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Advanced Edge & Heel Care: Clean, Recolor, and Polish

Advanced Edge & Heel Care: Clean, Recolor, and Polish

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  1. As usual, great video! Saphir makes another product for the edges called "Teinture cirante Tanil", is there any difference with the Teinture Française?

  2. Yes! Living here in Massachusetts that "Drivers Heel" is a big problem in the wintertime because of all the sand and salt grit that accumulates on the drivers side floor mat! Especially on the accelerator shoe heel. Thank you! A very informative and usefull video!

  3. Here's a tip for you, get yourself some 3/4" blue painters tape and mask the uppers around the soles and heels, it will make life easier especially when working on a suede shoe!

  4. Wonderful information on edge and heel care. You mentioned use of Saphir Teinture Française in this video. Also, you recommended Saphir Renovating Cream on other video. When do you decide to use one or the other?

  5. Great video. Might want to add an annotation to where you say pommadier instead of pate d' luxe at 06:34 and 07:00. Could be confusing for some of the newer guys.

  6. Kirby, I usually use the renovateur, then the cream polish and then wax polish, just like I do with the leather upper; is there something wrong with this, or would it be superior to use the Saphir Teinture Francaise Dye and the Saphir Pate De Luxe Wax Polish as in this video? Or does it depend on whether or not one has used sandpaper? Thank you for great guides

  7. Hi Alison, SInce the edge of my shoes is light brown, is it possible for me to recolor it to make it darker? Maybe dark brown? Will it work just following the step you showed in the video? Thank you!

  8. Great content and nice video instruction. Kirby, invest a bit more on audio equipment. Your videos will be more professional than they already are!

  9. Can you please talk about toe taps. I have a pair of Allen Edmonds strand on walnut and for some reason the left does is getting worn out. I have seen metal looking toe taps but I don’t know where to buy them. Also if put toe taps, will Allen Edmonds still do a re-sole when the time comes? Thank you in advance.

  10. I’m a woman who loves leather boots. I started using your concepts and my boots have never looked better. Thank you 🙂

  11. I have some white lambskin chanel shoes that are white with a lot of stains can i redye them with teinture francaise 00? How should i prep the leather before doing so?

  12. Hello Kirby.  I've watched or listened to maybe 15-20 hrs of your videos to get educated on shoe shining. So grateful for the specific details in each.   If I ever work on a very high end leather … or something like eel skin or ostrich, which Saphir polish is a very very safe bet so I can ensure no discoloring or potential damage. It would really be painful to spot or ruin a really expensive pair of shoes seeing as though I'm an amateur. Thank you again for all the guidance which I know is only free because it comes from your passion. I have one passion. Jesus… but He needs no shining up. Thank you again for your help.

  13. Hello Kirby hope all is well, I have a question regarding leather sole maintenance. Should leather soles be conditioned, waxed and or treated with any products or procedures in order to extend their lifetime? Thanks so much for the time and help, love your content.


  14. Thanks for this advanced guide to heel polishing. It contains all the steps that I knew I was missing but didn't know what they were. In my experience, most guys miss heel care 101, which is to take your shoes to the cobbler and get them reheeled already! I see lots of people walking around with worn down heels. Guys, that is bad for your back, plus it doesn't look good. Others notice! Also, don't forget Shoelaces 101 = if they look worn, replace them, and Shoelaces 102 = learn how to lace and tie your shoes. Thanks again Kirby for showing us "The Way of Shoes"!

  15. Hi Kirby,

    I hope that this finds you well. I’ve got a question for you regarding shoes and more specifically shoe repair/care.

    I own a pair of Crockett & Jones boots with a double sole(1 leather and 1 Dainite). I have a common problem where I wear through the toe of my sole much faster than any part of the sole (even faster than the heel). I’ve only had these boots for about 3 months and have only worn them moderately but the rubber soles have worn quite thin at the toe and the stitching between the rubber and leather outsoles has come apart. This also frequently happens with other shoes of mine which a single leather sole.

    I’m aware that as a preventative measure, metal toe plates can’t be installed to prevent this excessive wearing at the toe, but do you know any measures that can be taken once it has occurred?

    The rest of the soles of my shoes are in good shape and are nowhere close to needing replacement, so I’m hesitant to send it into you or any other certified repairer to replace the soles. I’m more so wondering if there are any less drastic and costly remedies that are more specific for the toe.

    Thanks for your time, Kirby.

  16. @4:13 yeah I had a that feeling it would be permanent, But I went ahead and dyed my leather work boots a brown anyway… I don’t know I’m still working on the finish. These are my back up boots now.

  17. Your videos are very helpful thank you. One tip…don't repeat the product you are using every 5 seconds..LOL

  18. Just found your channel. Love the content. How would you recommend caring for Allen Edmonds Strandmok heel and edge that has the stacked two-tone heel and sole?

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