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5 Most Iconic Chronograph Watches | SwissWatchExpo

5 Most Iconic Chronograph Watches | SwissWatchExpo

From SwissWatchExpo…
Spotlight on: Chronograph Watches. Our picks for the Most Iconic Chronographs of all time. The chronograph is one of the most popular
complications for watches – in fact, it’s a category all on its own. Aside from being useful for everyday life,
chronographs remain popular because of their variety. The abundance of dials, pushers,
scales and crowns give room for a lot of creativity in style and design. There are hundreds of chronographs being released
every year, but there are a few that have stood the test of time. Here our are picks
for the most iconic chronographs ever. While chronographs are closely associated
with sport and racing, the IWC Portuguese Chronograph is decidedly refined in design. The Portuguese started as a time-only watch,
but in the mid-1990s, IWC decided to make the automatic chronograph version, now one
of the brand’s most successful watches of all time. The simple round dial, two vertical subdials,
and thin, propeller-style hands will remain timeless even 50 years from now. TAG Heuer is a brand closely associated with
the world of auto racing. It has created many outstanding chronographs, the most famous
of which is the Carrera. Created by former CEO Jack Heuer, he sought
to make a watch intended mainly for motor racing, a niche that was underserved back
then. Today’s Carreras come in an extensive range
of designs; and as the brand’s direction is “creating watches for the future”, they
are more avant garde and racing-inspired. Up next, we have the Breitling Navitimer – the
chronograph-of-choice among pilots and aviation enthusiasts. The characteristic slide rule bezel is no
longer a necessity in manning flights, but it is still very much part of the Navitimer’s
identity and aesthetic. The Navitimer has evolved into different styles
and sizes over the decades, but there are models in production that are still very close
to the original – proving the timelessness of its design. Our list won’t be complete without the Rolex
Cosmograph Daytona. It was designed to meet the needs of professional drivers, and was
launched in 1963. Named after the Daytona International Speedway,
and seen on the wrists of racing legends, the Rolex Daytona easily takes us back to
the glory days of racing in the 1960s. What was meant for the racing circuit is today
one of the most sought-after watches, on the new and vintage market. The Daytona combines
good looks, heritage, and excellent wearability. And for our top pick, we have the Omega Speedmaster
Professional. Launched in 1957, it is most famously known for being the first watch on
the moon. While it was originally created for the race
track, the Omega Speedmaster was the only watch to meet NASA’s incredibly tough standards.
It continues to be their official timepiece until today. Today’s Omega Speedmaster is still very
similar in style to the one worn on Apollo 11, and is run by virtually the same caliber,
that powered it through the lunar landing. Timeless, indeed. There you have it – our picks for the 5
most iconic chronographs. Which one was your favorite? Tell us in the comments section.

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  1. I want them all. My wish list includes a Daytona, but for now I'll settle for my Tag Heuer Carrera day/date chronograph. I love it.

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