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5 Best Military Movies of All Time

5 Best Military Movies of All Time

Every movie fan has their favorite genre,
be it action, adventure, horror, or award-winning drama. But it�s the stories of those who
take up arms to defend a nation that can capture every one of those strengths. War films combine
all these elements into tales of survival and heroism that, when done right, can stand
as lasting memorials for decades. Here are Screen Rant�s 5 Best Military Movies of
All Time. Black Hawk Down When two American Black Hawk helicopters were
shot down in enemy territory in 1993, the rescue slowly turned from an hour long mission
into an overnight siege. The Battle of ” Mogadishu” would be re-told in Ridley Scott�s Black
Hawk Down, dropping audiences into the confusion, the endless firefights, and the incredible
bravery that managed to save the mission. The battle made headlines at home, but the
movie showed that hearing about combat is nothing compared to seeing it up close. Apocalypse Now Francis Ford Coppola�s epic war story may
have been a nightmare to film, but he couldn�t have known how influential Apocalypse Now
would eventually become. When an American army colonel goes rogue during the Vietnam
War, a soldier is given orders to track him down, and kill him. The movie isn�t based
on any real events of the War. Instead it’s an updated version of the story found in the
famous novel “Heart of Darkness.” Apocalypse Now has more to say about the horrors of war
and humanity in general than Vietnam in particular, and it’s seen today as one of the greatest
films ever made. Platoon Unlike other war movie directors, Oliver Stone
actually served in the Vietnam War � making Platoon a more realistic story, even if it
is fiction. The film was based on real battles and soldiers he saw firsthand. Stone�s commitment
to realism meant putting the cast through real military training. He even launched explosive
attacks while they slept to leave them as worn out as he had been during the war. In
the end, the movie�s story of one man�s loss of innocence spoke to an entire generation,
and Platoon became a classic for military fans looking for realism, not just spectacle. Full Metal Jacket “Vietnam can kill me, but it can’t make me
care.” The movie�s tagline tells you all you need to know about its view of the Vietnam
War, following a single platoon from basic training to the actual combat. Director Stanley
Kubrick focused almost entirely on the insanity and dark humor war makes possible, and he
explored what killing can actually do to the average person. Making the case that not every
war is glorious – or even rational � the movie�s message is summed up perfectly by
the Marines� unforgettable battle song: Saving Private Ryan A squad of soldiers heading through World
War 2-era France to find just one private sounds like a small story, but Saving Private
Ryan was anything but. The movie begins with a massive re-enactment of the Omaha Beach
assault. Director Steven Spielberg used more than 1,000 extras to capture the scale and
intensity of the D-Day invasion in this 27-minute long sequence; and it was just the beginning.
The story that followed recreated the war in detail, with many veterans stating it was
as close to the actual battles as possible. The movie renewed interest in the war, and
forever changed how it would be shown on film � ensuring its place as arguably the greatest
war movie ever made. Conclusion So what do you think of our list? Did we miss
any of your favorite military movies? Let us know in our comment section and don’t forget
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Reader Comments

  1. Mr. Roberts
    Cross of Iron
    Das Boot
    Flags of Our Fathers
    Letters From Iwo Jima
    Paths of Glory
    Tora! Tora! Tora!
    just to name a few missed.

  2. 1. a bridge too far
    2. saving private Ryan
    3. the dirty dozen
    4. Zulu
    5. band of brothers (I know it's not a movie but it's better than most of your picks)

  3. Enemy at the Gates deserves a mention. The underlying propoganda battle that raged between both sides made the film much bigger than just two snipers trying to best one another.

  4. Just watched full metal jacket nice movie in the start its relly nice ending is a bit borring but nice movie 8/10

  5. Some of my favorite military movies are…
    The Longest Day
    Blackhawk Down
    Lone Survivor (The book SUCKED!)
    Full Metal Jacket
    Saving Pvt Ryan

    I thought American Sniper, Jarhead and The Hurt Locker were some of the worst movies ever made. Horrendously bad.

  6. We Were Soldiers and Glory should be there
    WWS while not perfect was pretty good and shows a glimpse of what it was like back home for the families
    Glory itself is a great film despite the miscast commander.

  7. 1.Apocalypse now
    2.Full metal jacket
    3.Saving private Ryan
    5.Dr strangelove or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb

  8. Wind and The Lion
    Letters from Iwo Jima
    City of Life and Death
    Sands of Iwo Jima
    Das Boot
    Downfall. Downfall was the best. Be sure to watch it in the original German. You won't need to read the subtitles at all. You will quickly figure out what's going on.
    Speaking of German, don't forget Leni Riefenstall's Triumph of The Will.

  9. i dont think being a soldier counts as being a hero. war is not black and white. it takes 2 sides and 2 perspectives to have a war.

  10. heyyyyy fuck up the malaysian army save the black hawk and us army rangers youre all dont want to give a thanks one of the members of malaysian army death for your ranger it is kolonal azman

  11. Gallipoli, we were soldiers, Battle of Britain, the great escape, hyena road, hurt locker, light horsemen, pearl harbour, dads army, railway man, Memphis belle, Zulu, the siege of tabotsvile, glory, Vietnam and fury

  12. I liked Samuel Jackson's 2000 movie "Rules of Engagement". It was pretty good. Showing the violence and mentality a solider has to face under fire.

    Major Mark Biggs: "There are rules and the Marines are sworn to uphold them."

    Colonel Terry L. Childers: "I was not going to stand by and see another Marine die just to live by those fucking rules."

  13. There are so many others that would could and should be on this list,
    This list was evidently done by someone who has no clue…..

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