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  1. Love your videos! My mom loved glassware. She had a beautiful set of Nautilus eggshell dinnerware. It was nice to see it on your video.

  2. Hi there. I am sorry that you have been ill. Hopefully, it won't linger much longer. Also, since you are a Capricorn, you must have recently had a birthday? I hope that it was a fabulous one!

  3. Awesome Video Michelle! Loved all the finds …. the West Virginia glass set, the Jenny Bell I will be Checking out ! Loved the Coffee cup, and soup bowl, Miss America Covered dish/canister with ruby trim is Perfection!! 🙂 love them all !

  4. I inherited several aluminum serving pieces from my grandmother. She called it the, “poor man’s silver.”

  5. I had to close my ebay store . My sales have been so bad. started in 2008 and made around 900.00 a month for years and this last year my sales have dropped to about 100.00 a month. Now I just thrift for things I want to collect for me. Still love watching your videos!

  6. Hi Michelle, Your new place looks really nice & love the kitchen. It looks so cheerful! Love the Campbell soup bowl, the ice bucket & vintage ice cream plates. Good luck in your new place!

  7. The ice bucket (Indiana glass company) is very cool. Is it crystal/cut glass, by any chance? Just starting to learn more about glass and I was curious.

  8. Pleasure to watch and learn from you , as always, thank you ! “ Silent butler “ – nice to know , because am using them, shame on me 😂, as a ashtrays !

  9. That "silent butler" is very elegant – back in the day I think I saw them being used for emptying ashtrays also. My best pal comes from the middle of County Durham, and in fact he's coming over to London tomorrow to join me at a concert. What a nice coincidence!

  10. Hi Michelle, thanks for doing videos with a cold! I have it now and boy is it an achy situation. Ah well you cheered me up for today!

  11. My mom had a silent butler back in the day and as a person mentioned it was used for emptying ash trays. Your hauls are very fun . The info you give about the pieces make it really interesting.

  12. I love love your kitchen!!! The colors are gorgeous. Those silent butlers were also used to empty ashtrays in to. I saw those two pieces in your last video. I know it was longer than 6 minutes. I used to get some good stuff from the ABC catalogue. I wonder if they still put it out?

  13. I want to live in that thatched cottage! I saw the items from the last video. Curiouser and curiouser! Woof( guess I did want a pet!). Your sweater is a cheery site on this winter night.

  14. So many lovely things in this one. I hope you feel better soon! ❤️
    Sharing, of course!

    Lots of snow here in Iowa, and bitter cold too.

  15. I have a couple of silent butlers. They were used to empty ashtrays into at night for you to then dump it all in the trash in the morning. Just in case there was a hot ash. A crumb catcher looks different, in my opinion. Love you video – as usual.

  16. Seeing a video from you is like Christmas every time! I so enjoy your wonderful treasures and learn so much at the same time!

  17. On one of your previous videos you mentioned that you would be selling some of your items to locals. I live in Utah and was wondering if you would allow me and my two daughters to come over and take a look at what you have. I work for Delta so we fly for free. What I am interested in is vintage Pyrex and milk glass. LMK. 😊

  18. I saw the pieces that got cut off in your last video. I love the info that you gave about the English artist

  19. Too bad you have to qualify that purchase of the cat hanging plaque. Some people actually take it seriously if anyone says they prefer a dog over a cat if you can believe that, lol.

  20. Love your blouse! Silent butlers were used a lot to empty ashtrays into. I was watching an old movie once and saw it in action. The crum style, usually comes with a little brush and a pretty mini dust pan. I've have both. Still waiting to get used at all those elegant dinner parties I never gave. Lol.

  21. The Royal Albert plate is so beautiful. I have a few items of Royal Albert and Royal Dalton the hat I.treasure. Finding it is such thrill when I run across it in thrift stores. Great haul.

  22. I have some Everlast aluminum pieces from my mother. They are from the 1950s and I just don't love them the way others do. I read that at the end of WW2 there was so much aluminum scrap that companies started making housewares out of it. Maybe your silent butler includes part of a bomber plane!

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