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A Classic Firearms Mosin M39 Opening ceremony & DAV Auction

A Classic Firearms Mosin M39 Opening ceremony &  DAV Auction

over there hello right back alley arms today I just got my classic arms I'm 39 and I'm psyched it's time for the opening open thank you that classic has always been asking show us your videos show us your stuff unpacking these Finland m39 and boy I'm ready don't break it now the last photos are you saw it I think was it Oh back alley arms come see us Murphy North Carolina on the floor Lane across the red country now back to where we work favor oh yeah oh I've been waitin em dirty nine goodness saving the box we're short a box did I mention we buy sell trade and sell firearms are in consignment and we've been burning up gun broker all right let's go and of course visit classic arms site they're just outside of my room they have no show room like back at learn what they had the beautiful delicious oh and 39s they saw they were kind of swimming and cosmoline which is much better than swimming in rust I forgot guys where are we back-alley arms thank you roughy North Carolina well it's a light on but that microphone I don't want to repack this bag now when I bid on this they were out in little over one hour I was fiddle messing around trying to put in my seeing our license and because of that I missed the sickos but I got a vkt mmm look at that three six eight nine matching number Oh matching nice well we got here can't tell on that 100 you guys see this closer you guys see this 1944 sa Mark V Katy 1944 now you said you've seen one Finn you've seen them all what's so special about this one well besides some guy probably died in shooting this thing the best part about this one this one can be yours that's right now some of you know I'm a volunteer driver for the VA I help our veterans what do you do to help the veterans here's your chance I've got about three hundred and ninety one dollars some odd cents in this rifle beginning of November this is going on gun broker we will auction this off what am i taking the exact thing I paid for three hundred ninety one dollars in whatever odd since the rest going to the veterans the VA I serve the vets over in Asheville it's going to them they need things in the hospital so you want a cowboy up special invitation to mr. Honourable Donald Trump no disrespect sir never and you're not getting my cell phone but Donald here's the chance cowboy up give some to the vets see you soon

Reader Comments

  1. your lucky if you get a cardboard box let alone bubble wrap. they just throw them in a box and send them off

  2. Sorry I missed the auction,Thanks for helping our vets! I did get a couple of m-39 's from classic, Beautiful rifles!

  3. Hey everybody, The charity auction is slightly delayed. I took the M39 apart and discovered in the magazine, the follower was snapped off and missing, along with the follower spring. I got a hold of Classic Firearms and customer rep Amanda is sending me the new part. Thank You Amanda for coming through. Once I have it back together and thoroughly field tested, it will go on the auction block. And of course, I will make some video's of the process. Thanks, and keep watching

  4. Matt Dickens, Yes, these were part of the "Burns" collection. He had a website , This came from the second offering from Classic Firearms. The third offering is this coming monday at 12 noon!! Oh, I tested the trigger, it came in at 6 pounds, and it is silky smooth!!

  5. Didnt these just come on to the us market from a private collector that CF bought them from

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