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50 Foot Utility Boat with Multiple Gauges on

50 Foot Utility Boat with Multiple Gauges on

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  1. I used to run these boats in Annapolis, and not to brag, I'd sooner have a single screw than a twin with bow and stern thrusters, that big propeller, torque, and tucked up rudder, along with the seaworthiness and fuel efficiency of a full displacement hill, not to mention the overkill in the thickness of the fiberglass hull, thick rubber deck surround , and super heavy cleats.
    these boats were designed to be run by 17yr olds in some cases, and with the benches installed, could carry up to 140 passengers believe or not!
    Great boat, and probably easily modified for a cruiser, you may have to use some imagination and elbow grease, but a totally hardy sound vessel!
    won't get you anywhere quickly, but it will get up to about 12-13 knots, (about 17 mph), not fast, but sufficient for a boat with an old Detroit Diesel inline 6 cylinder.
    I've pushed barges with those boats, just make sure that the engine is up to par, and the linkage is ok, and you'll have a good boat that will last out anyone alive today!

  2. thank u for responding ,can u please tell me where i can find parts for the engine .i bought but i need some parts for the engine

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