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5 Military Hacks That Will Change Your Life For The Better

5 Military Hacks That Will Change Your Life For The Better

You’ve probably already heard of hacks or
tricks that are supposed to make your life easier, right? So, today we’re going to talk about 5 very
useful military tips that will make your life even easier: Peeing in the shower
It’s not just about saving water. According to the medical community, urinating
in the shower can prevent and heal athlete’s foot. This is because urine has natural properties
such as uric acid and ammonia which help fight infections caused by fungi. Using tampons for first aid
Female absorbents are of great help in case of emergency. You can tape it to the wound to staunch a
bleeding. In addition, you can also put them in your
shoes to warm the soles and absorb the sweat. Did you like the first two tips? If so then like and subscribe to our channel
to help us out! Sprinkling sugar on cuts and wounds
Did you know that it’s possible to put sugar on a wound? Sugar can prevent bacteria from multiplying
because they can’t survive in a high sugar content, according to a study by the University
of Arizona Medical School. Surely your grandmother has used this method
before, since it was very popular in the past. If you ever get injured, cover the wound with
sugar until first aid can be applied. Leggings
Leggings can warm you up. Leggings aren’t just for running or enhancing
your style. They can also be worn under almost all pants
without being noticed, and this will keep you warm at really low temperatures. Lighting a bonfire
Want to make the fire on the grill quickly? A cotton ball and petroleum jelly or cooking
oil may be the solution. Cover a cotton ball with Vaseline and light
it on fire. Once this is done you will have a strong,
stable flame that will continue to burn for longer. Did you like these tips? If you know of any other tricks that aren’t
on the list share them with us the comment section.

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  1. Dear natural cures
    I love the meditation education I have a life hacks playlist myself I can remember on a ninja survival weekend we were having trouble creating the fire with sticks and brush but I happen to have a first aid kit as a team doctor and just as you said they were amazed when I use the cotton ball and petroleum jelly I also sprayed the wood with Pam which I happen to bring in my bag I truly did not know where you were going with the painting in the shower but it is completely and utterly true there is a movie which has I think it’s called something about Mary and Ben Stiller get stung by a man of war and his girlfriend has to P on him. As the antidote for the toxin You do so much to make our lives better and this video is specifically for that purpose thanks for caring oh my god there’s someone else out there blessings I have 2000 videos on YouTube

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