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5 Americans Mysteriously Die While Vacationing In The Dominican Republic

5 Americans Mysteriously Die While Vacationing In The Dominican Republic

so now the total is about five Americans they have lost their lives in the Dominican Republic and the Dominican Republic isn't safe before Americans right now it's not I believe that the State Department should put out warnings telling people not to go to the Dominican Republic the government over there doesn't have a sense of urgency about this at all but we want to talk more about this on the podcast today so make sure you click the link and I know many of you are listening to these videos the promo videos but I'm asking you you are listening right now under the sound of my voice to actually go to the podcast and listen to it we like you guys to go listen that's why we do these promo videos we have a link in the description box we also have a link down in the comments section right at the top that makes it so easy for you if you would like to have the podcast immediately when it comes available then you can download the anchor app it's in the App Store and Google Play for you to download if you have Apple podcasts Google podcasts etc it may be available at the moment we drop it at may not it just depends on the distribution and how that works at the time period we also appreciate everyone who has definitely helped us hit a new milestone on our podcast we just now crossed over a hundred thousand listens we've been actively going since March of this year so thank you guys for going over there listening and favoriting the podcast and the field scott audio experience is a different you know show in itself and I like that because every show that I'm doing it has something you know different to it Fenster this the news show it's one thing the podcast is another what we're doing on our website you know will be something different as well so we definitely got along with us in the different directions that we're going in as always for you and that's what we want to do it for so make sure you check out the podcast ever news team

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  1. Link To Podcast

  2. Im haitian and doubt ill ever go to haiti so going there never crossed my mind. being haitian american wouldve had me an organ donor over there. im good on that

  3. I think this is a plan agenda it's just strange know what I noticed this reminds me of the tourist visiting the island of the unknown tribe but I know it's different situation but it's really odd dosent seem right I think they are purposely killing people over there I guarantee you after the story is over act like every thing back to normal just like any other crazy events

  4. Sadly, appears gone on death ears. Praying for the families too. Please research places prior to travel . In addition, follow your gut, intuition. Don’t go

  5. The Dominican Republic doesn't even like Americans. Why would anyone would anyone want to go there out of all the places to go to?

  6. Gday luv
    DR is not safe for anyone David Ortiz was shot near Santa Domingo and he's a NATIVE
    Always gave my team the business great player
    Get well soon Papi
    Visited DR 20 years and was told by the resort manager not to leave the complex
    But my family and I habla Espanol so no has never been safe.
    Do your research before you travel DR Venezuela and Europe at the moment not dark friendly
    With 30 countries under my belt and having lived in Italy and London I know be safe

  7. Very bizarre…sounds to me like they have a serial killer on the island. Good luck on expecting the corrupt DR government to do anything about it. If they don’t care about their own citizens getting killed they for sure won’t care about foreigners until their tourist dollars start to dry up.

  8. How many Americans lose their life in America? Please, don't be fooled. People say the same thing about Haiti. I had a friend go to Haiti, and she told me how beautiful it was, and nothing but white folks enjoying the luxurious life. Yes there are poor Parts but there are also well-to-do parts. They do not want people of color in Haiti or the Dominican Republic. Crime happens everywhere.

  9. People are going thru alot of hardship in D.R. while america eats and eats drinks buys trades lives lavishly many people in D.R going thru it. God bless the families of these souls taken in D.R and God bless the Dominican Republic may they seek God in their anguish and be saved because time is near. In the meantime wherever you travel stay safe.

  10. Do not leave the resorts just dont look im Honduran but my family is a mix of British white and jamaican black so me n my moms generation where born there just cause we had land and our family liked it. Annnnd im telling you now a days my family does not leave without at least 5 of our cousins with them. Its dangerous all over central and south america , if you are not prepared or you dont understand the people do not leave the resort. Whatever violence you have seen in north america is nothing compared to what happens in the south of our northern countrys. Trust me just stay on the resort or wherever your staying. Do not go there and roam without people you can trust.

  11. And, David Ortiz MLB player is the latest victim:. MSN Sports – David Ortiz in stable condition after being shot in Dominican Republic by Jaclyn Reiss

  12. David Ortiz ex-Red Sox baseball player was just shot over there about 12 hours ago. Not sure if there was foul play or not though cuz I think he's a native.

  13. And what make it so funny we let Dominicans in our country it's just amazing how these African descent which are black men and women Dominican Republic hey is something going on with America the citizens and this means bad things for people that want to come to United States we need to stop letting people into our country. If you not American you don't need to be coming to America it's just like other countries Canada I'm a convicted felon they will not let me in a country so why are we as Americans letting these Baltic countries into America half of the immigrants in America make up for majority of the violence

  14. Sorry nor interested in the podcast. It's weak. Every 45 seconds its interrupted by advertising. It stops in mid-sentence and your pre-recorded promotion of the podcast comes on. It's a very poor platform..

  15. I have e a best friend going there next week. I've been telling her and telling her not to go. I've told her about the news regarding DR but her friends have convinced her that it's just scare tactics and that it can happen when you travel anywhere. I'm not sure what else I can do to convince her not to go. Not trying to ruin their vacation/fun but at the same time I'm not trying to potentially lose a best friend neither.

  16. David Ortiz the baseball player just got shot there and the sad thing is he's from there they dont like anyone who has even been in America before honestly he is in stable condition after being shot in his back from point blank range he is currently recovering please send your prayers his way

  17. To be honest, traveling OUT of America right now is a SERIOUS RISK, unless you have kinfolk in other countries (I would put off for a while, because it aint safe ) and its not like the American GOVT will intervene for you.

  18. The resorts in Dominican Republic are not owned by the Dominican government! Not to mention there are criminal organizations from Venezuela and Colombia ruining things in the country. Don't claim this has anything to do with racism! Stop dogging my country and my people!

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