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Abandoned WW2 Munitions Depot Bandeath

Abandoned WW2 Munitions Depot Bandeath

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  1. Bloody hell……I can see the Ochills (where I'm from) Never knew that existed till now! Great Vid Pal, thumbs-up.

  2. I worked there (Royal Naval Armament Depot Bandeath) in the 1960s. The depot was still used used at that time to store and work on mines (explosive and exercise) which were supplied to vessels such as HMS Plover.
    The minelayer Plover was based at Port Edgar in the Forth and regularly laid exercise mines off the east coast.
    There exists a film apparently of the vessel laying her last mines…

  3. Just found your channel by chance, I also made a video at Bandeath last week, but it's nowhere near the quality of yours. I must get a drone now, great shots and video.

  4. Seen the photos of the raid shelter in port Glasgow, did you guys do a video? My brother lives in the flats, and it would be interesting to see! Thanks.

  5. Great video and some really good drone shots
    Looks amazing have been some ware quite similar
    And can you also check my channel out that
    Would be amazing thanks

  6. At American ammunition storage bases, those buildings would normally be surrounded by berms of dirt.

  7. Awesome, I see this place whenever I climb Dumyat but I never knew it was actually a WW2 remnant. Very interesting.

  8. For an abandoned war time camp it looks in very good condition, I suppose the sheep help with the maintenance of the grounds 🙂

  9. Really interesting and cool content been watching yous guys for quite long and find your videos soo cool and relaxing hope to do that one day,me and friends have wanting to go in the botanic gardens tunnel but very hard to get into and looks very dodgy

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