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A Soldier’s Kit – WW1 Uncut: Dan Snow – BBC

A Soldier’s Kit – WW1 Uncut: Dan Snow – BBC

To win a war you need the right stuff: clothes food [and] weapons. Those are the essentials. So how well-equipped was the British soldier in 1914? British Forces had lots of different uniforms and equipment but the most iconic uniform of all was worn by the British infantryman on the trenches of the western front So there it is the British infantryman ready for action, but just how ready The British infantryman went into world war one as the best prepared soldier on the planet Let’s take this for example the lee-enfield rifle The brits were famously fast and accurate using this rifle It could take [ten] rounds in the magazine the British built four million of these during the war And [serviced] the years after this was the best rifle on the western front Now instead of Gaiters the British had the ingenious idea of puttees that they brought over from their experience in India [they’d] wrap these right around the lower leg and out keep your legs dry and also provide a lot of support as well One of the biggest challenges for any soldier in the past or the present is carrying the sheer amount of kit They need keep themselves alive and take the fight to the enemy [now] the British soldiers the 1908 patent Webbing just slipped over the body like this and it allowed them to carry much of what they [would] needed into battle a water bottle here Ammunition here and here and my bayonet 17 inches of sharpened steel right here Hidden around the back the entrenching tool or spades you and me simply drop that in there this allowed British soldiers to get themselves out of trouble if they’re being shot at by Immediately digging a mini hole in the ground and giving themselves out of harm’s way So British [kit] was good. [it] wasn’t perfect. This is a cloth [carpet] good bit of camouflage, but obviously it provided no [protection] Against High-velocity shrapnel, and that’s why about half way through the war steel helmets were issued to all the British troops But believe it or not this was still a lot better than what the french and Germans had the German pickle horn is made of leather and it provided an obvious Target for Marchman [if] Britain had the best prepared soldiers no prizes for guessing it wasn’t too far behind So if the german kit wasn’t as up-to-date as the british. They did have one major advantage there were over four million of them [at least] German battle dress was fit for fighting a twentieth-century war in [1941] [Army] Soldiers were color coordinated more for the Parisian runways than the trenches It’s not that the french military hadn’t heard of cocky but lots of countries weren’t prepared in 1914 and couldn’t Produce tons of new kits overnight sometimes you got to make do with what you got the british army’s bang up to [date] uniform and weaponry was down to it’s battle-Hardened experience just as well because they would need every advantage they could get

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  1. This is just another extremely patriotic video made by Brits saying how great they were and are (Even now when their army is probably 100 times smaller than any of their potential enemies…Oh and they can't brag about the economy anymore either, cause Brexit :)))

  2. “The German Picklehaube did not offer protection and was considered an ideal target for marksmen.” Hahaha! You mean the ones Britain didn’t have until they were being picked off by German snipers?

  3. Somethings wrong with the German one the M15 tunics were used later in the war with the M1910 tunic staying for the entire war

  4. All hands down frances was the worst possible why you ask? Ok 1st the actual suit is terrible, red and blue isn’t the best camo in the world is it and two no helmet

  5. Two things, make that a million. The music was crap. The British rifle notoriously jammed. The German only had the pickelhaube for one year, as opposed to the British 3 cloth cap. This video is incredibly biased

  6. Did you know that most soldiers didn’t use the common method of firing a bolt action rifle they fired with their middle finger and loaded with their thumb and forefinger.

  7. Best equipped fighting force in the war… until April 6, 1917 when the United States came and showed everyone how to win the war. Btw. the 1903 Springfield was a better rifle than the Enfield.

  8. Everytime someone talks about the french of ww1 They can Only think about those few Months when They wore the bright blue and red uniforms. But they actually redeemed themselves really well by being the first army to introduce a helmet and the first tank with a modern design onto the battlefield

  9. British were best infantry and the enfield was the best rifles?

    You just called an Army, wich entered the war without grenades and machine guns the best prepared Army. Also the German steel helmet was way better, than the british and the Mauser Gewehr 98 was the best rifle of the World


  11. bbc: uses german 1915 model tunic with 11917 colour collar
    also bbc: 1914 gErMaN KiT

    and don't get me started on the fact that the gewehr 98 and the lebel und berthiers had hunting rifle level accuracy compared to the SMLEs and he fact that a the pickelhaubes were worn with gray covers with the regimantal number. german jackboots were also much better for mud and shallow water but they were eventually replaced with British style low boots and puttees to be fair. but worst of all is the fact that they dont show the bread bag, water bottle, entrenching tool, mess kit and dont point out what those gewehr 98 ammunition pouches are for.

  12. lets also not forget to point out soon after 1914 the french came up with totally new horizon blue uniforms which were very effective and i think looked the best!

  13. Disrespectful, vile, headache inducing music…and the lyrics, someone singing about her lover!? Typical of the cultural Marxists who work at the BBC. Huge respect for the poor young men on both sides who gave their lives…for absolutely nothing!

  14. It will be better if it was Ride of the Valkyries, the American “Over There” song, anything that’s at least before or during WW2

  15. WHY not make a documentary about your useless great grand father who killed thousands at Gommecourt .."WORTLEYS" and all …SNOW

  16. I said they were good at asking for help in world wars, but it’d have been more accurate to have said conniving to draw the USA into their wars. Churchill was a sneak and a drunk, ol field marshal Montgomery kept himself a young boy around that worried his peers. And before you brits start yelling how false these statements are, do some research. Nothing but facts here. Now that colonialism is no longer acceptable to today’s society the brits can’t count on New Zealand, Australia and millions of Indians to bail them out

  17. Interesting video, not only for the information on British uniforms during WW1, but also for the shitty choice of music.
    What the bloody hell were you guys smoking when you picked the background music? Completely disrespectful for the soldiers who gave their lives in the war!
    Shame on you!

  18. The French and the German also used helmets later.

    Also extremely biased video."Best rifle" "ingenious" "Best prepared"
    My English is bad so if there were any mistakes in my writing im sorry.

  19. Another attempt to wash over the true meaning of history with modern dribble, could have at least had "it's a long way to Tipperary" playing lool

  20. I don’t even know where to begin. This video is so biased and not factual I couldn’t handle it after 2 min but forced myself to continue just so I could confirm that everything that came out of his mouth was incorrect. First of all British soldiers were far from the most well prepared soldier in ww1 if anything they were one of the worst prepared countries for that war. Although it isn’t exactly clear as to what each soldier wore sense it varied most historians agree the Germans and Austro-Hungarians were the most technologically advanced for the time. Not only that the pickelhaube you showed in this video was phased out because well as you said it sucked. But you forgot to mention they replaced it with a technologically superior and overall better Stahlhelm. This provided way better protection against shrapnel and small arms fire. Don’t even get me started on your gun comparison. If you seriously think the Germans had garbage weapons you are sorely mistaken. The Germans had the best artillery, machine guns, rifles, field guns etc. at their disposal. This made quick work of your “tanks” that you created. Then the Germans took your idea after ww1 and made better ones. I mean seriously better ones like 1 vs 10 better. Germans also had superior air power but airplanes didn’t change the first world war much so that is irrelevant. Don’t even get me started on the storm troopers Germany had they decimated British lines and your so called most prepared soldiers. I’m going to stop myself because I might as well copy and paste sources and a whole historian evaluation of ww1 due to how much I’m writing but seriously Please please please next time you make a video that is informative you don’t just write the script with what you think sounds good from all your movies and stereotypes actually research the topic.

  21. 2:04 no they were quite not. The Germans were better (not the best, every countries kit has its downsides) as they had been preparing for many years opposed to the British. True their rifles were pretty good, and also the leather helmet that the Germans used changed about the same time the brits changed from the cloth cap, and the German helmets were so good they were utilized in World War Two as well, and offered protection to the ears as well as the back of the neck and later a steel plate was issued that could be strapped to the front of the helmet that could stop a rifle shot (from long to medium distances, not from close ranges of course) against American and British helmets which only protected the top of the head, and only low caliber or pistol rounds, which is semi ok as they were made to stop shrapnel. The French helmets had a great design too (in theory) however they used (I can’t remember if it was tin or bronze) instead of steel and it couldn’t protect much. So ending the rant no, the British were not the best prepared going into the war.

  22. Why couldn't they just put some actual WW1 music over the video instead of whatever ear-bleeding music this does have?

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