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Academy Military Training Noncommissioned Officer

Academy Military Training Noncommissioned Officer

– [Narrator] Whenever they
think of an enlisted member we’re the first thing
that should come to mind. They call us the standards police because usually cadets will be, they’ll be violating standards. We have to be so sharp and so direct with them and not like
really leave that gray area, because with standards
they will find a gray area and that’s when we have to,
nah that’s not happening. And also we have to give them that operational respect to work because here USAF
everything is in a bubble. A lot of these guys and girls are, you know they’re super smart
and super high achievers, so they always assume that
they can figure it out. Oh I don’t need help, I
can just figure it out. And by then it has mounted too far, they can’t overcome it. So that’s when they come to us. You know you’ve got to let them know that hey I’m a person too. Yes I wear the uniform,
yes I’m going to make sure you’re in standards and you’re wearing the uniform correctly, but at the end of the
day I’m a person too. I like to laugh, I like to have fun, I like to joke with you guys as well. You know you have agendas
that you want to hit, and then you know cadets
come in your office and say hey my mom just passed away. You know everything clears off your table and now you’ve got to
take care of that cadet. You know we’re all trying to
develop these great officers. Because again they’re
going to be our leaders. So this is probably the only place where you develop your boss, you know your future boss
or your future commander. And I mean that’s huge,
that’s huge right there.

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