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A summary of Israel Defence Forces Hats | IMP

A summary of Israel Defence Forces Hats | IMP

haider I'm Yanni from Israel military product and today we're going to speak about our Israel military caps and hats as you see we have a very big selection of Israel military hats this one for example black hat with red embroidered salad Golani which means reconnaissance : a unit this is one of the best units in the army certainly one of the toughest that is a classic military hat worn by IDF commanders you can easily adjust the size of the hat with a scotch velcro for bigger or smaller use the Hat has an anti sweat layer that soaks all the sweat during sports activities this is a great hat for any outdoor activity sport activity and obviously military activity next to it we have to say air that goes hat Santa goes is also one of the best units in the Israel Defense Forces it's part of the Golani unit and it's famous for its guerrilla combat especially the north part of Israel this hat comes in olive green with red imported of the unit's name sciatica's which means a gauze unit reconnaissance and their logo you can also easily adjust but opening the buckle and moving it to the left or to the right to make the size bigger smaller these hats come in one size fits all and are unisex for men and women this one is a great hat all of our Krav Maga supporters usually purchased this hat Krav Maga the famous Israeli martial arts that are used by Israel Defense Forces soldiers and officers black hat white embroidery the logo and Krav Maga in Hebrew and English if you're practicing Krav Maga this is a mass hat for you or if you want to give as a present for someone it's a very cool hat another great hat is our Sahel Israel Defense Forces or Israel army camouflage shaft for a more hip look younger look you can purchase this hat comes also velcro Scotch to make to adjust the size it is also one of the best hats to purchase this and for more information please click on the link below and visit Israel military comm thank you

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