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5 Awesome .45 ACP Handguns You Must Have

5 Awesome .45 ACP Handguns You Must Have

welcome back everybody this is Eric from lost pawn and gun and today I want to do another five guns video for you I've actually gotten a lot of phone calls here at the pawn shop and people have been very happy with this type of video and you know they're like the information that gets put out in them and today we're going to talk about five 45 caliber handguns that you've got to have now these are my top five these are ones that you know if I could only own five of a 45 ACP handgun or variant of which these would be the five that I would choose I kind of came to these conclusions based on guns and I've owned over the years guns that I've shot over the years and also brands and mates that I've known to really just you know show really high level of fit and finish and quality across the board both in the way they're made and the function of them so we're going to talk about the first one of course some know collection of 45s will be complete without a Glock model 21 and this is Glocks 21st invention full-size 45 acp handguns a double stack holds 13 shots one in the chamber makes fourteen so right off the bat you've got a handgun that doubles the capacity of the standard 1911 which we'll get to in a moment striker-fired very reliable very tough finish I cannot say enough good things about Glocks I know that generally in some of these videos we tend to kind of really toot the Glock horn while we are fans of blocks don't get me wrong there's a lot of other great handguns out there but to me Glock is king still sometimes the frames on these can be a little bit large for some hands this particular version actually is an SF so it is the short frame which makes for a lot more consistent fit in the hand for some people that might have smaller hands so don't overlook the model 21 the magazines are out there they're easy to get 13 shots you get a lot of firepower in your hand you're throwing a big ugly slug and you know in general let's just bend one of the things that I've always liked about a 45 ACP is that it's just a slow-moving ugly hunk of lead that will really just put big old holes and things and you know I grew up shooting in 1911 and that was one of the first handguns I was ever you know exposed to growing up and I just kind of learned to enjoy a 45 in general so model 21 is definitely you know should be on everyone's list in terms of 45s that you've just got to have another newer addition to the 45s that are out there now is the FN FN P 45 tactical it is a double single action semi-automatic one of the neat things about the FN p45 is that it uses 15 shot magazines so you got 15 rounds of 45 acp in your hand ready to go now the cool thing about tactical model is and one of the very innovative things about the tactical model is that there's a cut on the top of the slide for an rmr or a dr optic you can mount a small red dot on this the way they do the sights on these also is really cool because they've got high night sights and a threaded barrel so of course you just attach your 45 acp suppressor on here and you got high night sights a suppressor and if you want a red dot a very reliable very lightweight for what they are ambidextrous controls both in your slide release or slide stop rather your magazine release is ambidextrous and your safeties ambidextrous it has a DES cocking mechanism and I cannot say enough good things about this gun one minor drawback to the FMP 45 tactical is that with this particular rig one of the things you have to contend with is that sometimes if you've ever got to take one apart folding in terms of full disassembly they are a little bit tricky it's not the easiest gun in the world to take apart parts have been known to break on them pretty easy so you got to be careful about parts replacement they're definitely not the easiest guns in the world to get parts for so it's really for some people that's going to draw people you know away from it but the gun has it's it's is a solid gun and there's a lot of guys in like Special Forces SOCOM SEALs guys like that that are using this gun to great effect so don't overlook the FMP 40 tactical it's a great gun especially if you want a full capacity you know double stack combat 45 it fills that role fight well and you got 15 rounds in your hand the guns do ship with three magazines so that's an awesome thing about those you get playing max with another good gun consider is the MEP Smith & Wesson M&P 45 and a full-size this particular version is a two-tone version this one does have a safety they can be ordered with or without safety standard magazine capacity on this gun is a 10 shot magazine one drawback to the MVP that I'm not a huge fan of is that the magazines are both hard to get and expensive but once you get your magazines rounded out it's a wonderful gun and you know I've never really considered the MMP series of guns too closely until I went and I took the Smith & Wesson M&P armor scores and that was an eye-opening experience because you know me being a fan of the Glocks I initially went into that class thinking okay well what can this gun have that Glock doesn't but it's really got some cool features about it that kind of set it apart from the Glock the way that the serrations on the slide are cut they're actually machined instead of stamped which is a nice thing the chassis is basically used as a chassis system on the inside of the gun and like a Glock that actually gives the frame quite a bit of rigidity and that's going to equate to a lot better accuracy I mean you can take this frame and bend it as hard as you can and you can't get it to flex because the way that stainless steel chassis system is set up these guns are growing in popularity enough now to where there's some aftermarket triggers out there for them you get the apex drop-in trigger groups that are easy to install very good quality triggers and really you mean these guns are getting to the point where they're contending heavily with Glock in terms of competition so they are wonderful guns and I would definitely consider the MMP series of guns you know as a solid contender for a 45 they got you know they point real nice they've got a really good profile to them and they're just a great gun this is something I would definitely not overlook for 45 ACP handgun all right another handgun that you may consider this is the cz 97 BD it's a double stack 45 ACP holds 10 shots one minor setback that you got with the cz again is that the mags are a little bit expensive the mags are a little bit hard to get and I believe you're stuck to ten rounds which in a double stack I mean you do have ten rounds which is nice it is a 45 but the nice thing about C's these that have always liked I mean it's an all metal gun so it kind of marries some of the concepts that you would expect to see in like a 1911 and then it marries that with something like maybe a browning hi-power where you've got a double stack magazine but in like you know a nice single action trigger on it this is a double action as well you got a good basic safety and this is just a good no frills gun you know does have the cocking mechanism night sights so again don't overlook the sees these they are very high-quality handguns not what I would consider cheap parts supply pretty decent you can get parts for them pretty easy the mags aren't too bad so again if I could have only have five I definitely have a cz 45 because they're just really nice hand guns for the money and they perform well out on the range they really are a good shooting gun and the handle great and the single actions on them are wonderful so again cz 75 like the nine-millimeter is arguably one of the most popular and influential hand guns of all time I mean there's a lot of people that swear by a cz 75 so 45 patterned in the same type of gun is a must have if you're really a fan of 45 ACP now save the best for less no 45 collection is complete without a 1911 very 1911's are very popular pistol these days there's a lot of companies that have been kind of on the sidelines in the 1911 market over the last several years that have finally stepped forward and decided to make in 1911 of course Remington is one of them they introduced there are one about three years ago and of course Ruger has a 1911 now so there's a lot of the mainstream companies that have really kind of paid attention and seeing that the 1911 is here to stay and it is an older design but it's not going anywhere and this particular 1911 is a really nice one it's an r1 again kind of playing back into the tactical arrangement that you see on several of these you got the high night sights threaded barrel but at its core it's still just a standard 1911 it's got the extended beaver tail safety this particular version is really nice because it's got an over travel adjustment screw on the trigger so you can really just the trigger the way you want it's got a checkered back strap in a checkered mainspring housing which is just a really nice setup one neat thing about the set up also is the way they put the serrations on the front of the slide so it just really makes you know charging the gun from the front or the back a lot easier especially if you're wearing gloves the triggers are nice the fit and finish of the slide to frame you know they don't rattle they're just really nice 1911's Remington is really producing a awesome 1911 right now no matter what you get even if it's just the baseline or the tactical models the 1911 is definitely one of those guns that's here to stay it's not going anywhere they are an eight shot or a seven shot across the board so it's a single stack magazine have all the guns I've showed you so far this is the only gun that's a single stack alright and this gun has been around well over a hundred years so that should go to show you something about a gun design when you know it can be around for this long and be this influential you know in the industry and on the on the battlefield I mean the 1911 is proven itself as a combat handgun as an enthusiast handgun and more importantly even just as a as a handgun of connoisseurs you know someone that's just a fine person that enjoys fine handguns is going to love a 1911 and no handgun collection in general is complete without in 1911 but especially if you want to round out a set of nice 45s you've got to have some kind of a 1911 so that's the five that I would choose and hopefully glean some knowledge from this video if you weren't familiar with some of these guns or if you didn't know about them maybe now you'll check them out and or you know if you agree with me great if not leave your comments and suggestions and I'll read them and I'll be happy to respond to you or we may do another video at some point all right one last gun that I want to show you I know that I know this is a gun for five but you know always throw at least one more in there that wasn't in the original lineup and this is a Smith & Wesson model 22-4 and this is a beautiful 45 acp handgun it uses what's called a moon clip alright now this is hard to see but you'll see a close-up in a moment and it's a moon clip that holds 45 ACP so you can shoot 45 ACP out of this gun with moon clip alright and then when you go to eject your spare brass it just stays nice and neat inside the moon clip and you can pick them up off the range later to reload or whatever but a very nice gun a beautiful case heart and finish won't have grip panels you know lanyard this is just a wonderful gun you know if you guys may not want an automatic or let's say you live in a state where you can't have an automatic but you know you want a 45 ACP this is a really awesome way to shoot 45 ACP both in style and then just function in general these are great guns they're accurate they're extremely reliable of course revolver is a very reliable gun across the board so just thought I would mention this it is a 45 ACP and it is marketed as firing 45 ACP originally as a military weapon this gun was issued with Halfmoon clips that allowed you to shoot three rounds and you could drop a half a moon clip and top it off with three more this is what they call a full moon clip and then they make it in a half moon cliff so with half you got three with a fall you got six so that's just a neat little tidbit there they are very high quality guns are very accurate at some point maybe we'll get one of these out the chute and do a video on it but there's my five guns and I hope you guys enjoyed this video leave your comments and suggestions and we'll be happy to do what we can to help you thanks for watching

Reader Comments

  1. After holding my P80 (G17), my PF45 (G21) makes the 9mm feel like a BB gun!
    For close combat, you only need one magazine.

    After you empty the 13 rounds, you can use the gun itself to beat whatever's left of the attackers!

  2. Do something on walther's ppk,pk380's ppk& ppq's do some videos on it haven't seen it YET I'm always on Utube watching gun videos on how to break them all the way down to what ammo is best

  3. I owned a Glock 9 mm 2nd gen. I was out cutting pine beetle kills here in Alaska and it was only seven below and my coat was over my firearm after finish cutting the amount of what I would need I decided to pull my 9 mm round in shoot it with standard Ball round no reloads in the Glock ended up cracking in half in my hands. I can't stand plastic guns, if I'm going to get a 45 it's going to be all Steel. I will never own another Glock, a piece of plastic that can break on you in the most opportune time can get you killed.

  4. Hey brother I wish you would have included the prices for those five guns. I enjoy your channel and appreciate you and your knowledge of all types of firearms.

  5. I know it's a purely a problem of aesthetics, but that threaded barrel bit sticking out of the Remington 1911 makes me wanna puke. Egad I hate how that looks. Probably functions great, looks like a pile of dog crap buried in fart.

  6. Springfield XD is my first choice as the grip is a little longer and allows me to set the mag. in firmly vs the Glock where I have to have an extended mag. or sacrifice some of my retention grip while loading like the rest of you have to do with the compact grips

  7. How can you do a top 5 .45 list and leave out the hk mk23, usp 45, and hk45. Any of those 3 could’ve topped this list as they’re some of the best 45 caliber handguns ever made

  8. The very best 45 to own is the one you can hit what you shoot at, but if you own a Glock I have a strong suggestion, better get a bulletproof vest and arm guard, plus a pair of bulletproof gloves because you will eventually need them but make sure you wear the stuff all the time

  9. I love my Springfield XD Mod2 subcompact in .45acp. She came with 3 9rnd mags and 3 13rnd mags. She's a nail driver.

  10. Take all the polymer part guns and a Springfield 1911A1, run them over with a tank and lets see which ones still work.

  11. The 1911 is always on top of the list. Every other gun is a son, step son or grandson of the 1911. The most idea would be a custom made 2011. Its on a 1911 platform, .45 acp, with 14 rounds. Other than that, I think the FN is next up.

  12. I like the fact you mentioned the CZ97BD which are hard to find, but you failed to mention the Sig Saur P220/P227 which is the best 45 "DOUBLE ACTION" pistol. Great video though!

  13. Even thought this is an OLder Video You should have had the Sig P220 which is a Much Better Choice of a 45acp than the CZ as a Combat Pistol and then the Ruger P90 as the Sleeper of the Group, a Pistol that you can get for a few hundred dollars and Trust You Life to on IT!

  14. Was never a .45 ACP guy until I shot the Berettra PX4 STORM .45 ACP type C. The rotating barrel makes it the softest shooting large caliber pistol I have ever fired. Follow up shots are quicker and more accurate and that holds true for weak hand / injured hand drills also.

  15. I have to say that with the exception of the Glock, you could and should have 3 or 4 other .45's that should have been on this list and would wipe these others off the face of the Earth.

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