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#41 – Cool New Evil-Looking Sword: The Sword of Darkness!!!!!

#41 – Cool New Evil-Looking Sword:  The Sword of Darkness!!!!!

everyone I told you that I was going to show you my newest addition to my weapons collection missus I got one so here we are go ahead and get straight into it here's my new sword that I got earlier this week a couple days ago if called the sword of darkness and as part of the the swords of the Ancients collection and that's by I think the guy's name is kit gray so if anyone's interested in all that information s who designs these swords the sword itself it cost me specifically $74.99 the tag is still on here we should take it off so it's not bad considering the the quality of the sword the blade itself is not at all sharpened it's actually very very dull like I mean you couldn't even cut wet paper with this but the hand guard the whole hilt is very intricate it has very nice interesting design on it hopefully I'm not too close and hopefully you can see that and the bottom has this little evil looking skull and I believe this sword is called the sort of darkness or something like that and honestly I'm not really into like demonic gothic looking swords but this one it just looks so cool and I thought nah this would be a good conversation piece in my apartment so yeah the sword is still like I said it's not sharp but it's very heavy one thing I don't like about it is these little claw petrosian's coming out the bottom of the handguard and like I've actually kept myself and punctured myself on my wrist numerous times so yeah that's the only thing I don't like about it it's very heavy so if you like me you like to play around swords or weapons or whatever I wouldn't get this because this could really hurt yourself or somebody else or this thing is really heavy so but yeah there it is so yeah you probably already saw this already if you paid attention to my last video I took a picture with it put it in the intro it came with this little artistic illustration and there's supposed to be like this story behind the whole sword in the whole collection or whatever yeah it is the evil guy holding my sword he look like he's about to kill this guy here and this half-naked woman and she looks like she's about to get up and cut him up but I don't know what I'm gonna deal with this and I also came with this little pamphlet showing all the swords in the collection and all the knives or whatever I don't think I'm gonna buy another sword out of this collection I'm trying to see if there's a website or something okay yeah if you were interested in buying this order another one in this collection you can go to WWE United cutlery calm so yeah you can get all the information that's pretty much I'll show you to false or one more time so you can see it hopefully you're not too close yeah all right you guys see you next time

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  1. Listen to Filthy Turd – All Your Turds have come at once. One of my favorite swording songs, and a true ass-krackler

  2. The fact that the Kit Rae-swords come including the story behind the sword and also a poster of the sword in action (All made and designed by Kit Rae) is in fact thae thing that's making his swords that little more special. The designes of the swords are always amazing.
    It is clear you never really looked into this kind of stuff, cause the way you sound in your video you clearly don't seem to appriciate that extra bit of effort that's been done to make a Kit Rae-sword that little extra special.

  3. I loved Xena too. Did not know you could Buy swords just like that. What are you studying? How do you like living by yourself with no parental unit?

  4. This is actually the *original* Sword of Darkness. The newer version has a thicker, more complex handguard with more designs.

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