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A Mother Recounts How Her Daughter Tried to Blackmail Her Abuser | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN

A Mother Recounts How Her Daughter Tried to Blackmail Her Abuser | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN

Did your mother
know about what had happened between
Alicia and her grandfather? INTERVIEWEE: Yeah. When Alicia must have been
15 she had called my dad. She told him he needed
to buy her a car. And she said otherwise
she’s going to blackmail him and tell his wife. Really? He called me back
to let me know that he couldn’t live like that. So he told his wife. He told my mom. He said he exposed
himself to Alicia. Your father is now deceased. Yeah. He died about eight,
nine years ago. I was glad when he died
because, in my mind, the whole secret died with him. But then, January 2015, after
I had filed for divorce, Alicia told my husband
what had happened. Her and Ray were now in
collaboration against me. I heard from my mom that
they wanted to extort her for money for Alicia
being molested as a child and no one ever doing anything
to my father about it. When did you find out
that the molestation or the inappropriate
behavior continued? Continued?
About two and 1/2 years ago. When I read her manuscript
was the first time. And it was just gut wrenching.

Reader Comments

  1. Among actions that actually result in karma – blackmail is often exposed, thankfully, with the passing of time.

  2. This mother failed to protect her daughter in every way. Adults, please stop protecting other adults who hurt children.

  3. I wonder if parents of children who have experienced this kind of trauma bury their heads because they cannot experience the pain themselves. The primary reason is not to protect the victimizer but to protect themselves. They feel if they do not acknowledge the event that somehow it goes away or makes the wound less severe for everyone. They think time and distance is gonna make everything better.

  4. I never appreciate the way Iyanla handles matters of molestation and rape. Never. She is far too sympathetic to the monsters responsible, too often.

  5. She was a child and I'm sure she wanted revenge on the person who hurt her. She knew he probably was never going to jail and her own mother sounds like she sympathizes with the abuser more than her own daughter.

  6. I Love Iyanla. The only thing about this episode that I wanted her to dig into on camera was the Mother's relationship with her own mother. I swear that I heard her on two occasion refer to her own mother as "My Father's Wife". Pathology 🤔

  7. As a Father if you as the Mom tell me years even Decades later that my Daughter had been Sexually targeted and Molested by your Father or anyone in your Family and you knew all along (I WILL PUNCH YOU SQUARE DEAD IN YOUR FACE LIKE YOU ARE A MAN)

  8. She should’ve blackmailed those bums! She was molested by her grandfather and made to hold that pain and emotional/physical pain in from a child.

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