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After Ever After 2 – DISNEY PARODY

After Ever After 2 – DISNEY PARODY

If you’ve ever wondered why Disney tales all end in lies Here’s what happened after all their dreams came true *Vocalizing* Be a, be a man After saving China I went home alone I was feeling conflicts in my lower zone I’ve been dressing like a guy for months Now I’m losing all control I think I am a guy in my soul
(Be a, be a man) I wanna be a man John #1: I’ve never seen a guy so hot John #3: Time to reinvent the new me John #4: Every time he speaks he makes me want to sing! John #2 and #4: I’m so confused John #1: Be quiet or we’ll get caught! John #2: Maybe one day he’ll screw me. Now I really get why my nickname is Ping John #2 and #4: I’ve got to be a man John #3: I’ve got the brains and the bite of females Plus the brute and the brawn of dudes I know I’m ready for transformation It’s time to replace all these useless tubes John #1, #2 and #4: Good for you John #1: The prince was absolutely the only single wish my heart made Guess my wish came true But we never really talked much Before he discovered my shoe The night after we got married I recounted all of my plights Of how I fit inside a pumpkin, my canines turned to coachmen Prince threw me in Bedlam that night *snapping* The white jackets say I’m nutty She’s nutty as a bat Cause my clothes are sewn by rats Stick some meds in her food But their pills turn my brain to putty Got her! Now Lucifer’s not just my cat I am Satan Their insulin puts me under Shock therapy’s made me insane *buzzing* And after years *bzz* of steady frying *bzz bzz* The doctors *bzz* gave up trying They stuck two steel rods in my brain *seizure noises* John #4: I spent a blooming lifetime to open my cafe Then I took a dive in 2005 Now it’s washed away John #1, #2 and #3: It’s all washed away I was picked up by a chopper after 4 nights on my roof, na na na Now my new home is the Astrodome Cause New Orleans ain’t Katrina proof You’d better carry around a shotgun Or looters take your kids You’d better pee inside of jam jars
(Ewww!) Be sure to keep those lids We needed Noah but we got Bush Our “savior” flew away and hid Rough seas and levees I’m deaoooooooooooood John #2: There is no snow on the mountain tonight, just sulfur in the air A kingdom of greenhouse gases, only Bill Nye seems to care My town is melting, breaking off into the sea It’s time I showed the strength of an evil queen With Germany and Putin too I’ll free the penguins and throw you in a zoo We’re going green by spilling red And if you’re not dead I built a hoard of evil snowmen They’re gonna take over the world Let it snow! Let it snow! Now Fox News will need heat lamps John #1, #3 and #4: Mother Russia! Let it snow! Let it snow! I hope you concentrate in camp John #3: Heil Elsa! We don’t care who we have to slay Let my troops march on
(The troops march on) The cold’s coming back and it’s here to stay John #4: I sunk like a brick John #1: Prince thinks I’m sick John #2: Ice is melting quick John #3: Now I have a lot of self-esteem

Reader Comments

  1. 3:58
    Такое ощущение будто он про нашу горящую Сибирь поет :с

  2. I sunk like a brick
    The prince thinks I’m sick
    Ice is melting quick

    Now I have a d- lot of self esteem

  3. Nobody:
    not a single soul:
    not even my mom:
    me: „I built a hoard of evil snowmen
    We‘re gonna take over the wooorld“

  4. Can't believe this came out when I was in 9th grade and now I'm watching it to procrastinate packing for my sophomore year of college

  5. 1:02 It's because apparently in China they put their last names in front of their first names and her last name is Fa so her full fake name would be Fa Ping

  6. Omg what if he did this except with Disney villains ?? Idk how it turn out but it sounds cool and. I totally listen to that anyone else?

  7. I died at Mulan…wasn't expecting this it was so good i'm actually following him now it just made my day🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  8. It's funny how it says "Heil Elsa", because in real life Elsa was the name of Albert Einstein's cousin/wife and Nazi wanted to kill Einstein

  9. Me:
    Everyone else here:
    Subtitles: "John"
    Me: of course i'll kill you. i mean you only misspelled his name but thats fine :((

  10. The transition into Elsa was really nice. I have watched this a million times and I never noticed it. I applaud you ❤️

  11. Hi paint, I love the sound of your music. Although I think it would be more beneficial if you sang about something a little more positive. Otherwise love the quality of your music. Keep singing 🙂

  12. Ok… i Can’t say very much but i love your voice ❤️
    I sang every song with you
    How did you get the idea to make this videos?

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