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A Guide to Affordable Rain Gear for Airsoft

A Guide to Affordable Rain Gear for Airsoft

if there's one thing that I've learned in my 10 years of airsoft it's a train sucks and you definitely don't want to be that guy that's caught out in the elements unprepared so in today's video I want to talk to you guys about just a few products I have personally found they make staying protected from the elements cheap and affordable and we're gonna be taking a look at those in today's video what's up airsofters my name is Lane and welcome to the BB warrior we're here to help you have a better time both on and off the airsofting field and if you enjoy videos like this well I would love it if you joined our community fighting that subscribe button down below and while you're at it it only takes a second make sure to hit the bell icon next to it to stay updated and only post new videos every Tuesday and Friday here on the channel now let's talk about rain gear I know it's something that a lot of players like to avoid because it's typically kind of expensive especially the stuff that the military uses like the level 6 style of jacket and pants it's very expensive so a lot of players just like to skip it or they don't think that they can find an affordable solution so today I'm talking about a few products that I have personally found and the first one I want to talk about is the Helicon tech poncho now this is an interesting design and it has some pros and some cons to it so as a poncho this actually doesn't have dedicated sleeves and it kind of has like 3/4 sleeves which are a good and a bad thing it's bad obviously because not your entire arm is protected but at the same time the reason why it doesn't have sleeves is that everything is more of like a tarp so it's pretty much a tarp with buckles on it or I shouldn't say buckles but it allows you to use this as a tarp if you need or use it as a poncho if you need so taking this out of its convenient packaging which is actually really really small so if you wanted to have this in your day pack or in a large general-purpose pouch that is possible it doesn't take up as much space as a level 6 jacket but unrolling this on the table here it's got little buttons if you can say I can't think of the word right now but these scatter both sides of your body so they go from your leg up to like your elbow on both sides so one depending on what your size is you can adjust those to kind of make like a make-do sleeve depending on your size I've got a couple of friends I own these and we all have different body lengths so we all have our set a little bit differently but if you undo all of these this becomes flat and it becomes a nice poncho or not a nice poncho a nice tarp that you can throw over piles of kit which is what we've done if it's starting to rain and a lot of people have a lot of gear out in the open well you can set this thing up to cover everyone's kit and keep all like their salt packs or their rocks or their AG's dry from the rain and it also comes in multicam which is pretty Gucci and my personal opinion considering that I am kind of a cry fanboy but this quacks in only about $35 or so on Amazon and every product that we have in this video will be linked down in the description below for those of you who are interested in picking them up but I think that this is a great little solution it does have a hood as well which is nice and wearing this in my personal experience it's a little bit of a tight fit however this will fit over helmets if that's what you're doing it does get kind of tight and it does make you fog up a little bit more because all that air is kind of trapped in there but it does work for helmets I should state but I think that this is a great little design there's no zipper down the center obviously because it has the little button things on the side I still can't think of a word and it does have some grommets built in if you wanted to use this as more of a shelter piece so if you just wanted to have this look above you so like the thing that I was just mentioning about the rock but you wanted to have it above you for some rain protection that is possible and because they all use the same buttons on every model obviously you can connect multiple of these together to cover a larger space so in my case where I have multiple friends I own this if we need to cover a big patch we could connect all of ours together and make an even larger tent so I think that this is a great little product again it's small it's lightweight it does have the issue with the sleeves however it does something that not a lot of Poncho's do which is expand out into a tarp which can cover a large area which is a really really nice touch and again you can pick these up on Amazon links are in the description below and why don't we take a look at the next product for today as I just throw this to the side so the next product I want to talk about is the out dad I believe that how you pronounce it backpack cover and holy crap this is kinda out of frame so essentially what this is is this is just an m-80 one backpack cover as you guys can see I have this covering my lvx light strike assault pack and something I didn't realize until just now I'm actually using the ruck sized cover so they make these covers in a bunch of different sizes I know it's a little bit hard to see because it's a big-ass cover on here but they make them for really small bags so if you're trying to do something small like a map pack if you're trying to do something huge like a ruck like a I believe they make up to like an 80 liter Rock cover or if you want something in the middle like this standard assault pack that is doable with these and these are pretty affordable I think the large one is about 15 20 bucks on Amazon and despite the fact that they are so cheap they do work very very well I have not had a drop of water get through one of these I would say my only complaint about them is their sizing a little bit weird on Amazon I would definitely say go bigger than you think you're going to need like this one the backpack ends here but it can go out but I'm also using the rut cover for my mystery ranch ruck but the only real complaint I have about it besides the sizing other website is it does have their name on the ruck but it's not that big especially if you're getting some of the bigger ones you can kind of see that compared to my thumb that's really my biggest complaint this this has Bungie going around the entire outside of the pack cover so it will cinch down to your backpack pretty well you don't have to worry about it flying off or anything like that and this is kind of like the tire cover style backpack cover I think that works fantastically and I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who's looking to protect their backpack or anything valuable cuz I'm the type of person who likes to throw their wallet their keys or phone in the backpack while I'm playing and I don't want any of those things to get rained on so I would wholeheartedly recommend these to you guys they work well they don't come in too many patterns if I remember correctly is just this m81 knockoff and then black but you can spray paint these if you needed to if you like if you couldn't have backpack cover that's green did you're running multicam and they want to allow black either you could spray paint this up tan but I wholeheartedly recommend these they fit a whole lot better when you use the right cover size now the final item on this list I want to talk about might seem a little bit weird but hear me out I want to talk about trash bags now I know you might be saying well BB warrior I don't want to look homeless swamp liner so what's the point of trash bag so I think that trash bags are one of those things that have a lot of purposes that a lot of players don't really realize so the nice thing about trash bags is they are infinitely portable they fold down super easy and they can be used for ton of things don't have a poncho on you cut some holes in it you have a poncho your body doesn't have one give it to him so he can walk homeless and you go with Gucci in that poncho that we talked about a minute ago they can be a backpack cover if you need them to so if for some reason you don't have the backpack cover that we just talked about or again your buddy doesn't have one because airsofters are fantastic at being unprepared we've talked about before jokingly on the channel these can do a lot of kind of ghetto rigged versions of actual products and they are so cheap doesn't matter if you're ripping holes in them to make a poncho or to adapt them to your situation I I've been super desperate to get out of the rain of games i've cut trash bags at the seam and made like a ceiling out of them so that i stopped getting rained on they have an infinite amount of possibilities and i think that it's one of those things that people don't realize for in-game uses now out of the game they're also great don't want to get your car completely muddy and dirty both throw them on your seats throw them on the floor want to throw all that wet and disgusting kit that you just took off somewhere so you don't have to wear it on the long ride home throw it on the trash bag throw it in your trunk and you're good to go the same thing with your boots and things like that so I think that trash bags have a ton of uses and I know this sounds a little bit goofy but hear me out I think that they have a lot of uses a lot of players don't realize because it's one of those things that definitely isn't geared toward war gaming or airsoft or military but it really is really really useful and I'm sure there are a ton of different uses besides the ones that I have just mentioned but that is really going to do it for this countdown guys thank you so much for staying until the end like I said earlier every product that we mentioned in this video will be down in the description below to where you can pick one up even the trash bags because I care about you guys and I want you guys be able to find some Gucci trash bags apparently so all those links will be down in the description below and ends a little bit of a notice if you do click on the link and bhayya I do get a small percentage which allows me to improve the quality of the videos that we do here on the channel the indoor setting that we have with the background and the lighting and the microphone that is all because of you guys supporting me through links like this or by buying the BB where your patches which are also in the link or also in the description below excuse me but thank you guys so much for watching this video again until the end if you enjoyed the video and this was your first time here well I'd love to have you join our community lighting that subscribe button down below and while you're down there make sure to hit that Bell icon next to it to get updated when we post new videos every Tuesday and Friday here on the channel and make sure to check us out on social media links will be down in the description below to where you can check us out on Facebook Instagram and Twitter this has been lane for the BB warrior and I will see you all next time

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  1. i dont play airsoft but i always have a trashbag in my bag. i put the trashbag into the backpack first and then pack all the things into the trashbag and tie it off. you dont have to worry about you stuff getting wet(your backpack will get wet but not the content of the bag) easy game easy life

  2. Surplus gear is definitely worth looking into. You can pick up an MTP Smock for less than £20 nowadays and it's a great bit of kit.

  3. If your in the Uk I would highly recommend the surplus Dpm gore tex jackets I have one and it keeps water out great and has a large hood for helmets

  4. Good Stuff. I bought a Plash-Palatka several years ago when i was doing my SD Sniper thing and it is awesome keeping rain out. Works in the Snow too as laying in snow for long periods of time is not fun.

  5. I think an important one is duct tape – you can cover blind spots like the gap between your pants and boots.

  6. Nice products that the bigger you tubers never talk about ! Makes you think about your gear and rain. Maybe I'll look in to it thanks to you. So good vid mate keep them coming !

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