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5.11 Recon Line of Footwear at SHOT Show 2013 Video

5.11 Recon Line of Footwear at SHOT Show 2013 Video

Just stepped over to the 5.11 footwear collection, I’m here with Joel from 5.11, and you’ve got a new line out, the Recon
line. Work me through what you guy’s have done. So the idea with the Recon line is that we really want to challenge the sort of traditional thinking of our end users, both in their training applications and their tactical applications. So we have a new series of trainers. Three colors- black, shadow, and dark coyote, all meant to be fairly subdued, kind
of in the uniform look. And then this one is a little bit more contrast. The ideal with the coloring is that this is
all sort of working with a multicam color palate, so it’s multicam compatible. If i take you through the features, really there’s kind of a bunch of aspects
going on here but, it’s playing off of the minimalist running movements. So we
know that our end user is really active in crossfit, ultra marathoning, real high-performance sports. Compression molded EVA. A new outsole for us, that uses kind
of a hybrid approach in that that the forefoot is built like a trainer, front is really stable, a lateral platform, where as the back is really kind of more rounded, more
geared toward running. In the midfoot, it’s open for fast roping,
and then you look here on the medial side to kind of complete that, we have
this zone called the Rope-Ready Zone. So is the 5.11 patent-pending Blood Type Patch Kit. This is really our nod to sort
of what they do on the military boots, right, you brought up Black Hawk Down, that sort of mentality of writing your blood
type on the back. So with the boots it’ll come with two logo
patches, and then two blank patches, and then as a gift with purchase, we’ll offer all
the blood types, one that says no known drug
allergies, and no penicillin. Great feature to see. That’s absolutely cool. Cool concept there. Grabbing it, right away, just the lightweight, I can’t emphasize that enough, the lightweight materials they put into it,
high-end materials, really abrasive-resistant on all sides. Lightweight package. I’m amazed by it.
-Thanks. We’re really excited and to help with this whole story of reconditioning, kinda rethinking how you approach your footwear, in the insole, we used an OrthoLite insole, but we have this foot with a plus, and that’s to give you this idea that you have more cushioning if you use the insole. But we built this shoe using what’s called California construction. So it’s meant to be used sockless, if you’d like, and you can take this out, remove it, and be even lower to the ground. So there’s a foot with a minus. You can still use it without that insole. Yeah. So pretty versatile, very low profile, lightweight as you’re saying. Great, so when are these gonna be out in the
stores, when can we expect them? The end of June. End of June. Joel, thank you so much.

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