the fourth and final flavor is a salted caramel caramel
caramel wherever you from I know we all say caramel different salted caramel not
salted nuts is one of my favorite things to drizzle
on top of ice cream I just love toppings mmm Wow sorry I was like really like I’m
hungry mmm but if you love salted caramel this literally captures the
flavor to a tea all right so the makeup bags have been such a huge hit I wanted
to make one to really fully pull this collection together so here is the white
with green glitter makeup bag it is very iridescent and pretty and we’re gonna
turn off one light for a second so you can really see how it glows oh there we
go hello all right now I do have some other
alien inspired colors coming out for travel and makeup bags that will be
coming out around Black Friday and also trinkle in in December but I did want to
show you guys a little few sneak peeks so here is one of the wild colors it is
a lime holographic so that’s coming soon not with this collection but very soon
and also this beautiful alien vegan travel bag these will be of course
restocked and the other shades very soon and more colors coming all right you
guys November 9 this is when the entire collection is launching I am so excited
of course as always 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time that is 1:00 p.m. Eastern
Standard and if you don’t know your time zone
girl do a quick google search all right you guys sound off below let me know all
your thoughts I am so excited I cannot believe that my fifth baby is about to
enter the world it just feels so crazy I feel like beauty killer literally just
came out and here we are also November on Black Friday is the company’s four
year anniversary it’s been such a magical journey thus far and there’s so
much more in store so thank you guys so much for watching this video I can’t
wait to see all the looks that you guys create with the alien power and the
whole collection alright I’ll see you guys on the next one mwah bye guys

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  23. Love this pallet and actually recently met you and picked up my first ever Jeffree Star products and got the Jawbreaker Pallet and wish some of the shade had a jawbreaker pressed in but other than that it's amazing I've been doing monochromatic looks to go with each of those beautiful color groups they are so amazing you never disappoint

  24. I got Triggered in the mystery box and I fell in love. Itโ€™s way bolder than I ever go and I was a little worried but omg… Iโ€™m shook. And Iโ€™ve never said that. It is STUNNING.

  25. I just got this palette & I love it & didn't realize how versatile it is til I got it in front of me. I think my favorite combination is Gravitea, Martian Soil, X Files, & Moon Rock.

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