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5 SECRET Military Bunkers In Battlegrounds (PUBG)

5 SECRET Military Bunkers In Battlegrounds (PUBG)

[Intro Music] [SXVXN] What’s happening everybody my name’s SXVXN. And welcome to a Battlegrounds video now in today’s video. I’m going to be gifting you a guide It’s impressively for beginners who have never been to these secret locations. Before these are the bunkers. that exist within the map. I’m going to show you all of the bunkers that exist that you can go and loot and these are the areas that could considered High loot which means you can get really good gear from these locations So we will be showing you the location of three areas Which will actually have some will have one and some will have Multiple military bunkers that you can loot so stay tuned for the whole video and you will know all of the locations off by heart. By the end I guarantee it now for the first secret military bunker you want to come to the coordinates F,L Which is marked here on the map. It’s very close to the cove and it’s also quite close to the school It’s just beneath Jasna, and it’s just above my turn Are you looking for four? entrances that you can just see Popping out of the landscape when you skydive down to this ideally you’d want to be just above it So that you can skydive down at the fastest pace to try and get to the earth as fast as you possibly can because this Is an area that will be contested! It’s highly highly likely that there will be other people in these places So make sure that you land as fast as you can make sure if you want to go and check out my parachute and landing Tips these will help you get to the land much much quicker and also get you into areas like this much faster now There are four large rooms in here with interconnected points that be very careful when looting around you’ll find everything ranging from like smgs to sniper Rifles to level 3 loot for the helmets for your body armor you will find all sorts in this place. If you’re lucky However you have to be careful and as you see in this coming up clip. I end up getting a kill in the area But this could have been my death And it could have been the end especially if this is the place you come to when you first spawn in. Nothing that worse than dying at the start of the game now Following this as well because it was a heavily contested area and because of the plane flew directly over I also found a second person While looting the area and I fortunately managed to get the kill on him as well once you finish You clean this area all you have to do is head out follow the Tunnels outwards And it will take you out into the landscape where you can then go and find yourself a boogie, too Contnue With the game and at this point You should have yourself some high-level loot the second area where you’ll find some secret bunkers will be the gun range Which is at the top of the mud right next to a location called… Seventy so the first one you want to land at is just outside of the gun range itself I’ve marked it on the map here And if you don’t know anything about parachute and how to get down to the ground as fast as possible I have done a guide on the best ways to land so you want to make sure that you get to the entrance of this Bunker just like everyone you want to get here first and as you can see in the clip it is contested But thankfully I land further forward then the guy who’s coming down with me So he decides not to contest, and I end up having a bunker to myself sometimes this can happen where you come down And they’ll still come and contest it might lead to a fistfight or it might lead to a death of one of the players including yourself thankfully I was lucky this time! To find myself an assault rifle My med kit and a level 2 armor as well as a level one backpack now once you’ve completed this loot All you have to do is head out of the bunker, and you want to turn to your right hand side now It’s a short run from this bunker to arrive at a second bunker Very close to the gun range which I’ll show you on the map in just a moment it’s very very close by so as you can see I’m running in the background and here is Map, and it’s just down from Serverny looking at the map itself. You’re just looking for the green mound Which is straightforward and all you have to do is head down here once again. This is one You can land that and also contest if need be when I went down in here I didn’t have the best of luck however it when you come down to these locations there are sometimes amazing weapons other times You don’t get anything and it just very very much Depends on where the Zone is and how the games decide to spawn the items once you’ve completely diluting here I advise you to add a head of the Severnty start loot in that city or Go and head back to the gun range and leave that if it hasn’t already been looted or grab yourself a vehicle and head off To the actual zone itself the final secret Locations for the bunkers is actually in the military base now these are the most commonly visited military bunkers So these will be highly contested Especially with the military base being a high lead area so the three that I’ve marked on the map here are ones that you can Go inside of and once again You can find yourself very high luke sometimes you can come in here, and you can find sniper rifles Assault rifles with loads of ammunition you Mps you can find yourself level three helmets and body armor now I advise if you have a buggy or a car or a motorbike, just like I have here This is the quickest way to quickly loot each of these three and when you are actually in the multi base as the area which Is now contested say for example? It’s the playable area you can actually come here and you can use these as good hiding spots be careful about where you park your vehicle however because players will try and destroy your Vehicle because an explosion which will kill you now when I leave it around this I already had a level 3 which I’ve collected earlier on so I didn’t need to pick that up but for a player who just spawned here and just came in these areas can really help you out get a good start and point to All about what you grab when you’re first land to help you with that survival So this is the biggest one and this is the best one for hiding a vehicle in once again I found a level 2 backpacks off set and store more items and an extra one there if I had a friend for example I Was playing with with some shotguns? So these are the best locations to arrive at if you’re looking for Extra high loot or whether you just land in there at the start of the game to give yourself a little bit of a head Start these are all of the secret bunkers that currently exist within this map itself I hope that this video has helped you all Discover the secret locations for all these bunkers some of which won’t be secrets to you guys But to new players these will be secrets because they’ve never been there before so hope this guide has helped you find these locations! Collect some amazing loot and also. I hope it’s led to your success in actually getting the winner winner chicken dinner! If I’ve helped you at all please say in the comment section below that be greatly appreciated my names been SXVXN also known as Martin Lee Woods! like and comment and all that you look today, take care of yourselfs! [Outro Music]

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  1. shelter isnt a secret its marked on the map an everyone goes there LOL also the position of the circle has no influence on what loot spawns in its 100% RNG if your gonna make info videos then please give correct info

  2. Im confused. You said 5 locations. There is . …
    1) shooting range
    2) Shelter
    3) military base.
    where are the other 2?

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