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A Wildcamp in Wessex 3

A Wildcamp in Wessex 3

yes because the lights going it's probably good idea before it gets too dark to make sure you've got everything all stowed away all set up and organized because as soon as it gets dark you can't turn the clock back Oh get light again so I can see what I'm doing it's too late so trying everything set up ready organized whether it's in a Bergen in your rucksack I'm the it's happening it's hint or whatever organize it lay it out just get it done now before it's too dark because as I said when it's too dark you're gonna be losing stuff it's not good we've got all of the fire words we could and ready so the next we got to do now is to get foreign ago and we're gonna do is do Scott when we set stroke for supplies earlier he managed to secure himself a large square metal container which I believe is the outside tin – turn lids for a mark – British Army cooking stove it's quite a sizable pot I'll show you in a sec and it's a communal thing I've brought some stuff on the bushcraft show Mexican chili soup which we're gonna fit into a stew I've got some cassava beef from our an army ration pack going in there Scott's put some new potatoes some mushrooms in there we're just gonna mix it all up and have a nice big fill so that's basically how we roll in the moment all of a sudden it's getting nice and guess what I've just lost my night-vision seen a little red logo on the top there that's so often seen it up now can't see no always wait no it's obvious this like barely Wembley I'll tell you what more you can seriously lamp for that pic now put on the bottom of the arrow for when mate Niccolo diffusely hmm that's nice I just mentioned are there four robbers just cracking break it yeah what's it like the mountable options on there I think that screw is all now shoo shoo Marty you can get adapters to go onto them to fit any forget the arm was very hokey-pokey yeah oh yeah then I'll pull the bottom of my camera I remember you mentioning that yeah yeah but you gotta talk you can make blocks up think you can make them sixteen across that's not too bad at all Rudy and that's fully loaded with bats as well yeah check this out guys you sure that nobody wins in the dark annual filming we will know how bad this is okay at the moment I've got one LED on the bottom of the camera and when it's pitch black I better meet your way you can't really see much but with this gee-whiz stone bit kick that's the information on the back there if any of you are interested in securing one from somewhere thumbs up from Scott yeah Fred happy of it might end up on Amazon 64 LED so yeah we're gonna cook that you up in a big pot and get down under go because what did find out is if you don't drink enough and you're working outdoors and you haven't got enough salt in there you will get cramp in your legs guarantee it and especially if you're in a hammock zipped up in your bag and you just turn over to stretch and your toe gets caught under something your calf will seize up maybe your hamstring too it's a total bitch so make sure you do hydrate yourself just keep drinking if not thirsty make it a rule every 20 minutes just have a big gulp of water just keep on topping yourself up soaps as well if you're not eating salt your food get some salt there at the sashay KFC doesn't matter and just put it in 2-liter bottle you don't already know it's there really it's really good for it it will stop you getting cramped especially when it gets a bit cooler it's a lot of more subs are saying I'll keep getting cramp yes hydrated in salt that's the answer badger Hill night or yeah we got an out over there we got a bat just by storm straight through I think that troll in the middle Wessex trolls look at that's easy in it and all that's gonna do is that it's just going to exude and just run down fuel in everything underneath it so in a sense it snaps or down fire I'm glad I put my earplugs mate there we go one wick of the lawyer it's not waste only for you yeah absolutely so I'm gonna take too long for that that's the basis in a fire just get the food on the go ready right as you can see the fires in the go I'm holding that pretty insane light there just so we can see because at night tom it's really hard to film stuff most if you would agree but with this can't lose is pretty cool so what we got going on down there we've got some of that stew stroke soup mix in the background we got mr. al I don't know what else tastes like will find how old boys an old but you got some beef with cassava which is that of a Brit rat pack I said earlier and some chapati smoked bread and that's got in that huge great big container which I mentioned earlier as well mix that with some water and we're just going to give us as a bit of a film I like look can see bloody bugger all let's hey what Scott this is a fantastic spotlight because we just surrounded 3d sound with it must be about five hours at least and it's just a matter of time before the fed has come out well you can hear a bit of wind if you can add a worry about ledges I'll go lock yeah accidentally on purpose just you well it isn't taking that long I'll tell you what you do have to do is cuz I can feel it starting to stick to the pond just for one out of one stick ones so yeah it's just the coast of just ending it really well check that out it's thickening every couple of minutes it's gonna be really nice and there's a just about enough for us to you know really just enough that's gonna stay warm for hours and it just keep it on the coal was asking whether I fill with house I'm right or wrong Chile's – yeah I don't feel now and if every corner that little zipper I got straight full surprise check it out now this it's been oh look at that man that's just perfect than it now it's the Royce is really fluffed up a bit if evaporate some of the moisture and it's just taking on a whole new ballgame just amazing and it's a really chilly flavor when it's got uh-huh it really is it's all rough with the Brits on the season peppery powder smoky chili it's down good now I've got no idea what cassava is so which we'll see put that somewhere safe and that is real chance actually Yugi talks now we're looking at time waiting is just going in that's it today it's just pure beef let's say what the British Army really do look after their boys now that is a really nice bit of a shocker yeah it's all gonna get mixed up and I don't know to put it back on Nicole through another minute or so warm it through just to make sure that Lobster temperature yes now this would be great if it was snow and win it because that would really keep your engine running not yeah so what we've got onto the flat floor its annoyed little chance to just make sure we haven't got any stuck on burnt lumps on the bottom because if you try and do this and assert pit of pressure on their voices on the coals and the logs it sounds label when it's not good so if we do this on the flat ground which I'll swept nothing I make the roll around or Fink go back on the heat just taking some I'm putting in here and out it was pretty funky that nice and it's picking up a treat now and it is a bit poorly in it this is stupor I think that's enough for me yeah that's quite enough for two grand boys and it blew my neck because it's like really Kaiser is wha top-drawer let's get chow down mate that's just madness I don't know what it is but when you do a good stew in the field it just tastes a thousand times better mate then it yeah definitely so it tastes completely different kitchen yeah yeah sure shoes no that's a lovely stew in it grab something cracker hmm and potato turned out just right oh yeah channel 10 yeah where is it good yeah I'm the NATO glowsticks there's the nsnumber there as you see its tactical red well just lost about there for a second so the Apaches have decided to start pissing around on me and your headlight so rather than fighting around when it's dark get this done now give it a good shake and we got some nice light there for inside the tent sorry D underneath the basher there so I'm not gonna being complete darkness although it is good training and good practice well I've come here to enjoy myself I don't want to be practiced in the end of the world on my own yeah good for 12 hours now so morning enough there it is got sent to me from fu junior war back and that's promised I'm gonna smoke it after a very fine dinner and it was a point to see what it like this is what you sent me so there we go nice bit of kit nice toy to play with and it's gonna be a news now nice gonna be tricky hold up and doing it all right let's see because we don't underst Isis cigar and after we not a good thing to do nicely wrapped it's tempting but you don't want to sort of pull it in case it bends and snaps a cigar enough so you gotta be really careful I smoked one of these for a long time nice one mate jeez buddy then when the

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  1. I know this is a bit late but cassava is a root crop, potato like, grown throughout the Caribbean, South and Central America. There are different varieties but the best eating cassava is dug when it is quite young. The tubers are not left to develop into huge big things. That way it cooks easily, becomes soft and is very tasty. If it gets older it is best grated, dried and made into a flour. Good replacement for grain flours and is a good source of carbs.

  2. Whoa Great time funky thank Scott for showing me how to do the wood with saw I use the muscle it between 2 trees That saw looks like nice work cant wait to try really Thanks I thought I knew it all but ? lol Joey

  3. So have you found any proof of a sasquatch out there 😛 I wanna see the fuzzy bigfoot footage lol. A comedian once said : "I think Bigfoot's and Nessy's are born out of focus, that's got to be why camera's can never get a clear shot!"

  4. Funky – I was going to give you grief for the Human League…but you rescued it at the end with Mr Hackett 🙂

  5. meant to ask ,,talking about cramps,,,,where did you get the packet electrolites all i can find are ones in tubs ..even in the chemist,,, another great vid ,,,all the best kenny

  6. Great video lads. All in stew looks yummy, ya! can't beat it. Cassava is a woody shrub and is a good source of carbs. Thanks for sharing. ATB Russ

  7. Love your videos in the woods Funky!! Great tips and the stew looked awesome. Keep em comin mate great job!

  8. Hi Darren, cool Mate´s, nice to see you Guys don't have to starve ; ) Best wishes, Sepp

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