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A Salute to the Military’s Paws, Maria Goodavage interviewed by Action Thriller Author James Rollins

A Salute to the Military’s Paws, Maria Goodavage interviewed by Action Thriller Author James Rollins

Hi, I am with Maria Goodavage
who wrote Soldier Dogs As you know my next book Bloodline
deals with war Dogs My exposure with war Dogs
came from a USO tour Where I saw working dogs in action What gave you the inspiration for writing
Soldier Dogs? Well, I actually grew up in a household where
military dogs where really big My dad was a soldier in world war II
and he saw how these dogs saved lives by day and comforted people at night
he was home sick at night there was a dog right there for him
and I grew up with that and knew one day when I was becoming a journalist
and working at KFBK I had in the back of my mind
I am going to write a book on these guys and then Bin Laden happend last year
and “?” behind it and I was able to take that and go with it
and tell the untold story I know from talking with the soldiers
they have a real deep bond between their working dog
and the handler what was your exposure during the research
on this? The bond is like no other
I love my dog so much we have a great bond ?
but they say that there is no bond like that of a soldier and dog
because they deploy together they are together 24/7
their lives depend on each other the dog
That’s fantastic I also heard that you were interviewed by
John Stewart what was that like?
that was a lot of fun What’s he really like?
He’s actually He’s a nice guy [Laugh]
He’s really nice [Laugh] Yah, he’s great and he’s a lot of fun
The show went by like that! and it was weird because I had a lot of fun
doing the show and afterwards as I was walking off with the
producer to the green room I realized, I don’t remember anything I just
said I had this weird amnesia
and it wasn’t until I actually saw the show later that night that I
Oh, yeah that’s what we talked about there’s one part, though, he whispered to
me at the end when the camera’s were off
I still don’t remember Too bad the mic was off
Me Too well thank you very much
everybody read Soldier Dogs it’s fantastic

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  1. Thanks for story of "working canines" to the author and thanks to you Mr.Rollins for the spectacular series of novels you have written.Can't wait for more.

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