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ABANDONED gigantic GHOST TOWN in the California Desert (bloody hospital found)

ABANDONED gigantic GHOST TOWN in the California Desert (bloody hospital found)

Warning we take extreme precautions while exploring abandoned places and always leave them intact our main objective is always to document We please ask you not to attempt to find and explore this place. Thank you Holy Shit This entire wall is covered in blood A few weeks ago a ghost town in the desert of California caught our attention It was once a mining town home to over 4,000 workers who built a life there however about 30 years ago due to rising environmental concerns the mines were forced to shut down their operations in the area and all the workers left with their families the town is Now closed off to the public until further notice becoming a literal shell of its history our plan was to drive out to the town And see if there’s any way we could make it in sight to explore and potentially spend the night there [oh], and we brought Matt’s younger brother thomas along for his first abandoned adventure. There’s nothing We can do if someone’s there and tries to rob us or…with all our gear and all that stuff We’re literally in a ghost town like that is the ideal place to Rob or like kill someone who would be it goes down [alright] we left for the abandoned ghost town if we are not back please call 9-1-1 Hope that we don’t die base if we all grab it for the last meal of our lives What do you want Derin Not Ralph’s It’s going [to] be the last meal of our lives Derin are we sponsored by Whole Foods? No Are we sponsored by Ralph’s? No Apparently there’s security, so hopefully We don’t get caught and we come back alive. We’re all a little bit scared and have no idea what the heck is gonna happen That’s part of the excitement. Wait is anyone scared? I think it’s just Matt. It’s just Matt. Yeah I’m gonna fucking kill all of you. You keep talking about a security guard. What security guard? Haha I don’t know. This is three hours away from Civilization oh TD There’s a security guard over there. We can’t, There’s people here. There’s people here. Where? I’m gonna get out of the car That’s the town. That is the town? Yeah, so maybe let’s park Let’s make sure we park the car in like a safer spot go all the way around and try to go down here we might have a chance of parking the car you wanna hide the car here? the town is in the middle of of these If we get caught we should just all start speaking our native languages the gas station is in this way over the gravel Road So we’re we’re hiding right now. Hopefully find a back entrance to the town because the main entrance is watched That’s a snake hole. One snakebite and we are fucked. I’m currently hiding behind the bushes of this barricaded entrance towards the ghost town We’re going to go in one by one to make sure that no one spots us It’s really sketchy right now There’s people here right. We’re not alone. Did you hear the dog? That’s the person taking care of the place. Yeah All right it’s not like he’s not just going to wander down the abandoned town Unless he does a…nightly search That is crazy wow This is literally just like the Apocalypse, just like barren wasteland Set up inside a house like this This is a nice little cozy home. All right, this is our home for the night. God bless you Yeah, there are bullets outside But it was just like someone laying down over there or a dead body. That’s a bullet. I heard some houses in the 80s have chemicals in the walls. Yeah, that’s asbestos. Let’s just set a tent and go explore. It’s like this hole, just put it in Let’s do it. You know my name is The Lord when I shout when I…what…when I lay my vengeance upon thee The church seems the most destroyed out of all the buildings here. thieves have grabbed the copper from all the cables This is a barbershop. Holy shit. Watch out. The stairs could collapse Woah, what is that? Probably like where the projector was Did they see us? Did they see you? I don’t know. Wait there’s blood everywhere. There, Holy Shittin’ Jesus Holy shit It’s weird. There’s some houses that are like completely destroyed, and there’s others that are very preserved like the like the one we’re sleeping in You want to see it like this one is wrecked. Whose room is this tonight? Okay, we should play rock-Paper-scissors, shoot. Whoever loses sleeps in here. all the ceiling is like collapsed Matt, odds you sleep in this room I’ll do it Where’s our house? It’s one more street down. You sure? I know the neighborhood. Up? It’s up. Alright, this way We must be right here, no? Home sweet home, we found it. I love coming home. Where’s supper? You gotta be really strategic because you never know what happens tomorrow If you think about where we are right now, it feels like we’re just camping you got like an aero-drone shot of this place This tiny place, this abandoned Ghost town I’m like continuously scared really this long like being on adrenaline is just Continuously going forever uh it’s so nerve-wrecking. Currently in the middle of nowhere. That’s the house There’s this really scary one. This is called Children of the Corn. get the blanket out of the backseat and my rifle Someone cut his throat Maybe whoever is watching us you repeat it over and over and at last she began to recover and held him tight They might have been dancing They were on the road with the boy’s corpse at their feet. What are you doing? Jesus Christ Just setting up my seat. Oh my god, T-Boogie is fucking jumping. Nighty Night We’re gonna go find our car, and find our way home. It’s just about sunrise See you next Sunday

Reader Comments

  1. The way y'all snuck into the town is how the Area 51 break in is gonna happen. "wE'rE gOnNa Go In OnE bY oNe To MaKe SuRe No OnE sPoTs Us"

  2. Was the audio distorted at 10:47 for everyone cause it was for me I don’t know if it’s just part of the video

  3. this lace looks like a unused nuclear test site or like the miners town from "the hills have eyes"

  4. You should have told someone where you were.

    So they could scare the shit out of you at 3am with hockey mask & chainsaw. Or worse….the sound of your car being stolen…………………

  5. Is this where Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix filmed that one video? The imagine dragons song, can’t recall the name.

  6. Imagine having to be the person to watch a town 3 hours away from civilization just to watch for people like this, I love your guys vids, I’m not hating you for doing this, but just imagine having to watch an abandoned place

  7. The hospital, it looks like someone got thrown through the windows, and started bleeding badly tried to grab the door and open it, but got yanked down and the blood on hands smeared the door, and their head hit the wall leaving the blood stain

  8. i just made an account I haven't posted yet but if anyone would wanna subscribe for when I do start uploading that would be appreciatedd

  9. Does the US govt really pay someone to guard this place?? Think the govt could spend our money on something that deserves it?…..Duh.. 😜😜😜

  10. You should go deeper into to this, and explore more and try find people who lived there and ask them what happened, if there are any people left!

  11. i’ve always wondered – how can people post themselves trespassing on restricted land and not get in trouble or arrested? aren’t they just exposing themselves?

  12. If you ever checked any of these houses you might find bodies. Serial killers would find this place good to dump bodies.

  13. I belong to a tribal clan in the border area of China and india.10 -15 kilometers away from my village there is a hill in the midst of a jungle.Once, a village was situated there.But, a strange disease killed almost 80 percent of the villagers.
    They had no option but to leave the village along with the dead bodies of their relatives.
    Most of their belongings were also abandoned.
    It's been more than 100 years now
    But, even the bravest warrior of my clan hesitate to visit that forest.
    It is said that those who visit the jungle hear a strange voice.
    And if the voice follows you back home.
    You have to die.

  14. omg lol, i think this is right above an active govermant S.C.I.F ''Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility'' they used whole towns to digg em then ridd the towns ppl.

    Google – SCIF or Steven Greer and you'll understand what i'm talking about. facinating information. if you dont veer off.

  15. is it not a bit silly to go stay in a town where all the people had to leave for environmental concerns which suggests its a toxic health risk

  16. Those Abandon Places,Are Being used for Human trafficking & Organ Harvesting Commited By Witch Hunts Of Benghazi Attacted aka: ISIS Fugitive Swine pigs Patricia Cox,Monica Elfriede Wiit alias(Maria Henka),Bou Kantaphone Alias(Barbeque Becky Jennifer Shultz),Kamala Harris,Premila Jayapal aka(Angela Hernandez).

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