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9 Great Watches for Small Wrists (Under 40mm) // Seiko, Rolex, Hamilton and MORE

9 Great Watches for Small Wrists (Under 40mm) // Seiko, Rolex, Hamilton and MORE

What’s up guys? My name is Brock. You’re
watching The Modest Man and today we’re talking about some great watches for guys with a smaller wrist. Okay, if you clicked on this video, then you might have a smaller wrist, like I do. But if you’re not sure about your wrist size, it’s a good idea to measure. So, to measure your wrist, you just need a soft tape like a tailor’s tape. You can also just use a piece of string. Wrap it around your wrist and then measure that string. But you want to wrap it around at the widest part of your wrist, right over the bone, and then that’s your wrist measurement. So, my wrist is about six and a third inches around, that’s definitely on the slender side. I think anything under 7 inches could be considered small, but if you’re like six and a half inches or less, I would say that you should stick with smaller sized watches. Now, when we talk about watch size, we’re really talking about the case diameter. That’s the most important measurement. So, that’s just how big is the case without the lugs or the crown and a small watch could be considered anything that’s under 40mm in case diameter. I prefer like 38mm or less. I’ll definitely wear watches that are 36 or 34mm. I think those are great sizes if you have smaller wrists. If you have a smaller wrist, I think under 40mm is the way to go. So, I’ve asked a few of my fellow YouTubers and watch enthusiasts to share some of their favorite watches for smaller wrists, under 40 millimeters and then after we hear from them, I will share one of my favorite watches for guys with small wrists. These are great guys, who really know their stuff. So, if you haven’t already checked out their channels, definitely go do that. All right gentlemen, take it away. Hey gents, all feels right in the world when I have a small watch on my wrist. At 6’4″ and 170, I’m tall and slim, but with six and a quarter inch wrist, I like something that’s a little bit more subtle and elegant. I have videos on my channel, where I talk about my favorite watch in my collection, which is my 34mm Omega, which is a bumper model from the 50s. But if you can’t go with something that’s a little more vintage, I have two recommendations for modest wrists. Number 1 is from a company called Nordgreen. This is the Philosopher model. It’s 36mm only, 7.2mm thick. So, it has that really nice slim small profile, comes in at the $200 price point and it is designed by Jakob Wagner, who comes from Bang & Olufsen and he also has an exhibit in MoMA. It’s a quartz movement, but it is hackable and so not only do they have several different metals and sizes, but
they’re nice slim and sleek and much better than most other fashion brands I’ve come across. Number 2 is from the Internet’s favorite watch brand, which is Orient. This is their Stella model at 36mm. The list price is $350. It was $210 when I was doing this video. It’s 12.5mm thick, and it has an open heart displaying the F6T22 movement. So, it’s automatic, it’s hand whining and hack-able as well. There you have it gents, two excellent affordable and modest size watches for those wrists. Thank you Brock for letting me represent Tall Guys on The Modest Man. If you want to know about the best menswear on the Internet, regardless of height, come over to my channel at The Kavalier. Until next time gents, this is The Kavalier. What’s up fellas! My name is Barron,
and I run a men’s style website and YouTube channel called Effortless Gent. So my
favorite watch, in particular, for my small wrist is my Rolex DateJust 16030. Now, I know it’s not the most affordable watch, but I think if you can only have one really nice versatile watch, this is the way to go. The 16030 is a vintage model, this is in the early to mid 80s. It has a black dial that measures 36mm. I think that is the perfect size for smaller wrists. My wrist measures six-and-a-half inches around, and I think it fits perfectly. Although if I did have a bigger wrist, I wouldn’t say that this watch looks terrible on that either. I think it’s a really handsome watch, that will look good even if your wrist is 7 pushing 7.5 inches around. I think what I love most about this watch is the versatility. Now, I could wear it with jeans and a sweater on my days off, but I could also dress it up with a suit. The jubilee bracelet is a really nice touch and just that steel, all steel watch, with a black dial, it just looks really sharp. Ofcourse, many brands like Seiko, Citizen, etc. make watches that are very similar, very simple, steel bracelets with steel casing and a black dial. So, you don’t have to go the Rolex route, but I think if you are looking for something, that is vintage, that will last a long time, I think this is the way to go, and there are many resources online that you can check out, that you can actually buy a vintage Rolex for a relatively affordable price. All right fellows, I hope you like my suggestion. Thank you to Brock for having me in this roundup, and if you want to see more videos from me,
please check out my channel, Effortless Gent. What’s going on guys! Teddy Baldassare here, and a big thank you to Brock, for letting me come back on the channel. So, I have a youtube channel, talk all about wristwatches and really the whole goal of it is to create a new generation of watch lovers. So, if you want to learn more about watches, definitely go over there, subscribe, I’d really appreciate it. So, when thinking about watches for smaller wrists, this is something I’ve talked about a good amount. I wanted to pick a watch that I personally own and that is the Nomos Ahoi Neomatik. So, my wrist is 6.25 inches. So, definitely on the smaller side of things, and when I wear this watch, I really don’t get any overhang but the one thing you have to be cognizant of,
when you’re buying Nomis watches is the lugs are rather long. So, that 36mm, certainly is a little bit deceiving because this watch is going to wear more like a 38 to 40mm watch, with its lug to lug height, a thing that you really need to consider, it has a 45mm. And why I like this watch?
I think it has a clean minimalist aesthetic. On top of that, it has an in-house caliber
like I mentioned, and the 200 meters water resistance while not having a traditional diver bezel. Has all the specs of a diver, except does not have the bulky design that a lot of divers have. So, that is my choice here today. Thanks again to Brock for having me on, and hope to see you guys on my channel in the future. What’s up everybody! I’m Alessandro; and Brock, thank you so much for having me on your channel today. I’m the host of The Standard Wrist, a channel, where we talk about watches for small wrists and general watch talk. Lists, reviews, these kind of things. Today, I’m rocking one of my favorites Seiko 5s ever and that is the Seiko SNXS79K. This one has a 37mm case,
which suits my six inch wrist, no problem; and this has got to be the best looking dial for around $120. I mean, look at that gorgeous sunburst dial. This looks awesome in casual outfit or in a business environment. The supplied bracelet looks okay. Doesn’t feel all that great, but put this bad boy on a suede needle strap and boom! It looks the absolute business. I’ve been rocking this one at a Grand Seiko event and people were actually asking me about it. This is just how good it looks. You just can’t go wrong with this one
and if you want to check my review, just go to my channel, The Standard Wrists. In the meantime, thank you so much again Brock for having me, and guys, stay stylish and keep watching! What’s up YouTube! I am Christian from Theo and Harris. Thank You Brock, for having me on the channel. You asked me to bring my favorite conservatively sized watch; a watch that fits super well on a smaller wristed gentleman. But, since I own a thousand watches, that fit those criteria perfectly, I brought you three. Omega Seamaster, it may not look like it,
but this is an original classic sports watch. Great examples can be had between a $1,000 and $2,300, and they are some of my favorite watches. Next, a Cartier Tank Louie. Something that I get a disproportionate amount of use from, because I happen to love dressing up. But a watch like this definitely belongs in everyone’s collection. And finally Rolex’s DateJust. The watch that I’ve built my entire career and watches around. It measures in 36mm.
It wears extremely modern, beefy and substantial. I think it’s probably the perfect middle ground between old and new worlds. So, that’s it, those are my picks. Thank you so much for having me on. All right, thank you guys. So for me, one
of my favorite watches for smaller wrists is the Hamilton Field Officer Khaki Mechanical – kind of a mouthful. I think it’s usually just called the Hamilton Khaki Mechanical. It’s the manual wind diversion of this watch, so there’s an automatic version, but this version is a little bit thinner,
so I really like the size. It’s got a 38mm case diameter, which is a very universally flattering size. Even guys with bigger wrists, I think look really good wearing a 38mm watch. It’s a Swiss made watch, but it’s from a brand that was American originally, and it has a lot of cool history behind it, so if you care about heritage, Hamilton is a really cool brand. Since, I dress casually most days, I find myself wearing this watch at least a couple times a week, if not more. For the price, it really is one of the best everyday casual watches out there, especially if you like a mechanical watch as opposed to a quartz, and if you like that field watch kind of military aesthetic. This is about as big as I’ll go. I definitely wear smaller watches, like 34mm watches, and I would wear a smaller watch than that like a Cartier Tank or something. Now, if you love bigger watches, if you like that over-sized look then, you know, by all means, wear a bigger watch, but if you do have smaller wrists like I do, and you want something that’s gonna look proportionate on you, I would stick with something that’s like 38mm or smaller. I will link to this watch and all the other watches mentioned in this video, down below in the description. Thanks again to everybody who helped me make this video. Go show these guys some support by subscribing to their channel. Thank you, as always, for watching and until next time, stay stylish!

Reader Comments

  1. Thanks for focusing on those of us with smaller wrists! My favorite small watch is my TAG 2000 auto that I purchased new in ‘04. 37mm, ETA 2824-2, blue dial. I’ve had it serviced once since then & it keeps great time & looks good.

  2. Enjoyed that, thank you. Anything over 40mm is basically a clock if you ask me. My wrist is actually fairly large, but being a relic from a bygone age I suppose my idea of what constitutes normal when it comes to watch sizes is somewhat out of date. Currently wearing a 1950s Eloga, 31.5mm diameter. Arguably it makes me look even more like Shrek than need be, but it's a watch I adore and that's all that matters.

  3. For a guy with a wrist slightly above 6 inches, the lug to lug measure is more important to me than the case diameter. I can wear a watch as wide as 45mm as long as the lugs doesnt hang over my wrists.

  4. Didn't you say you're not a watch guy? And liked mvmt too? watchgang? And the guest w/e(s). An arbiter of taste, isn't that special.

  5. Well covered in a range of prices but you missed giving the name of the smaller version of Seiko's SKX diver that you showed early on. Maybe since you have a whole video on it! – SKX013 black dial.

  6. Why men like tiny watches is beyond me! And don't say real me wear small watches because it's BS! 44MM plus I say. I've got nothing against them but when I wear my IWC big pilot to dinner watch out!!

  7. I wear from 34 to 43 mm. Wrist size is no issue. You don't wear a huge diver or pilot watch at a wedding or funeral, you don't wear a small and delicate dress watch when diving or at the beach.

  8. Hello Brock, I'm watching the modest man. Great video.

    and I like your choices of watches. I was a little bit worried that John was going to break out the mvmt for this, but thank god he didn't, all is good.

  9. Please do not get this as criticism but positive feedback: Take care of your fingers if you are hosting a wrist watch channel in You Tube. Rolex Explorer 36 mm does it for me.

  10. What a fantastic, helpful and enjoyable video (featuring several of my favorite Youtubers…without any of the sellouts). Just Lovely. You have a new sub.

  11. Thank you for recommending real watch brands with heritage versus those poorly made overpriced fly by night brands like MVMT, vincero, linjer, filippo loreti but what the heck is nordgreen?

  12. It really shouldn't be about wrist size. Unless the watch has some specialized purpose it should never be more than 41mm and men should steer clear of anything that's not around 38mm. Anything larger is just gauche.

  13. I personally think case diameter isn't the most important measurement. You need to consider the ratio of the dial to the case as well as the lug to lug measurement. Something like the 38mm Junghans Max Bill automatic will look much bigger than it really is because that watch is almost all dial, whereas something like the 42m Orient Ray would wear smaller due to the much smaller dial. As for the lug to lug, as long as it's shorter than the width of your wrist, you're good to go. Even better if the lug angles down to conform to your wrist.

  14. Hi thanks for the video. For guys that like smaller watches they should check out the Longines Presence line. They are on their website and I own a 34.5mm automatic with a 18mm leather strap. It isn't horribly expensive for a luxury watch and keeps great time.

  15. Just as important as case diameter is case thickness. A thin watch wears best. Hamilton hand winding is less than 10mm thick.

  16. Brock , I absolutely love this video. I never knew what size watch face would be right . Thanks for clarifying , under 40 mm is great advice.

  17. My left wrist is seven and three quarter inches; I prefer a classic 38mm! ( I think a "wristclock" is lame! ) When I "dress up" I always put on my understated Zenith with a white dial. If money was no object, I would go with the A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia ( perfect size @ 38.5mm, and it looked very nice on my wrist )!

  18. I bought the Seiko Alpinist about 5 years ago. Ordered it online and was quite disappointed in the size when it arrived. It just seemed too small. My wrist is just under 8". But I soon came to love the size and the way it looks on my wrist. Kind of modest and understated. I'd love to get a vintage 36mm Datejust but I've tried some on and they just seem too small. I think the sweet spot for me is 39-40mm.

  19. I am 14 years old and want a watch that looks like a men’s watch whenever I search up kids watches or teens watches they are all like Spider-Man designs ew

  20. A good speedmaster alternative that’s for small wrists? The orient panda is what I’m planning to buy but it’s 42mm

  21. I have a 6.5” wrist which is on the smaller side but my go to everyday watch is an 42mm Omega Speedmaster Pro.

    It has pretty short lug to lug so It wears like a 40mm watch from my experience.

  22. I enjoyed this collaboration between watch reviewers! My two favorite small watches so far are the 34mm Junghans Max Bill and the 36mm Glycine Combat 6. My next watch will probably be the 33.5 mm Seiko Dolce SACM171.

  23. I have small wrists and my newly purchased Khaki Field Auto 38mm is just THE perfect size. Not too big nor too small. I love it! Gorgeous watch that can also be dressed up, extremely versatile imo

  24. The Nomos is sharp. I was always sensitive about my wrist size and everything else for that matter. However, I think it is ok to have one watch that is over-sized just for a change. I would not spend a lot on it, but it could be fun.

  25. I guess, it's an American problem or something, if those watches are only for "smaller" wrists. Mine are just little above average and I wear a 35mm JLC that is ultra thin and has really small lugs and have no problem with that. 42mm is already borderline ridiculous. I try to avoid that except if it's a chronograph. For a diver – 38-40-41 (max). I don't get this obsession with 44mm-48mm watches.

  26. Brock please please can you answer this question. The first guy he has a watch square small gold 33 or 32 mm i think whats the name or brand? Amd model please let me know

  27. Thanks for the video. My favourite watch for my smaller wrist is the Stowa Marine Classic 36, fantastic watch with a lot of history behind it.

  28. Great vid! Actually I think lug to lug is the most important measurement. A larger watch whose design results in a decent lug to lug still, won't overhang the wrist etc.

  29. A great video ! This is about a great watch community. I just hope that my latins Youtubers in this field could do something like this 👍

  30. Rodina white Bauhaus with the Sea-gull automatic movement
    Buy from
    Classy for under $100.
    Sapphire handwinding and hacking.

  31. I would say the case diameter is not really too important when considering a watch for smaller wrists (take it from someone with a 6” wrist!). You should pay attention to the lug-to-lug length (from one end of the watch to the opposing end), the curvature of the lugs (this will determine how well the watch hugs your wrist), and the height of the case-back (the less the case-back protrudes, the better the watch will hug your wrist).

    I own a Tudor Black Bay which is technically larger than a Rolex Submariner, but because of the flatter case-back, it actually wears smaller despite the larger case diameter.

  32. A lot of vintage watches like gruens and bulova sea kings etc are smaller. I play the violin and big watches over 40mm annoy me.

  33. Not everyone did something on a budget next time can you do something for those on a budget? But my favorite watch is the timex expidition scout 36mm

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