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Airsoft GI – We Can Now Ship More Airsoft Guns to Canada!

Airsoft GI – We Can Now Ship More Airsoft Guns to Canada!

that's Guardi ITV my name's Tim have something very important to tell you about Canada legal airsoft guns until recently the only airsoft guns that we could ship into Canada had to have clear plastic bodies or smoked furniture something to distinguish it from a real gun however recently the Canadian Border Services Agency has redefined how they classify airsoft guns it's going to allow us to ship you realistic full metal body airsoft guns basically as long as the gun shoots between 366 and 500 FPS it is now classified as an uncontrolled firearm now I know that sounds scary but what it basically means is you don't need any special licenses or permits to import or export on controlled firearms across the Canadian border now I would say that a majority of our airsoft guns that we sell on airsoft gie already shoot within that range so if you're interested in any of those guns go ahead and put it into your shopping cart and check out like a normal airsoft GI order however if you're interested in a gun shoots below 366 fps we have a Canadian compliant upgrade in our upgrade section that you can upgrade that gun so that is Canada legal in fact if you try to check out with a gun that shoots below 366 FPS our website will automatically prompt you to upgrade the gun pretty cool eh now I'm talking mostly about aegs here some guns can't be upgraded like spring shotguns and what have you whatever they shoot is whatever they shoot now like I said a majority of our airsoft guns are already Canada compliant for the ones that aren't we do have the upgrade section and there's a very small percentage of guns that just can't be shipped across the border no matter what now I know this seems kind of confusing if you have any questions with regards to the products or ordering give our customer service department a call during our business hours but if you have any questions about Canada and their import export laws we're going to have a link to the Canadian Border Services Agency website in this video's description it should pretty much cover the basics about how we can now ship to Canada we're really excited about this at Air sabji I hope your Canadian customers are just excited about this as we are my name is Tim thanks for watching GI TV we roll rolled and rolled and roll the would run sprint Durst from Canada thank you this isn't really so I mean I roll be admiral de beans from canada yes she's about as Canadian as can be issue she wakes up and has Canadian bacon with her husband they got from Nickelback is a Nickelback guy from Canada yes he is yes everyone's except for us I guess for pretty much everybody we set for everyone that's not from Canada right which is which is everyone

Reader Comments

  1. So… 366- 500 fps is all good, but less dangerous <366 is not ok. My local airsoft field FPS limit is 360 and up so the guns less than 366 there is illegal?

  2. Do you just order an airsofr from AirsofrGi (Canada Legal), or do you need a special document in able to import it to canada?

  3. I live in Canada Calgary and I love the laws in Canada they are my favourite air soft is just right and it seems that it's cqb that's a good and only game mode and we use common sense

  4. It would be interesting if you had statistics on how many of your shipments to Canada have actually made it though. That would convince me to buy from you guys.

  5. i want to buy this gun:   it shoot 370 fps and it wont let me ship it so then i went to get a similar weapon wich shot 330 then it would let me… help anyone???? plz

  6. I can't find any evidence of this on the CBSA website. The link is null; it gives me a 404 error page not found. Upon further investigation, the CBSA firearms code states that any replica firearm, airsoft or otherwise, is prohibited to enter Canada. Period. I was hoping your video was correct, and perhaps it is, but until I see solid, Canadian proof of this, I won't gamble my money ordering from across the border.

  7. can't believe i just found this. I had been "window" shopping on airsoftgi for years… finally. Still a little uneasy and hesitant however.

  8. The only way this could be better is if you could send it using USPS instead of UPS. It always costs at least 60$ everytime with UPS.

  9. I remember when the best guns in Canada were the lucid clear guns. Now
    they suck compared to other modern guns.

  10. airsoft is now legalized in the Netherlands!!! 😉 but the fps here is 350fps that not high but doesn't mater 😉 i love aitsoft!

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