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400 TIPS AND TRICKS FOR BEGINNERS! – Last Day on Earth: Survival

400 TIPS AND TRICKS FOR BEGINNERS! – Last Day on Earth: Survival

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  1. i juat died and i lost every important thing cuz i dint know that the minigun will spawn so many zombies T~T

  2. I'm so stupid. the event where the mini gun was i got killed. nOw I caN nEVeR gET iT.

  3. I deleted this game, not only cause I was new player, but I really had all the worst luck.
    1. The one chance, to get the backpack… CONNECTION TO SERVER WAS LOST.
    2. I was stupid enough, to trust, that spending 15 euros, for the black backpack, would make my game a bit easier (yes, naturally, I had to try it like 5 times, before I got it) AAAAND, THEN I died, cause game lag. With my backpack….
    3. As a new player, I pretty much lost all the "once" in a game time bonuses, cause I didnt study this game FIRST, BEFORE STARTING TO PLAY IT.

    It was expensive lesson, point taken and for future, I know to avoid games like this. It is too neo jewish, for my taste. Specially, cause losing, what you paid for, sucks big time.

    With my words of caution, NEW PLAYERS, DO NOT USE REAL MONEY IN THIS GAME, CAUSE YOU WILL REGRET IT. If you like grinding, just grind, DO NOT EXPECT TO SURVIVE ALL THE TIME, cause you will keep on dying, with every possible chances this game gets. Like, game lag, RL interruptions, careless pauses and naturally, when you are finding new monsters, so strong, they one hits you dead, or are so fast, you cant run from them and ofc, when you mistake to push the AUTOMATIC button and your character runs at its death.

  4. The wall trick at blackport PD and the trick when you use the sits in the lobby to kill brawlers and hungry chompers dont work when I do it

  5. Thanks for all these vids man I appreciate your work I do but take the cock out of your mouth before you film these and you talk super fast it's like fjdjdhdheyebsi engine parts ehdhdiejdjehej engine parts red crate cidkfheiwhebr

  6. They should patch where zombies can still hit you when u r running or far away from their attack like in the frienzied giant

  7. Lmao the first time I picked up the mini gun I panicked and let the zombies kill me…
    I had a paddle in my backpack :C

  8. Just dont die of thirst or of hungry because you got carried away watching the video and forgot you were playing

  9. Tip 26 I got the mini gun at first I was really slow because of it and I barely survived then after I switched in my inventory to a lighter weapon and i got away with really low health but I got it

  10. ro what should I do if my real account is hacker account I need to delete it and add a new one without hack what should I do when I download the game from play store and open it and restore my data on Gmail it says connecting to server and it don't work cuz it a hack account in real game I want to delete the hack account can I is there any solutions waiting for ur replay tnx

  11. Dude I’m low level and this shit did not help 😂 all I heard was upgrade something that low levels never get and explore places that I haven’t even seen and raiders kill you or help you just to let you know never told you when they come okay you got this 😉 that’s basically what I was told this entire video

  12. I started this game 3 days ago and I have full swat amor vas’s,an ak, m16,Winchester, 2 mod glocks,and 1 glock

  13. i got a finger off the soldier in the convoy even my first time just to debunk the "no finger first time" thing

  14. Tip 25 i lerned the hard way i saw that and left it and i never got to get it this i delt game for 2 tlyears and come back and got it fuck its hunts me till tjis day

  15. “You can not use the hacker skill, for it does not have a use.” Me finding a basement that needs the Hacker skill: WHYYYYyYYY

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