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5 Reasons Boots Make You More Attractive! | RMRS Style Videos

5 Reasons Boots Make You More Attractive! | RMRS Style Videos

5 Reasons Why Boots Make You More Attractive! [0:00:00]
So, there’s this Hollywood story of actor Russell Crowe hanging out with producer Jerry
Bruckheimer at a party. They’re doing pretty well. Russell has got women all over him until he
takes off his boots, loses three inches of height and immediately Jerry’s like, “Get
your boots back on. Man, you’re messing up your image.” Is the story true? I don’t know. But, what I will attest to is the power of
boots. In today’s video, gents, why boots make
you more attractive and why every man needs a pair in his wardrobe. [Music]
Reason number one that every man needs a pair of boots in his wardrobe, women absolutely
love boots. I’m supporting this with a 2016 study at
a GQ Magazine. They actually did in-depth interviews with
over two hundred women asking them what they look for in a man, specific details when it
comes to style and grooming. 76% of women said they wanted to see a man
wear casual boots on a first date. What does that tell you? Guys, don’t – don’t you shoot yourself
the foot. Wear the casual boots, women absolutely love
them. So, we’ve established that women like boots,
but why do they like boots? Guys, it comes down to association and status. Let’s look at history. Five hundred years back, military officers. Two hundred years back, if you were a foot
soldier you couldn’t afford boots. You can barely afford shoes. Boots were always reserve for officers, men
of status men of power. Even now modern days, we see a guy he’s
going to be an explorer, we see a guy that’s joining the military, what are they wearing? Boots. And now, let’s think about rock stars. If you can imagine a rock star, he’s up
on stage, he is breaking rules, he is commanding respect. What is he wearing? He’s probably – he’s not going to be
wearing dress shoes. I like dress shoes, but he is going to be
wearing a pair of boots. Guys, it’s all about setting yourself apart,
it’s all about status. Now, gentlemen, all the boots you’re seeing
in today’s video, brought to you by Thursday Boots, the paid sponsor of today’s video. And, for over two years, I’ve been wearing
and loving their boots. Guys, these are quality boots at an affordable
price. These are using a Goodyear welt. The advantage of a Goodyear Welt is it’s
the most water-resistant type of build that you can get and you want them for boots. So, not only is it a quality built, but it
protects me from the elements. 100% of the leather used by Thursday Boots
is sourced from Tier 1 USA cattle. What this means is that you’re getting an
amazing upper that is going to get better over time. They are going to develop unique patinas that’s
going to reflect your daily adventures. When you look at the insole right here, they
use a cork lining. What this means it’s kind of like a memory
foam mattress. It starts to conform to your foot that’s
why these are so comfortable. Go check out all the different options they
got for men from the different styles from chukka to actually the dress boots, the more
the exploration boots. If you’re looking at the different uppers
that they’ve got for you from suede to regular dark brown to a lighter brown like this made
with a Horween Leather out of Chicago. Amazing company, guys. I’m linking to Thursday Boots down in the
description. Great boots at an amazing price. Go check them out. The next reason why every man needs a pair
of boots in this wardrobe, gentlemen, it’s all about the heel. It’s all about adding height. This pair of boots right here easily going
to add two inches to your height. Women, again, like in general taller men. Even other men look to taller men. They’ve done these studies of like the top
CEOs of companies and taller men seem to dominate. Now, if you’re shorter, it is a lost cause. Of course not, there are many tricks and tips
out there. I’ve got entire videos on that. But, starting it off with a pair of boots,
guys, that’s going to help especially find a pair of boots maybe with three inches, two
inches is definitely going to help go from 5’5” to 5’7”. Boom! There you go. Next up, let’s talk about size. Big shoes mean a big heart, right? Isn’t that how it goes? But, here’s – look at this right here. Okay. So, which one is bigger? Of course this shoe right here is bigger,
but what you’re doing is you’re looking to make your extremities a bit larger in general
especially during the fall, the winter, and the spring we’re starting to layer, bring
on other pieces and that can throw off their proportions especially if you’re oftentimes
wearing casual clothing which is most men out there. So, you wear boots like this, all of a sudden
they add just a bit also in the length, in the overall size. It’s not clunky if you get the right style. And you get the right style a really nice
rugged look right in there and all of a sudden it builds up your feet, it makes you look
more masculine. So, the next reason why every man needs a
pair of leather boots in his wardrobe, gentlemen, is because leather evokes a feeling of masculinity. Basically, when you wear leather you come
off as stronger. Now, what’s this based off? A 2001 study out of the school of art and
that was over at Liverpool John Moores University, what they found is that certain fabrics certain
materials evoke feelings. Tweed made you relax. Whenever they put denim in front of people,
it made them feel like they were more energetic. And, leather, when it comes down to leather,
it’s all about strength and masculinity. And bonus reason why every man needs a good
pair of boots because boots are functional. You get that rubber sole right here, you get
something that covers up your ankles with a good strong leather. You’ve got something that you can walk to
the snow the sleet the rain, not worry about damaging the boots as long as you take care
of the boots, but they’re going to keep water off of your feet and they’re going
to give you a good grip. Guys, boots are functional, one of my favorite
pieces of menswear that a man can own. [0:05:05]
Now, you’re probably wondering, Antonio, how do I find a great pair of boots? What exactly do I look for in the construction
of boots? Guys, I’ve got you covered. Check out this video right here. I’m going to link to it down in the description
of this video. But, in this video right here, I go into the
details of the build, what you need to identify, what you need to look for, whatever brand
you may buy. But, I do recommend checking out Thursday
Boots. Again, I’m linking to Thursday down in the
description. I absolutely love this company. Like I said everything about the construction
is awesome. I know the founders. I’ve spent time with them in New York. Absolutely love what this company is doing,
so check them out, guys. I’m linking to Thursday down in the description. [Bleeping sound]
So, quick fact about the chukka boot. During World War II, British soldiers actually
commissioned these to be made up in Northern Africa whenever they were fighting [Rommel]
because they wanted a boot that would be more functional in the desert. They worked with Egyptian cobblers who apparently
made quite a few of these boots, they absolutely love them and then they started to make their
way into men’s wardrobe. So, you should know this, a little bit of
military history with the chukka boot. That’s it. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video. [0:06:06] End of Audio

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  2. 2-3" is incorrect. not even the tallest cowboy boot heels are usually taller than 1-5/8" tall in which might give you 1" added height over others who might be wearing shoes.

  3. Привет из РФ .Ваши советы помогают .Можете подсказать музыку из начала ?Can you say a name of music in beginin'

  4. just ran across your channel. Thursday boots are great. I own three pair myself and always get complimented on them. Brown Captains are my favorite followed by the grizzly wheat presidents. cant remember the third color but they are captians kind of in between the other 2 I listed,

  5. Dude I love my boots. I dont give a f what women think when im wearing mine. Your choices of boots and logic of boots are way off. You are very very wrong.

  6. Sorry those are not boots, those are stylish tall shoes, as a man that wears boots on a daily basis My Red Wings have all the qualities you cited and then some, preppy shoes aren’t my style, just my opinion.

  7. Bought a pair of the Thursday boots and love them. I wear work boots all day and didn't want to wear boots on the weekends but these boots are great. Coming out of a 11 year marriage and man has style changed. Great channel.

  8. All of my friends still wear sneakers and I have always worn boots, I don't understand why they want to live in the sad world of sneakers

  9. cowboy and horseriding boots are the origins which shaped this manly fashion.. it is only about looking after oneself not to attract the other so you can be scoped at.

  10. you can also just wear a pair of Red Wing work boots and just keep them polished.
    casual boots? not practical. coming from a guy who lives in the forest

  11. She won’t be fooled—once you take those boots off, she’ll immediately notice the difference. Just embrace who you are. Wear them and enjoy the extra height but don’t be afraid to take them off.

  12. These boots are 200 dollars, I will not spend more than 100 on them and I have bought many good boots for around 80 dollars.

  13. hmmm…most of what you're holding doesn't exactly look like boots….calling them shoots…chukkas, whatever. That said, you're 100% corrrect, women do love boots, as long as they fit what you're wearing, and you wear them well. However, don't be that 5' nothing, Yosemite Sam/Kim Jong-un, over exagerated heal just to make you taller regardless of outfit/occasion just to look taller guy… You gotta rock what suits your style and dress.

  14. I can’t be more agree with you on this. These boots are comfortable as hell . Love them . Thank you for oriented all of us with the best , always

  15. With all due respect, screw you man. I'm short doesn't mean I need solution to look tall! Boots are good, but don't make it like short people NEED to wear it.

  16. I’m a girl and I agree I love boots!!! I have a pair, and now it’s the only pair of shoes I ever wear, fixed the sole 3 times and It’s still going strong

  17. What about wearing military boots with jeans? I still own and wear my french black military boots I've perceived in 1992 during conscription with grey jeans.

  18. 🙂 Great video! Also with height, some boots are higher than the heel for cushioning reasons, plus one can cheat by hiding lifts/elevators and no-one will know. As for safety, in a dirty street fight, especially if outnumbered, boots can aid you with devastating kicks.

  19. I could never get into the sneaker craze. I grew up in Nike’s and adidas, etc. I bought a pair of timberland foundry boots and added chrome rivets. Mean looking, one of a kind and I get compliments often. People take me a little more seriously with the boots.

  20. I love chukka boots i have suede chukka boots that are crocs they are amazingly made and i paid 41 bucks off ebay and yes they add height im 6'0" but when i wear my chukka boots i look 6'1" so if you wanna wear a pair of boots then wanna add your height then boom there you go! More height!

    Thanks for the video Antonio you rock!

  21. I just bought my second pair of Thursday boots (Brown Captain's). My question is should I wear dress pants with brown boots and if I can, what color dress pants can I wear? By the way I absolutely love the boots. I also have a pair of their Brandy wingtip boots too. I really like them both, they're very comfortable.

  22. Key phrase in this video is “paid sponsor” = he’s literally being paid to boost this company. This perspective is not genuine but entirely biased, thus fitting the definition of “tool”… this video absolutely gives off more of the infomercial vibe and not much style guru vibe at all. Hey, you may take his advice to heart? Good for you! If it makes you a happier person, great! I’m just giving some feedback from my perspective as a viewer/consumer and if I noticed it, I can assume others have noticed it as well.

  23. i have 3 pairs of shoes boots, brown sneakers, and black dress shoes
    boots usually everyday, sneakers when im lazy, dress shoes when im going somewhere where i have to be fancy

  24. 1:28 No one cares about rock anymore clearly this video must be for men lost with the times. It’s all rap/hip hop now in the mainstream, and they command respect wearing sneakers.

  25. So the only boots I own are my old tan army boots and they are starting to lose their tread. I want a boot that I don’t mind using as well, a boot. I want something I don’t mind getting dirty, but I hate cowboy boots. Anyone have a suggestion?

  26. These ain't boots. In my opinion, these are leather shoes. I wear work boots and cowboy boots everyday, thats where its at.

  27. I think the "big feet look" is American aesthetic? People here in the UK try to fit into shoes as small as possible.

  28. Great video! Thanks. I've been an aficionado of boots for years now, actually several decades — I put on my first pair of western boots when I was 21 years old, which, now that I consider it, is closing in on 30 years ago. I've been wearing western boots on a near-daily basis ever since. Last year, at a fantastic shoe store here in Denver, Dardanos Shoes, I purchased a pair of Ecco Kenton Tarmac Suede Vintage Boots, and, my God, do I love 'em!! I thought they were a steal at $230. I couldn't agree with your five reasons enough. I do want to add that, speaking as a gay man, trust me, women are not the only ones who love men in boots. And I really had to laugh when you said, "Let's talk about size. Big shoes mean a big…(wait for it) heart." That's not quite the version I've always heard. This is after all, though, a family YouTube channel. One last thing I do want to add is that, simply, boots are comfortable AS HELL!! Also, you are so right, they become broken in and take on a patina and other characteristics which make them individual and really simply make them an old friend. Boots are like classical music, whose half-life is measured in centuries, not WEEKS: I'm still wearing pairs of western boots I purchased 25 years ago. Thanks again for a great video.

  29. Superior symbolic masculinity that have gone farther than any other product surpassing thee test of time such as for example traditional American cowboy boots and as well or Mexican vaquero ones; the more leather the better which means the tallest shaft dominates measurably though stay true to your feet measurements. They are definitely meant for manly men of respective aging even professions.

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