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Abandoned Military Warehouse

Abandoned Military Warehouse

you I am infected military warehouse you know I got in here just following myself here all my guys is where is it I'm saying where this is it's just a military walled military warehouse and I'm probably gonna have to shut my camera after you change my battery in a minute fuck I've old shit here these cables Oh blockers and electrical panels slide I'll give you a playground slide here kids definitely had their fun here you tell you that that's a graffiti it's all wide open and it closed window or closed door in this place it's amazing what scraps Hey these are some serious cable here Oh go slow your boiler system right there fucking incredible this goes out on the roof I gotta be careful out here does one you don't want to go through the rough to truck reader all right back out the way I came in again I don't want to spend too much time in here yeah I've been here at night and plates on Chuck looks like them I saw my lights in here yeah guys it's the banner where else she looked at it hope you enjoyed that one deuces alright that was a little freaky those are military truck that passed by out there might have been on the roof probably been caught Oh anything good I took a chance I got one in there I filled I got the hell out of there I'm safe now so we're good there's worth it yeah whoo I hope you liked this video I'll give you a shot at the overview on that building there all the windows are broken out all the doors are wide open yeah that was fun there's other rulings over I in a different direction over here I really wanted to check out but I don't dare go over there that's like the main part of the base find a lot of traffic over there so I don't I'm not got it there even try and go over that way so oh well but I did get to fill a little banner warehouse that's pretty cool all right guys

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  1. Cool place…But yeah..Jason…and the T-rex…ummm..might want to change it up a bit..what is X Productions?

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