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ALICE Buttpack – Excellent peice of Bushcraft gear!

ALICE Buttpack – Excellent peice of Bushcraft gear!

hey guys it's tell with Oshawa bushcraft I recently picked up a would it be a woodland Alice but pack for another project I was going to piggyback this on top of my Alice pack and since I picked this bag up I'm really impressed with this thing and I wanted to show you guys anybody maybe hasn't seen one of these before this is a really cool piece of kit the idea of this I've got all sorts of stuff attached to this but you don't need this the idea was this would sit on a soldier's web gear above his but this would be touch to his belt and these would attach to the suspenders the wife strap that would hold your webbing up these have been out of service for a while Canadian Army issues a similar set of web gear but it doesn't have all the cool attachment points on it this one does so along with that we have two sections of Alice webbing on both sides right now you can see I've got two mag pouches on one side and I've got a canteen carrier on the other side just as an example of what you can put on here now the top straps just like the top flap on an ALICE pack are adjustable and have extra room in them they're not actually sewing right down to this strap so you could stow extra stuff on here right now I have my little fishing chair cuz I'm headed fishing but there's still a lot of extra strapping on there I bet you could fit full-size wool blanket on here the bottom straps do the same thing they're not tied down you can fit a load in on the bottom this is a huge tarp attic this is 12 by 20 poly tarp that I wouldn't normally carry it's a little bigger than I need but you could build a huge overhead or a huge a frame for it with this and the inside of this pack there's no attachments or anything special there's just a drawstring at the top and there's no little pouches inside it but I bet you can fit a full-sized wool blanket in there just to give you an idea of the size you could definitely fit a 10 piece kit in this no problem you can see I added a paracord carry handle just removing it around camp you could mount a shoulder strap I'd probably recommend going off of the Alice straps and it has these suspender attachments at the back now what I've been using this for is I put two carabiners on it and I've been tying them into the shoulder straps on my Alice pack so that hangs over the flap on the back but you have all sorts of mounting options I know guys have taken the top flap straps on the Alice pack and run them through here if you had your pack loaded up big enough and the upper band of Alice webbing was available you could use these clips to mount it there you could mount it in front of your mms carrier at the bottom of the pack you can mount it there somehow and I said this thing's modular it's got all sorts of attachment points on it you could strap gear above and below I think this is a really cool cool piece of kit I have another project lined up for this you're gonna see down the road I'm gonna get two so that's it I want to share this with you guys you know I paid $13 for this in Canada I'm sure somebody's going to post up get down in the States they find them for like 2 bucks at the surplus stores so I just wanted to share that with you guys thanks for watching until next time go outside and have fun guys YouTube will be here when you get back

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  1. Well, I ran the straps of my ALICE through the austrian version of this butt pack, and all the while I was thinking I had found something new. Apparently not.

  2. I have one as well and I just found out about the side webbing recently. Saved me a lot of room on my army belt for more stuff.

  3. Paid $5 for mines. Still thinking of ways to add straps on there so I can hook it up to my large Alice pack and carry it w/o the Alice pack comfortably.

  4. question? Are the BDU's or the retro-mountain man dress required for bushcraft and camping? Seems everyone is wearing one or the other. And if I may suggest decafe coffee or tea, the high test has you strunk out 

  5. Im not sure exactly how you want to use it but the canadian web gear was held up with an "H" harness, most surplus stores have a variety of surplus and new manufactured models to choose from.

  6. how could I use this. I really want to get this for a light weight kit, but I am not sure how heavy it would be. how about the web gear? does it sag your belt?

  7. I have a couple of butt packs and they are great especially for a day hike or an over nighter, but I have never seen one such as you have. I'll need to check around. Thanks for sharing.

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