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A high-power rifle that doesn't kick

A high-power rifle that doesn't kick

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  1. I don't wanna sound like a creep but… does she ever take showers? like… while the camera rolls? I wouldn't ask if she weren't absolutely fucking gorgeous… but she is… and she will haunt my dreams forever.
    and also … she'll have an AK action based rifle at all times.
    pfft… naturally…

  2. I have a bolt action 91/30 mosin nagant it doesnt kick that hard, I dont see why it would kick harder in a semi-auto rifle.

  3. This is a hunting rifle Tim so you could use it for that. You can use it for long range being 500 to 900 meters maxs to hit man sized targets for sure. The 7.62x54R is more powerful that a .308win but it is less powerful than a 30-06. This is the hunting version of the Russian Draganov rifles and Romanian PSL's. They use those rifles as marksmen rifles every platoon has one so they can hit targets over 500 meters that ak-47 and ak74's cant hit. Hope it helped.

  4. Nice. What kind/brand of stock adapter did you use on this Vepr? Really clean looking. Wolf Arms site has no mention of any aftermarket parts. Thanks.

  5. Did you have to do the 922r conversion? Any direction you can point me on what parts you used? And can you add a muzzle brake?

  6. What would be the primary role of this weapon? Hunting? Long range targets? … Also which is the more powerful round .308 or 7.62×54? 7.62×54 has the added advantage of being available in bulk..3rd question how does this differ from other aks and what advantage does it give in the 7.62×39 round than other ak style guns??

  7. Thanks! I already order Magpul RPS .Unfortunatly won't work with my stock and NJ low about adjustable stock. Can you please email me [email protected] I already spend $2000 converting vepr 7.62X54 and have a lot of experience with it.

  8. Thanks!!! Can you please look for a ITT hydraulic recoil buffer part number from Brownells. Can't find it. Will it work with Mugpul RPS stock? SPASIBO ZARANEE!!! My vepr 7.62X54 already threaded. Can anybody recommend an easy to install muzzle brake( NJ legal), distributor for Vepr 922 compliance part. Piston, trigger group…..Krebs custom make very sexy vepr stock adapter for example.

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