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Air Force Basic Military Training BMT First Issue

Air Force Basic Military Training BMT First Issue

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  1. It was NOTHING like this in 1970, they LITERALLY threw our uniforms at us while yelling "Keep Moving" when we finally got to sleep around 2am I was looking for an Escape route, what the Fuck did I get myself into! But I manned up and had a Great 8 years as a Flight Medic on C-141s and saw the world, second best decision I ever made, the first was getting out, got a Great job in a Big City Hospital in Philly and raised 3 kids and now have 6 Grandkids! Looking back though gives me Chills!

  2. What the hell is with these suede boots? Give them leather combat boots. Make them know what it is to have to shine boots after 12 hours of KP and you boots are stained from the sweat .

  3. When I went through USAF basic in 1974, we were issued our uniforms as we walked past a counter. A guy would eyeball us as we walked by and he’d hand us what he thought would fit us.

  4. In 1968 we did put in boots and fatigues. And when we were issued uniforms the guy/gal behind the counter looked at us and determined our size and almost threw them at us. Only thing we tried on were boots and we had about 2 minutes to do that.

  5. We walked down a line, the guy looked at us and then threw the size he thought we took at us. Only thing we got to try on was hat and boots

  6. Nothing like it was in 75' when I went in. 1 pr of combat boots, 1 pr of chucca boots, 1 pr of lowquarters. No uniform fitting except for dress blues jacket, rest was handed to us and was told "you'll grow into them". And damn sure NO F'N TALKING IN LINE!

  7. Why do people compare Air Force to other branches? Maybe I am wrong but we are all in the same country and fighting as one team for the same reason against enemies.

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  9. Interesting the use of civilians to do what military personnel use to do. The least the men could do is not stand around unshaven with their hands in their pockets. The women look like they are going shopping at Wall Mart.

  10. Referring to the Vietnam era clothing issue. The "Green Giant", was nothing like what you are seeing here. Nothing like a visit to a Bass Pro Shop like you are seeing here. Screamed at, yelled at, threatened, clothes thrown at you (who cared they were wrong size) and left with no doubt what your Momma's profession was. No such thing as being "offended". And no "safe" room with hot chocolate and puppies.

  11. Went through this back in October, what's a bit fucked up is the Civilians working at lackland treat you like dog shit more than the MTI's

  12. You get issued canteens and running shoes?? we had to drink two glasses of water before any meal but never had a canteen.times change. enjoy you will love it, I did.

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