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Air Strikes on ISIL, New ACMC, and New Cammies (The Corps Report Ep. 80)

Air Strikes on ISIL, New ACMC, and New Cammies (The Corps Report Ep. 80)

I’m Lance Cpl. Molly Hampton and this is the Corps Report. Marines with the 22nd MEU are launching air strikes on ISIL. On August 1st, Harriers with Marine Medium Tilt-Rotor Squadron-264 (Reinforced) launched multiple strikes during Operation Odyssey Lightning. The Pentagon released a statement saying: The U.S. will continue strikes on ISIL to help the Libyan goverment make stratigic advance. This month Gen. Glenn M. Walters became the newest Assistance Commandant of the Marine Corps. Gen. Walters is a career aviator and Cobra pilot. He relieved Gen. John M. Paxton Jr., who retired at 42 years of service. Before retiring Gen. Paxton was the oldest active-duty Marine in the Corps. He spent nearly four years as the Assistant Commandant, and is the only one to have ever served alongside three commandants. Farewell, Gen. Paxton, and Hail, Gen. Walters. Marines with the 3rd MEF are testing new boots and cammies in Okinawa, Japan. They’re testing two different types of boots and four different cammies. The new uniforms are lighter and capable of drying faster than what we wear now. So what do they think? These ones are legit. The other ones, not so much. These ones, this material, are definatly the best ones for when it’s wet. They dry faster, it breaths a lot more. It’s like you’re wearing pajamas, that’s what it feels like, it feels like you’re just wearing pajamas. We’re on Snapchat now. Follow us for exclusive behind-the-scenes action and more. Thanks for watching, everyone. We’ll see you next time, right here, on the Corps Report.

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