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Airborne Demonstration Team Jump School

Airborne Demonstration Team Jump School

it actually looks like a scene from a world war 2 briefing room this is what we have been jumping and it's meant to be these men are members of a World War two airborne demonstration team based at the old Frederick Army Air Corps hangar they are getting ready to jump but first shoots are checked and everybody does run through uniforms are authentic reproductions some are military surplus the chutes are new of course but the illusion really is World War two they come from all over the country to take part in these exercises there's the fun of it but they also do it to pay homage to Americans World War Two paratroopers our Foundation exists to honor veterans especially World War two veterans as they're in the twilight of their life and especially world war two paratrooper Veterans War two veterans came home from the war everybody had been involved they wanted to forget about it get married get a job and get on with their life and now in the last four or five years they've started to talk about boo everyone is now bored they take their seats and have a few minutes while the plane a real c-47 climbs to altitude and it's a chance to ponder this uncommon hobby they've chosen I was once asked how do you do it aren't you frightened and you know there is a certain nervousness before jumping but the reality is we're not being shot at and it's it's we get all the fun part the exhilaration the excitement without the am prehension of being concerned about being assaulted then it's time to go the team is performed at air shows all over America and in Europe and they know that what they're doing has its dangers reward though is just outside the door you're on automatic you're doing what you're trained to do you execute the correct procedure to leave the aircraft and make the proper count so if you reach a certain point you activate your reserve then the chute opens and it's a beautiful right now it all went as planned everything opened everybody hit the landing zone time to savor the moment it was good the winds were real late it was sunny is a beautiful day to jump the LZ huge everyone look how everyone is all night from tight pretty close to right where they want to pick up it was a good job

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  1. I was a Paratrooper in the 1980s US Army. Last year I went to my unit reunion and got to jump with my old buddies in Lancaster TX with their Airborne Demonstration Team from a real WWII C-47 from my Dad's time when he was a Paratrooper in WWII. Just awesome to jump that plane just one time just to get a taste of what Dad jump with in training and in combat.

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