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5-Minute Workout That Replaces High-Intensity Cardio

5-Minute Workout That Replaces High-Intensity Cardio

A 5 Minute Workout That Replaces High Intensity Cardio Is it you who always dreamt about the Fit Body, but didn’t know how to start or Is it you who always thought that squats and crunches are just too much for you We found a solution for you. No matter whether you’re a beginner or just a busy lady or gentleman These seven simple exercises will take just five minutes of your time and will suit any level of physical condition Because they’re all based on one phenomenal exercise, plank. Hey don’t run away no This is good Plank is famous for it’s four main benefits, One, a toned belly Two, strong back. Three, flexible body, Four, good posture Just do it with us every day preferably in the morning when you’re still fresh and full of energy And we will make sure that every training is fun and In just thirty days you will be surprised to find a so much slimmer and fitter body in the mirror hey What are you doing in my bathroom? So why do we make the first step to your transform body right now. Let’s start. You don’t even have to start your stopwatch I’ll be counting for you Exercise number one full plank Lie down with your belly on the floor Then raise your body on your straight arms and toes and keep it horizontally Your body should make a straight line head the heels breathe normally You need to keep this position only for 60 seconds, let’s give it a try ready the countdown starts now Plank is one of the best exercises for core conditioning It strengthens your abs, but also works your glutes and hamstrings supports proper posture and improves balance How are you doing hold on try to breathe normally? inhale… exhale That’s right Okay, just five seconds left five, four, three, two, one Wow that’s great. Let’s try the next one Exercise number two elbow plank Keep the same position on your belly now Raise your body on your elbows and toes and keep it horizontally Your body should make a straight line head to heels Don’t forget to breathe normally This time only 30 seconds come on you can do it Plank is one of the basic poses in yoga So you can be sure it is absolutely healthy for your body and will keep you energized for the whole day Yogi’s don’t lie especially the yogi who said when you come to the fork in the road take it Three-two-one you are SuperDuper. I’m amazed All right here we go exercise number three raised leg plank Prop your body in the position of elbow plank Raise your right leg to the level of your glutes or higher and breathe normally Up we go Breathe normally because your muscles will need to receive oxygen If you hold your breath your blood and abdominal pressure can increase significantly and have harmful effects on your body Three-two-one Now put your right foot on the floor and raise the left leg to the level of your glutes that’s right hold on Apart from working on your back, abs, chest, neck and shoulders Leg raise plank also strengthens your glutes and back thighs and every exercise that we do should be healthy to your body so inhale exhale inhale exhale Two one great! Can see you’re ready for exercise four left side plank Turn to your left side and put the left elbow strictly under the shoulder make sure your legs are straight Now push your bottom and waist up Balance yourself on your arm and feet until your body makes a diagonal line breathe normally And up, only 30 seconds Side plank makes your abdominal side muscles stronger and keeps your waist thin Whoo it’s also a great pose to strengthen your shoulders and arms that’s right. It’s not hard is it? Five four three two one well done! Exercise number five can I guess mm-hmm right side plank Turn to your right side and put the right elbow strictly under the shoulder make sure that your legs are straight Now push your bottom and waist up Balance yourself on your arm and feet until your body makes a diagonal line and breathe normally And another thirty Seconds have started just now Keep your balance don’t sink in the shoulder I can see you, you are doing great. We’re almost there Three-two-one, okay, just two exercises left Exercise number six full plank again Absolutely, you’ve done this one before will let’s repeat raise your body on your straight arms and toes and keep it horizontally Your body should make a straight line head the heels breathe normally This time only thirty Seconds you can do it Make sure your palms are right under your shoulders, if not move them carefully your body should feel solid Yes, just like that You are just a plank superhero, you know that don’t you maybe five more seconds mm-hmm and here they are five four three two one Wow! And one last exercise to go Exercise seven elbow plank Yes again Okay, keep the same position on your belly now raise your body on your elbows and toes and keep it horizontally Your body should make a what straight line head to heels right and breathe You should hold the position for sixty Seconds How you doing keep your glutes down your body is a straight line yeah, there you go, Oh 30 seconds already passed and you are still standing. You are my superstar All righty Keep going Ahh five seconds left five four three two one All right, you’ve done it. You are a god of Plank All right, and here is your daily workout plan summary that might be handy Number one Full Plank One minute, Two Elbow Plank 30 seconds Three, raised leg plank right leg 30 seconds, left leg 30 seconds Four, right side plank 30 seconds. Five left side plank 30 seconds Six, full plank 30 seconds Seven elbow plank one full minute And, one last thing before we say goodbye today once you feel that you are ready to intensify your workout Try not to lie down on the floor between the exercises and just keep your body up while changing the arms position Yeah, you can do it. I’m sure you can make it. See you tomorrow Have you tried plank exercises before share your experiences in the comments? Don’t forget to hit the like button and click subscribe to stay on the bright side of life

Reader Comments

  1. could only get through half of this exercise but my goal is to be able to do the whole thing😌
    EDIT from a week later: i can do this pretty easily now

  2. I didn’t know there were so many different planking styles. This is my least favorite exercise but works so well. Now that I know there are more than the elbow plank my fears have widened ;-; Keep up the good work guys we can do it :’)

  3. day 1: arms gave out a lot, fell a lot, body was shaking a lot, wanted to die a lot, but 20 minutes after (mostly) finishing the exercise i feel pretty good
    day 2: arms took longer to start feeling weak, body didn't shake as much, sweating bullets, heart's going fast, elbow planks were easier than yesterday, feels good

  4. Guys if you do this everyday you will see results but it will take at least 2 to 3months since it’s a human body not a machine.only those who are patient and have perseverance will see results. I do 2 sets of three of these exercise videos , once in the morning and one in the evening. I have hypothyroidism and those who suffer from this are obese, I am 16 and I weigh 49. I am proud to say I hav a beautiful body. Best of luck.

  5. I go to the gym I have a fair body , but for some reason I only did the first one for only 40 minutes , the second was horrible couldn’t do it for even a second!

  6. I do planks everyday and it does work but i wouldn’t necessarily say it replaces HIIT. HIIT could be replaced with jump roping.

  7. I've been doing this twice a day, and weights 115lbs before. I can really see the difference in just 10days. I'm drinking water with lemon, switched to ginger with honey and lemon tea (homemade) if I feel the urge to drink coffee in the afternoon (I'm a coffee lover so it's really challenging). I can see my chest and upper body toning up day by day. (I take Bright Side's advises eating healthy foods, so you should do it guys!)

    Squats are superb!!! I'm also doin' this together with the other video with Plankings. I tell you!! You will tone those arms in no time!

    Don't do this if the goal is to impress other people, just DO IT FOR YOURSELF. Stop thinking you can't make it. Push-ups are hard and I'm struggling to it too, but starting to 5, 10 and 15 until I can make it to 25 twice a day, isn't hard after all. (I started eating healthy foods my body feels lighter, this is not a joke)

    You'll be the first one benefitting a fit and healthy body not other people who will criticize you.
    Stay positive and I hope this comment helps other people who seek if this workout is effective, Remember that you're the BOSS of your body.
    I'll comment again after 20 days ^-^/ Watch Positive! Hear Positive! Read Positive! and Stay Positive!!♥

  8. This is my first day doing this exercise and man it currently feels like death, cant wait to notice it getting easier as i keep up with it.

  9. I lost 3 kg in 12 days with this exercise + Keto + intermit fasting!!!!

    My goal: 45 kg ( keep in mind im Asian ) 🙂
    My weight now: 51 kg. Before: 54
    My height : 159cm

  10. Am I the only one who can do a plank for 30 seconds but CANNOT to a side plank?
    Like the second I get into the position I fall over.

  11. Are you kidding !!! This planks like exactly this way anybody can not do specially who are allready overweight …. It will need lots of practice and a suitable body shape to nail this exercises …. So be reasonable before claiming anything 👎

  12. Hello random person scrolling down the comment, not actually exercising because you are lazy, lying on your bed, and it's a summer break so you are relaxing. Let's all admit it we are all doing this…😄😄

  13. I like to do this in between a thigh and ab workout day. If i tried to focus on one area everyday I would get too sore.

  14. I can’t do planks, I almost broke my hips and my back doing these notice how I said ALMOST 😂 these things are SO HARD, i would rather do squats they make me happy 😊

  15. Who else fell sow doing them getting back up? Lol my mum said I lost weight but I don't believe Believe her

  16. Am I the only one to do this while listening to the news at 3:56pm about China??? xD I'm a weird thirteen year old kid

  17. K tomorrow is Saturday im gonna wake up the time i usually do for work and start this at home. Gonna record too. N im a mom of 3 so take it easy on me guys doubt ill start with a full minute but wherever i stop ill pick it back up with anotger set. Here we go! Ill post this as my first vidoe ever on youtube😣🙁

  18. okay so i’ve been doing this for 3 days straight and my muscles are sore + i already can see a difference !! a

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