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Africa Ammunition

Africa Ammunition

for years and marks ammunition has been circulating in some of Africa's bloodiest conflict zones Sudan the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ivory Coast after a six year investigation amps investigators say they have figured out where the ammunition is being made Iran Salah Hennessey reports for viewing from London a breakthrough for the arms investigators came in 2010 at a papa wharf in Lagos Nigeria security forces intercepted 13 containers holding more than 240 metric tons of ammunition later the offloading bill showed the containers had been sent from Iran labeled as building materials the cartridges were identical to those that had already been sighted across Africa first in northern Kenya in 2006 three types of small caliber ammunition have been in circulation but arms investigator James Bevin says unlike typical ammunition these cartridges are unmarked a manufacturer will put on the end of its cartridges its own manufacturers code so that identifies that the manufacturer of origin and by extension the country in which it was produced that's not the case for this ammunition all it has is a caliber designation any year of manufacture like the cartridges the packaging tends to be identical including an outer wooden box and green plastic battle bags containing the ammunition Bevin says evidence suggests government forces have used the ammunition in Sudan and in Guinea Cote d'Ivoire and Kenya this ammunition is then used by those forces and then at some point further down the line the ammunition is transferred whether to insurgent groups in neighboring countries or rebel forces that's a general pattern rebel groups have used the ammunition Bevin says in major conflict zones including the Democratic Republic of Congo where millions have died in more than two decades of bloodshed Tehran has not responded to the report and the researchers make the they don't know who within Iran is responsible for the transfers a United Nations arms trade treaty that would monitor the International sale of arms is pending international aid agency Oxfam wants ammunition to be included in the treaty against the hopes of a number of countries including the United States Oxfam says 12 billion bullets are produced every year an industry worth over four billion dollars Martyn butcher is an arms advisor at Oxfam the single greatest factor in reducing civilian casualties in particular and for damping down conflict is to cut off the supply of ammunition and ammunition has become much traded on the gray market and on the illicit market in order to keep these conflicts going international troops are right now battling Islamist militants in Mali in neighboring leisure Islamists have been known to use irani and ammunition researcher Bevin says in time his team will be heading to Mali to find out if the same ammunition has made its way to yet another African conflict zone Sarah Hennessy for VOA news London now we want to know what you think about InFocus and the stories we cover join the conversation on Facebook we now have some 2000 all you need to do is look at VOA in focus and click like let us hear from you

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  1. I don't believe this shit. Western powers are trying to destroy Irans character as a nation before the military attacks them. All of the suffering in africa is caused by white people anyway.

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