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Airsoft vs Reality 4

Airsoft vs Reality 4

You are watching Airsoft vs Reality 4. Why do you repeat it? It’s written in the title. Is it? Yes it is. I wrote it by myself. We are professionals. Yes we are. Move. Where? There. Hit What was there? Where’s he going? To the respawn. Respawn? Do you remeber respawn? No. When you are dead, you go there. There must be a sniper. And the dog. Sniper. I knew it. Call the support. Support! Everything what we have. Artilery, aircraft, tanks and pizza for me. I’m calling HQ! We need support! There must be a spider in the forest. No spider, sniper. No spider, sniper. Coordinates. I have special secret information about our mission here. No! Give me the coordinates! Don’t look! Don’t look. No, you don’t look. No you don’t look! No, you don’t look! Ah! Me don’t look! Sorry, that was for me. Me don’t look, you just wait. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 What 1, 2, 3, 4, 5? Coordinates. Where’s the spider? Grenade! Grenade! We need support! Don’t worry. They will be here in a minute. They are here! Grenade! Move, move, move! They are advancing. Roger! Let’s go. Bloody water! My gun is stuck. Nice sausages. We are under fire. We need to get out of here! Roger. They are coming for us already. Hold on! Amazing! Gorgeous! Lovely! Don’t push! Don’t push, it will break! Don’t push. It will break. Hit! Hit! Hit! You can’t hide behind the boat like that! That’s no fair. We’ll not play with you any more. Hit! Hit! Hit! Hit! Look! Lovely sausage. Sausage on the road. I’m really curious, if it is still eatable. Let’s try. Do you think so? We shall see. We shall see in the next part of Airsoft vs Reality. Disgusting. That was your half. This is my half. It’s eatable.

Reader Comments

  1. Kid says “u can’t hide behind a boat like that that’s not fair were not playing with u anymore”.Hahaha 🤣

  2. The water suprise one was unrealistic because the water in the gun had to clear before fire.

  3. wwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaatttttttt the hell were the Jerrys thinking to attack a U.S coastal defense post?

  4. Some airsoft fields have actual apcs, tanks and humvees now. But they only use it for transport to the field. Best video.

  5. 5:45 Water severely damages the gun, making the operational life-span of it reduced. Suppressed weapons are pretty loud, too. 12:58 Why did the sniper engage a target that he knew he couldn't destroy? Snipers are smarter than that. They know when to engage and when to hold fire.

  6. Ну у нас в России на страйкбольных играх техника присутствует, «Сутки на броне» Алабино например и ещё вопрос,вы где нахер Т-62 откопали?

  7. Las armas no pueden disparar después de ser mojadas por el interior ya que la humedad no permite la detonación de la bala…

  8. The only thing i don't like in the Video ist the fact, that a submerged Colt M16 or M4 (Real Gun) would rip in parts after firing

  9. i love it how on the costal landings one (the real one) that it was d-day the other way round and wiht rafts.

  10. Sniper with a tank was true because a high ranking Soviet sniper in ww2 did took out a German tank with just his rifle

  11. If you ever do have to go underwater with an aeg, It should be able to shoot underwater and for a few shoots after you resurface, but just in case Make sure to pull out your gas pistol to use right away instead.

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