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435th Supply Chain Operations Squadron

435th Supply Chain Operations Squadron

we Tommy had over 270,000 access and stop I wish total 4.5 million dollars yeah we pretty much have all of the XS Kim D in the airforce any other base around the world needs anything they send up an order to us and you ship it out to anywhere from suits to gas masks body armor plates canisters just it all kind of varies we amateur you on a fiscal year which is from October to October and basically what we do is we go we'll start off at the smallest commodity that we have and we'll do an tort on that we're doing our inventory you want to make sure all the quantities are correct because we have different stuff that we shipped out to all different bases locations couple minutes and other things so we want to make sure they get their correct product and the right product in a matter of time for here day-to-day we pretty much do shipping receiving if we got a shipment coming in a truck will come in will offload it put it away do the mic as part of it which is a computer process find locations for it shipping process pretty much we get an email from FCAT but I guess any base around the world that needs to assets they go through them for the funding portion it comes us for the base that needs it and pull the shipment exactly what they need we pull it ship it out boom as soon as possible can be very tedious at times luckily we're all pretty close-knit we all get along so that definitely makes it go by a little more enjoyable weird directly supporting the warfighter so they don't go out in the field without the place to came here so it's nice to actually directly support what they're doing over there

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  1. I was Inventory Management Specialist USAF 1972-75 and Tennessee Air National Guard 75-78. It is not a bad MOS if you like working in air conditioned/heated offices with pretty girls.

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