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Adorable military dog who lost leg in combat gets medal for bravery

Adorable military dog who lost leg in combat gets medal for bravery

This military dog who lost a leg in
Afghanistan has been awarded the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross. Lucca lost her front left leg and suffered severe burns to her chest in
2012 when she got caught up in a detonated improvised explosive device.
During her six years serving with the U.S- Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan the
twelve year old German Shepherd has successfully completed more than four
hundred missions Speaking with pride, her owner Gunnery Sergeant Chris Willingham expressed his gratitude to the canine whose prevented any human casualty on
all of her patrols ‘She’s incredibly intelligent, she’s very loyal and she has
one of the best personalities of any dog that I’ve ever had so as it’s been it’s
been wonderful to serve with her’ Now retired Lucca flew in from her home
in California to receive the Dickin Medal at a ceremony in London and honor
of animals work and bravery during conflict an awarded by the people’s
dispensary for sick animals since its introduction in 1943, it’s been awarded
to: 30 other dogs, 32 WW2 messenger pigeons, 3 horses and 1 cat.
Belonging to such an exclusive group Lucca will no doubt where her badge of
honor with pride

Reader Comments

  1. Hello from Uk wonderful dog but sad to see on leg missing:( and sad for the men and women who gave their lives. May be the dog could have a replacement leg.

  2. I'm sure the dog enjoyed losing a precious limb because of human created conflicts, only to receive a medal in which the dog has no clue at what it is/does. Nice.

  3. Amazing dog to think how man lives she had saved, just as police and rescue dogs. Her medal is well deserved hope she has a long healthy happy retirement.

  4. <3 when our Heroes have a Safe, Welcoming & Loving return home. My brothers Canine Combat companion was badass & legs that could kick Superman's butt & keep up with The Flash if needed as well as push my full weight to stay between myself & whoever made his hair rise.

  5. K9 handlers are the bravest of the brave. Walking on point with your beloved K9 partner searching for IED:s while the rest of the platoon is taking cover many, many yards behind you… To do this job you need to have balls so big, that you need a wheelbarrow just to carry 'em around….

  6. It does my heart good do you know the people are saying and realizing how special and wonderful a bond between are human and the dog can be God bless you staff sergeant

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