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$69,000 in RENT PAID for $100 unclaimed abandoned storage unit WHAT’S INSIDE ? found treasure !!!

$69,000 in RENT PAID for $100 unclaimed abandoned storage unit WHAT’S INSIDE ? found treasure !!!

ladies and gentlemen pirates of all ages
here we are with another exciting episode of what did I buy I bought this
to you the other day a very specific reason if you know anything about me you
know I like a good story I like to know why a storage unit has been sitting for
so long I don’t care what it is what it looks like I buy it this one right here
has been sitting since 1990 29 years of storage
they paid 69 thousand and rent which is ludicrous I had to buy it simply for
that reason not to mention once I open this door you’re gonna see more dust
than you ever seen in your entire life I’m always intrigued to figure out why
somebody is willing to spend more money than the value of what’s inside their
story blows my mind I must know every time so without further ado let’s get
started nice we learn with the key today it is oh right here ladies and gentlemen if
you don’t know anything about the storage option pirate then I don’t know
what to tell you anything more than the fact that the reason why I would buy
this is the dust look at this dust everywhere you look
fiddled and dust doesn’t really look like footprints in there you know what
it kind of does doesn’t it when you look at the things though that’s what’s weird
say you look at the stuff when you look in a unit like this and you see things
covered in dust you want to inspect this profiling units very important so if you
want to profile a dusty unit you see no one touch this because if they touch
that it look like that if they touch this and move that it would look like
that that is very key and essential when you’re looking at a unit of this nature
because you always want to know if a storage facility has been through it
reason I bought this unit besides the fact that it’s old what did I see that
intrigued me for one I wanted to know what that was something in my brain said
that looks cool so does that thing that probably goes with it that is the first
thing that was intriguing to me the second thing that was intriguing to me
is you look right over here it’s a suitcase suitcases are like ghetto safes
in my eyes and then we have art you look at this piece of art you already know
that judging by the material it sold judging by the wood right there it’s old
it’s got something here which is possibly words and yeah let’s get
started on this right off the bat no I’m not wearing
gloves today maybe a face mask of me nice comment below if you think I should
be wearing a basement everyone’s gonna say she wearing gloves and a face mask what is that what is this it’s wood it says Howard Jones anybody know
anything about a Howard Jones it looks like what does that look like to you
baby girl are you a bad sport yeah no we’re taking
this demo we’re going this is 100-meter tomorrow tell somebody’s oh the wild
wild west woods okay this is a gasket
all right okay holy baby Jesus
we don’t know why but my brain got excited cuz I just thought it was a
Picasso from his Butler on it you know you know the Picasso made plays like
this right baby girl you know that cost is one either
your dad is favorite artist ray um somebody was doing something he’s got a
little bit scared just a little bit this units a little wild oh no whistle this is like the hundred carriage of the
car I think and this is a door panel what kind of car goes to I don’t know
look at the level of dust you need carbon date that dust
you know it’s thick layer this is a pod though make things more canta canta cigarette
service they had a cigarette service back then went through their unit 50
years ago they bank-robbers this dad should be a candida bank who so I think
they robbed a bank hungry I wouldn’t be so cool to sound like a half a million
dollars in this unit yeah it’s black beauty again that’s a good
thing black meeting ready that’s kind of cool yeah they’re like 15
bucks and Alameda would like that someone would know I just feel like we
get asked a lot for beer signs you said the word asked right yeah I guess so it
kind of like sounds like axed yeah this looks kind of cool I don’t know what
that is like a charcoal or a pastel maybe that’s the Alameda piece this is
kind of cool right here this looks like a van Gogh kind of Heather said to me it
symbolizes a style of Van Gogh I don’t know can you pan in on that right there
if anybody knows that autographs and knows anything about art can you please
let me know if you can read that to an solver is very happy
John 1073 do not take apart they broke the law
that’s weird Oh trust me this is kind of cool look at it what do you see when you
see their faces okay but would either like just to see faces or they certain
Tana faces like what would it looks like soulless like just wandering Souls where
is the artifact Howard W Jones that’s what it says on it
Howard W Jones you pan up and down hut is nice this could be a million-dollar
painting on your baby girl we could possibly never have to work again the
frame drugs business cocktail down they owned a bar full still you say something for like butene
or something yeah I’m a little nervous guys don’t laugh um I wouldn’t for his uncle
Mike glowing in him where’s Mike when you need him yeah homeland like a little
girl these are kind of cool because they’re
like handmade see how they have the break off points then yeah I almost
think this ballerina that’s kind of hard definitely hippie Oh
straws they have illegal items in the store again in these hands I’m starting to think I
need to put gloves on I don’t usually like wearing gloves no use a hat No I can always go on your head this right here
this right here is gonna be nice if we find the rest of it I don’t know it
looks like it’s a Griswold right if it’s a Griswold and it is the whole pot like
this that will pay for this unit here that I thought that was a rat inside of
you ooh you got a brick it’s made by sa good
people know it’s nice to do you always talk to me I’m having fun
who’s that is it a mafia guy maybe I don’t know where you never you seen any like mafia
movies you haven’t all right thank you this union started to get to me a little
bit I cheated what’s that say 1988 Santa Cruz Beach
Boardwalk with a corm California soon dude you do we could sell us wet somebody wanted tennis ball and
we’re still whining times balls that we like screams both my name’s are new
anyways there for community service boys blowing shoes
Gobbo and see was it like don’t you war back in the day see how careful I am mm-hmm how often am
i this careful you know no he’s gonna units or a lightweight scary this sale this could be a boat sail we will set
this aside we’ll take this mmm-hmm I’ll give you five bucks right
now to get up on the roof and jump off of the secretary all right I gotta scale
your trailer first and jump over from your trailer to the roof okay all right
I found a real flashlight I was fine it was like like five minutes okay step
back ladies and gentlemen be you know running just as fast as we can
holdin on to one another’s hand I don’t know what this is what I say can you
read that why Mountain freezer okay and then this
does things like this you read this stuff on the front of it there’s we’re
dead then where is right where you’ll see that look inside this is very similar to what
I thought it was I don’t know what I really thought it was but I was thinking
of something like this this is kind of cool this is going up disappointing
Alameda I love Alameda alameen has the best food you know that song we’ll listen to it
later on the way home what is notice for this for baking and
looks like that one thing goes across it and then you put this in there and then
it spins that’s how you made butter there’s a butter maker or ice cream
maker it’s a like it’s ice castle and she
feels like this ice cream Alameda right nonsence freezer equals five I thought
it equals seven what is that I think we should take a
meter just go away some weird person why I like it I just
find a bucket full of gold please make it a good reason to somebody spent sixty
nine thousand dollars it means yeah what’s up I don’t know but it’s green
you know anything about green you know that it’s very expensive tool this is a
number five one five that ran right there good money this is a very
antiquated outdated pool but it could slip some value almost everyone you
bought last time not as bad though huh see we can say FML made in China look at
this antique made in China items like the first made in China hide them I’m
just kidding out by this unit’s over and over and over every time I’d buy this
unit riddling this much dust this is actually
money wonder why at the money right there it’s an old casino we can keep tab did I you don’t never see me that’s a good zip oh look a few maybe
wanna grab that honey go for that side for you maybe tomorrow 1964 entire collection of
top Beethoven not cool we may let you go stingy people I’ll get excited if a minute Oh gonna get excited again obviously
challenge yes I’m not doing it alone so if you want to
do lawful food challenge to Jenny congrats to them my hammies that’s
actually believe it or not 10 bucks right there
because it’s an old oil camp and it’s a good shape it’s unopened we’ll take this
hair thing to Alameda Alcoholics Anonymous a meat grinder all right
this book reminds me of my last girlfriend Sybil
a true and extraordinary woman possessed by sixteen separate personalities yep
that’s her all right that’s not nice maiden Spain you know anything about
glassware or collectibles anything made in Spain is nice we’ll take that to
Alameda right we’ll get into those ceremonies Rudi Kipling the jungle book
the second Jungle Book just so stories puck of pucks Hill ooh
Rudi Kipling shout to you he wrote something about the jungle book what you
know your father loves that hate stuff right that’s cute do you say a mailbox girl
yeah this cute number three four eight five
one guess again lunchbox honey but I like that was cute
he said he said mailbox yeah you did it’s a good pan that’s ten bucks
we’re almost back actually we are we just need to find the bottom de leche Oh
was that something jump order my French 1940 County Fair sweepstake award are these that’s pretty cool I’ve never
seen one of those can you get a close-up on them you know it likes something like
that what what what very odd individual do we know their lights military stuff
when you’re best friends well I haven’t seen them in too long I forgot that he
existed yay almita has great food Alameda has great food yes British Columbia Sentinel hold the Raven but he ever heard of a
poem called the telltale heart it’s not about a person I think the person killed
somebody and buried him under the floorboard of their house and the guilt
alone drove them nuts because they heard it is called the tell-tale heart oh the
rape that was a very theme of mine oddly enough
another 15 20 bucks with a believe it not these old cans like this are good
people like them they collect them and then this one’s like pretty much on use
go David go look this was Google before your time you don’t even know this is do
you have located that was the Google when I was a kid you want to find some
each number interesting huh bring it out there’s almost a big gold if you ten on
them bullets can’t check my temperature let me go
mm-hmm what if I wanted I don’t think you’ve done your mouth at all okay not
let’s out guys that was really really bad I think you’re good mmm it’s broken
like you know see how it moves you right there didn’t have enough time I hated
those when I was a kid and my mom is a bitch open your mouth and she shove it
in my throat interesting almost getting caught stuck here we almost found
something cool I think the container itself is cool this is worth money to once again
vintage automotive oil that’s going to Alameda American home food definitely Alameda
fees at 1520 the nice little Framingham ruse it’s an S twink a first ever laptop
right here that’s probably 15 bucks at Alameda not
did your now alright don’t wanna die no one died these ribbons giving a sharing you know why I pulled
you over today that right there guarantee 20 bucks
tomorrow I’m digging it native Charlie please got screwed four bucks in aluminum club no handle
know nothing about this oh okay look at it it’s cute sameer with a compact but it’s got these
cute little bills like you can play music and do your makeup
I say help your wife sneaking up on you what he’s cold what does that say read the fine print
in between where your nose goes no way there’s no hand sewn you have it it’s
turning are they gold gold filled with on it
I cannot read their vision get bad you get take you down to the dock you get
you some your vision checked out 10 to 12 cake ever get nada she mistakes when you want to kill a
vampire this stuff under a volcano what you want to jump in
a volcano the other night yeah these are cool things Alameda I take five ten bucks there that is
actually cool somebody will buy that for five or ten bucks you got another this
one this suit sure grip tip fellas it did oh look that’s the thing for the oil
as Richie’s got to do to get your oil out back in the day before they got off
logically these that’s ten bucks looky looky what I said the 45 Magnum six yeah where’s that at
where’s the colt 45 ladies and gentlemen sprinkle me with
ammo that is a hell of an open it adjustable wrench how many people know
these are the open undetectable wrench and how many column by the wrong name of
Crescent Man comment below you do not know that they are called an opened and
adjustable ring trailblazer that’s ten bucks now I need you tomorrow what are these for you put a black-and-white photo in there
then it makes it visually a ability to separate the two from one side though I
forget what they’re called somebody commented on that softens this now we haven’t show Jimmy up once ooh see
eat those this is actually probably an expensive
belfs either see the way like there’s this the crudeness to that so they go
lying there that piece of metal you look at the wood the way the brass looks this
is an old Bell I like I actually like this tell me those
aren’t good lightweight sick mm-hmm a and oh they’re not going to bite you stop for a minute they’re just bags in
my head let me hit the jackpot that’s kinda cool actually there’s a
blue Garcia flyrod Vegas of fly around the way it’s
mounted maybe I’m wrong this is the reason why I bought the unit right here
I had to see inside of there totally blocked it’s a nice little European
picture Argus magazines Europe that peg had it
put in eases Bavarian mildew burn Romi people traveling lucky son of a gun
whatever travel I never take you anymore how come you never take me anywhere
huh maybe if you start doing more work
cheaper shots fired holy but Jebus here I don’t know what to
say I was really hoping that there was gonna be something in this unit I got
like mmm on my lip twenty nine years is this at here sixty nine thousand pay
more dust than you’ve ever could take a stick at and well basically I’ll get my
money back don’t get me wrong I’m not gonna complain I will buy this unit
every time you guys things like this there are 10 15 20 bucks you see a lot
of 5 10 15 dollar bills we didn’t find the lid the base to the one crock-pot
piece I probably got about a 50 $60 dump runnin here some weird art like that
thing there we already discussed the guy’s name I don’t know what that is
about intrigues me this piece right here is like it looks like a bunch of souls
they’re just wandering around Ryan’s me that scene in the Lord of the Rings
where all the kings are the nights where the background is ghost one other piece
of art basically nothing ventured nothing gained this right here is a cool
item maybe the between right there is darn near my money back is – I think
Turner’s of some form nonetheless this was a good unit
why because I found out this story I found out okay I’m lying I didn’t find
out any story they didn’t know what’s going on here okay they own some type of
lounge somebody went through this unit probably couldn’t pay anymore because
that they ran out of money but at some point they felt personally attached is
probably belong to somebody who passed away and they didn’t want to let it go I
don’t know would you comment below comment below if you would buy a you
know like this for the gamble remember I’m not just here to make money I’m also
a treasure hunter I am a gambler I am a risk taker I am a pirate I’m searching
for trade your best chance of finding treasure I don’t I thought you liked it
comment below if you know why I picked that flavor tell everybody goodbye thanks for watching stay tuned we love
you all

Reader Comments

  1. Too bad. So sad. You may get some money for some of that stuff? Very interesting though. And full of adventurism!

  2. Better pay some attention to those 35mm slides. Quality period slides taken by a good (maybe known?) photographer with a good camera, of the right subjects can be valuable comercial media. Street scenes, landmarks and landscape can sell at 5 bucks a pop. Sold as a lot expect 50c each. And you had around 1000 in that box.

  3. Can tell you viewers are chompin at the bit for updates…some obscure art by the looks of it.
    (I think that picture of the "hanging souls" had you on edge and the squeeling door got you) 😆

  4. Faces painting is cool. Souls…lost souls…

    Also, please take your time, and have some care. Never put that stuff in your mouth, or near your eyes. You wouldn't know, until it's too late that it had something on it.

    If I were you, I'd transfer the papers and books to boxes to go through carefully. Plus, you could have skipped right over that .45 gun. Could've been in the middle of the rug…

  5. I'll get rich taking your garbage off. Unreal! 🙄 Just go's to show you that one pink haired persons trash IS another person's treasure…Hahahahaha. 😉 just making' jokes.

  6. That was a Stereoscope at 37 min. Can be valuable. Many of the items you casually tossed aside were antique collectables.

  7. We call the tool a nail puller, pinch the head then pull then pull the hard as the handle slides to its extent, force is applied to the nail.

  8. The big round bucket kinda thing with the wooden engines inside was probably a butter maker. I don't think you showed it but I'm pretty sure there was probably a hole in the bottom that is used to get the milk out of the butter maker. If it's an antique I'm pretty sure it's worth money

  9. There is dust mites will attack you lungs and could develop asthma. Other stuff. And if you do touch stuff with out gloves you could pick up all sorts of germs and bacteria, some of them will be to hard to get rid of it . Please pirate be careful.

  10. If you have real Howard W. Jones paintings, you have hit the jackpot. Contact real art galleries to get a proper appraisal of value. Don’t trust a dealer. You may have found yourself some real money. Best of luck.

  11. those 2 long tools with the foot on one are called "Slide hammer nail pullers " worth about $50.00 from 1950 if there are not reproductions.

  12. 15:41 it’s an ice cream maker, and the top is over by the truck sitting on that wood thing you were taking to alameda. Sheesh, I must be old to know what a ice cream maker is. Clean it up and make homemade ice cream, it’s better than store bought💕

  13. All those old papers are what people who make junk journals with, people sell stuff like that on Etsy and EBay alsothat wood crate/box will go for at least 10bucks.

  14. What is this " baby girl" nonsense. It's also best not to have her speak or comment and just let her hold camera. Sorry.

  15. Dude I once bought a storage unit off my friend who's grandpa had for years, because he needed cash for rent. And after going through it me and my lady found a military issued 1911 long slide hand gun and a $80,000 diamond men's ring…!! Which we now used to invest and now live good in saltlake city…good buy man

  16. The carpet could be worth money.The viewer is about $50. Its a 3d picture viewer.Might be missing its picture holder look in junk for the part. It looked like an old Ford Oaga horn if so maybe $30 if works.

  17. You never travel because you waist your 💰 in all this BS. You passed over several items that are with hundreds.

  18. Wow that's cool. There is a lot of value in a lot of that old stuff. So much of it is way older than 1990's
    It must have been someone's parents stuff I've seen a lot of those things on Ebay. That one item was an ice cream maker. Those dishes glass pitcher all valuable. I hope you sold or donated, so it all don't just end up in a landfill.
    So cool to see thank you.
    But, Lol
    you send my anxiety through the roof throwing things in what appears to be the looks like you had fun. Thanks

  19. Go for it bro I would buy this unit every time any day good video the wood round thing with handle is a butter churn the other is a old ice cream maker hand crank

  20. Holy cow.. you have no idea what youre doing. You threw away a LOT of money. Damaged a lot of things that could have made money. NOT everything thats marked "made in China" is junk. WTF…

  21. You know i watch a lot of these auction videos and i could take what 5 of ya'll throw away and live for a year things you think are junk are valuable and the $10 things are junk lol. Maybe all that pink has went to your head also near the beginning you went right past the gun wrapped in a blue rag lol

  22. @16:08 those are cross stitch kits. Very sought after. The right ones can go as high as $100. Those rugs are not trash. They are worth $$

  23. Howard Jones (Estate)

    American (1922-1991)

    Bruno David Gallery is compiling a Catalogue Raisonné of the complete work of Howard Jones.

    Please contact the gallery if you currently own any of Howard Jones' work or possess literature, both published and unpublished, relating to his life.

    We will gladly purchase or take on consignment any of his art.

  24. Drives me crazy! Why do you waste money on buying units when you're not organized! You fail to go completely through a box! Set up a garbage bin, then thoroughly go through a box. Your focus on gold, gold, gold will rarely yield gold, but it will cause you to overlook valuable items!

  25. I had more fun watching the paint dry on my living room wall…… i don’t think Dave Hester is gonna be recruiting this guy anytime soon

  26. Howard Jones paintings should get you bare minimum $15,000 up to $50,000 each with the right buyer at the Smithsonian auction if their not counterfeit! Please stop throwing the pottery around…They could be priceless… Simply auction a Howard Jones on Ebay and watch those bids go through the roof my friend 🙂

  27. Okay a few times you made me want to spit (everytime put that stuff in ur mouth🙄), but your daughters smart.
    Y'all are fun ♥️👍

  28. 98% of household dust is human skin. You might not have gotten the owner's story, but you did get to know them on a cellular level – "achoo!"

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