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Air Crete Forge….. Will It MELT?

Air Crete Forge….. Will It MELT?

hey guys how you doing it's a honey-do carpenter I am in my shop again and we are getting ready to move outside to the back porch and I'm gonna start working on the forge project I'm gonna do the final cure and the final burn test burn on it and the forge we're going to be doing actually belongs to a friend of mine I've built two of them side by side so this is your forge Dana and I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Dana Collins at army surplus warehouse com he's the one that provided me with the canisters and a lot of the tubing's and the hose and the fittings for the burners that I built so thanks ma'am my heir Creek Forge what's kind of interesting is the Portland cement and water glass all cracked up but underneath I mean you can see in there that that cement is going red-hot it's not cracking or anything you can see the holes I drilled in the concrete in the bottom that I filled with water glass it held up good in a rocket stove but man I mean the wall on the inside here I'll move that brick it's glowing red-hot and it it looks so good it's not cracked it's beautiful err creat a wonderful thing you know it's crazy guys it's a red-hot Inferno inside the insulated properties of air tree is in frickin incredible pain this is the soft steel earlier I just had this thing glowing red and I tried a new thing I tried to put my seal coat on before carrying it out with a good burn every other thing even on the leaving on the rocket mass stove I always did this seal coat after it already burned and it worked great it didn't end up working great when I put the seal coat on before I burn it just when you make a refractory mix out of it go ahead saturate it with the water glass let it dry and then don't try and seal it first just put a burn on it and then reseal it again you can see there's a nice little like eight inch or quarter-inch it's kind of gray around the inside I mean you can see the definite difference what happens is the water glass will soak into that and it'll make a perfect really good seal and you can just put a light dusting of Portland cement and it doesn't crack it doesn't go anywhere but if you try and do it before it just isn't working you can see the holes where I drilled in the bottom now what I'm gonna do is after I get this seal coat on and you'll see how fast it soaks in it's crazy once you eat this stuff Sirdar yeah I know that you're busy and you can't have this right now but I made it for you and it will be waiting for when you're done made some old fashioned tapioca oh you can't have it right now you have to finish what you're doing I'm done hit stop wow I just poured a big old puddle down there it just soaked it up so fast I don't know can you see that okay guys we're just given the forge a little bit of a cure burn for the whoo that thing is just bright orange in there boy I have it on pretty high but I'm just curious that I just put on zoom in on that Oh that's just you can see the white flame just roaring out of a torch I got the torch sitting in there you guys remember that that's a torch head of my own design I haven't seen another one like that it is just glowing in there right now I probably have done enough to cure out that water glass I should shut it down I'm gonna shut it down and we'll see how much it keeps glowing after I shut it down Wow for all those people who thought I couldn't get air Crete to take heed whew they can go pound sand yeah I think that works pretty dang good look at that I shut it off and it still just stand low and hot I wonder how long would it blow like that probably a good long time and what's crazy guys is it's hot like that on the inside and look I can touch the outside the insulating properties of air Crete is in freaking save I mean that is just crazy crazy I don't know how long that's gonna glow I'm not going to stand here but I think the refractory mix worked out what do you think Dana Thank You Dana Collins plums up army-surplus calm he got me all this awesome line that we plumbed over to the tank the bow the canister the that you should be a high explosive canister hey guys I am super excited I think this project went very well I would call it a 100% success I there have been a lot of people who are wondering if I could create a refractor mix out of air cream but boy I I think I kind of nailed it and it got super hard after we let it cool down on that second application of the water glass and I am really happy with it so I'm going to finish this Forge up paint it make it look super cool so it can just fit right on a nice steel table bench in my shop and one's going to go in Dana Collins blacksmith shop as well and man if this is a project you're interested in project you want to do I would go ahead and check out our Etsy store where on Etsy a honey-do carpenter shop and I actually have the mix designed for that refractory up and for sale right now and I think it's only a few bucks so it's it's worth it it took me a long time to get it right

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  1. What if you mix the Portland cement slurry a little on the thick side and then added the water glass to the slurry before expanding it with foam?

  2. Hi Darwin!
    i ordered your refractory mix recipe on etsy a few days ago. How long do you recomend for cure time before treating with water glass?

  3. Have you tried making an aircrete kiln? I bet they'd be a hit. Lots of people would like to do pottery at home but can't because so expensive to fire pottery.

  4. Have you made aircrete with Rapid Set Cement All?
    It's a Calcium aluminate cement, commonly available at Home Depot.
    Although it isn't marketed as a refractory cement , it has the same properties at a fraction of the cost.

  5. The only way to tell if it stacks up to fire brick and other materials is to record the amount of time it's been fired and at what temperatures. 2 firings doesn't say much. Hopefully it holds up.

  6. Thats a little furnace not a forge!
    Yes soaking a portland cement – perlite concrete mix with sodium silicate (waterglass) defenitely works.
    When the waterglass is still wet. It should not be exposed to severe heat yet, since the water within the sodium silicate will become pressurized steam and will crack the concrete.
    Let dry first, thereafter fire up with a small fire ( I use an old perforated foodcan with a few pieces of glowing charcoal for that)
    Be aware that it ist the CO2 from the little charcoal fire that reacts with the sodium silicate, not the heat itself!!
    After a few hours of CO2 exposure slightly elevated temps, you can make a bigger fire by putting more charcoal in the perforated tin until the refractory airated concrete is bone dry.
    Ich advise not seal the surface with waterglass to maintain a porous structure to allow the concrete to "breathe" so that no moisture will get entrained within.

    Sorry for my English
    Greattimez, Españistan

  7. so i want to make a rocket stove for inside a rv and live in florida.. so this can keep just my stovetop radiant?

  8. Haha- your hammer head flew off!- hammers used with hot work need dunking in epsom salts solution for a week. Itll swell the wood and keep it there.

  9. Will it melt? No. Not steel anyway, but it's good for getting it malleable.
    So why not mount it horizontally? Then you don't have to stand over it in the full blast of the escaping heat.

  10. Wow, … I see you switched from wood over to propane; … and dialing in that red glow, plus looks like better durability that you want for trusting the safety is there. What I wonder about is: I wonder if using a rock mass heater burning propane or natural gas for heating a home would be a more efficient way, as compared to the standard wall heaters? … I'd love to know more about tests and data or thoughts on that idea.

  11. Cant go changing the world by charging people for the formula for such things. We all understand it took you allot of trial and error but the fact is the next person that gets the formula for free may make improvements to it and then share them that's the way you change the world. We all live and die no need taxing each other for knowledge it only hinders progression on all fronts.

  12. Well, I need a kiln to fire precious metal clay! I make jewelry with the clay so the design I put on the clay can't melt, When the firing is complete its either fine silver or gold witch ever clay I'm using, I need like a little box like a real kiln that can stay the same temperature through the whole firing. Unless we can put a programmable switch on it it just won't work. Thank you anyway!
    U know a long time ago I thought about making a larger type pizza oven style kiln for firing glass art! you know what I mean layer the different shapes and colors of glass then set inside the kiln so the glass art can melt together?

  13. When you go back to your shop the sound is to loud I have to adjust the sound back and forth when I watch one of your videos.

  14. Great job! Now to plan my own Forge! Keep up the great video! And get your wife to make some brownies asa well would love to see her interrupting you again! Very funny!!!

  15. Very interested in data on this forge and your burner…. ho hot did it really get and what psi were you running at? I’m a pro blacksmith and I’m always looking for more efficient tech.

  16. I like your work. You have a mind for what you do and how you do it that doesn't stop. Ever think of concrete boat construction? The stuff floats right? Your wife and your self do good work together. A team. I love the way you teach your children the way's thank you for what you do. Josephine

  17. Instead of dusting it with Portland cement you should try plaster of Paris or maybe a mix of the two.


    For you Mrs Honey Do.

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