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7.62x51mm, 150gr FMJ, SalTech Made in Switzerland, Review

7.62x51mm, 150gr FMJ, SalTech Made in Switzerland, Review

everyone welcome back to the range got some 762 NATO to check out today this is from Saul Tech from Switzerland this is a hundred and fifty grain Full Metal Jacket basically your m80 ball will be using our pro Conal digital as always 10 to 12 feet it's approximately 30 to 35 degrees outside below that 50 degrees cusp that I like to use but since this is surplus and kind of hit the market around this time I wanted to check it all out three barrel lengths 16 18 and 22 let's do this up first will grab our 16 inch cz 557 this has a 1 in 10 twist barrel 2496 24 87 25 15 5 10 105 10 again silly did twenty-five over six twenty five twenty twenty five twenty five five thirty meet 496 this is unloading from a good friend of mine this is a desert tech MDR and 308 this also has a warning time twist barrel [Applause] 25:59 2530 2492 25 20 25 25 25 oh six [Applause] 25:15 2506 94 87 2496 and now our TC compass this has a 22 inch one in 12 twist barrel 2688 26:35 2077 2688 2656 2666 22 6126 88 26:26 15 1.3 3 inches had 100 yards with a TC compass went into all twist that's pretty good for typically surplus a MIDI ball or hundred 50 grain Full Metal Jacket not bad if I don't say so myself especially in the dwindling light cuz it's now dusk out here here's our cz 557 typically shines with the heavier grain match ammo 1.8 3 inches not bad 100 yards at dusk lighting was horrible well there you all have it a little shy on the velocity figures for this all tech I'm a t-ball equivalent I know with the XM ATC we've seen you know over 2,800 feet per second out of that load could be because it's cold like I said it's in the 35 to 40 degrees when we tested this we may test it at a later date to see what kind of velocity we get but it's sealed on both ends for long-term storage it does have crimp primers which may be a deterrent to some that like to reload and don't like to hassle with crimped primers we had good accuracy out of this under the two inches that we typically normally get with your 147 green surplus ammunition I'd like to thank Sam and SG ammo for providing us with ammunition your tests my patreon supporters and you all for watching I also mistakenly said in the video that the desert tech MDR had an 18-inch barrel apparently only has a 16 inch barrel and I should learn to read specifications better until next time catch you at the range

Reader Comments

  1. So you total skipped the fact that SGAmmo doesn't call it NATO, it
    doesn't have the NATO Cross on the headstamp, and the Swiss aren't a
    NATO country? No wonder it seems slow to you. Shoots well in my PSA

  2. Thank you so much for doing these tests in a professional way. I'm a big ammo nerd and these tests are just fuel for the fire

  3. What are your thoughts on PMC Bronze 308? What's the difference between that load and their xtac offering? Great video. Thank you.

  4. Any problems with the MDR running this or any other ammo?

    I know that Karl and Ian from InRangeTV had several problems with surplus and M80 ball in their T&E MDR.

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