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511 Taclite 6″ Boot – Awesomesauce #1

511 Taclite 6″ Boot – Awesomesauce #1

511, a brand that I use daily. I trust my
feet with 511. I picked these up on Amazon. These are the Taclite six-inch Coyote boots.
They’re like a suede-ish leather. Extremely comfortable. Very, very light. When you’re
wearing them you hardly even know they’re there. They’re almost like a cross-training
shoe or a long-distance running shoe or something like that except they come up to six inches. Whenever we go out camping or drive across
country on long trips, I even take these on business trips. Whenever I’m walking around
hotels. I actually wore them in San Francisco and walked around San Francisco in them. They’re
really comfortable. Really good traction in the sole. The only downside to a boot like this is you
don’t replace the soles. They have a lifespan of about a year and a few months, maybe a
year and a half, depending how much you use them. People who use them sparingly will get
them to last a couple years. I’m pretty hard on my boots, up and down rocks. I like to
climb on things, take the boys on adventures and I definitely wear these whenever I take
them out. We just got back from Arizona. I wore these
up to Hole In the Rock. I was glad I was wearing them! It was a little bit slippery in areas
and things like that. Again, 511 Coyote-colored Taclite six-inch boot. Really great boot.
You guys should check it out.

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