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$4 Watches from AliExpress: dope or nope?

$4 Watches from AliExpress: dope or nope?

All the watches you see in this video have
been purchased from AliExpress for less than $4 each and they are no different than the
$20, $50 and $75 watches that random dropshipping stores are trying to sell you on Instagram. As a matter of fact, they are the exact same
watches – I did a reverse image lookup and some stores didn’t even bother to make their
own product shots. Affiliate links to the watches I’m reviewing
here are in the description of the video. All of them have been ordered together, and
arrived within the same week, which was about 3 weeks after I ordered them. I will unboxing them, and we will look at
them closely. The first watch is my least favourite one,
but only because of the style. It was shipped inside a soft plastic envelope,
with a little foam square in the middle. The watch dial was on the outside but there
was no damage to it. It’s not super heavy, and it’s not too
light like some other cheap watches that I have bought before. There is no arm for seconds, and this model
is the quietest of them all. The back side does not have any writing. The bands are metallic, with a movable metallic
bracket. My wrists are fairly thin, and even then I
feel like this watch seems a bit too small. I really like this watch because of the style. It is simple and minimalist, and I think it
looks awesome. It was also shipped inside a soft plastic
envelope, but the seller decided to wrap the entire watch into protective foam, which I
think is a better way to do it. The back does not have any writing either. From the product shots it seemed as it was
super skinny, but upon closer look, the battery on the back was sticking out of the case,
not that it’s a huge issue but it’s not what I was expecting. The bands are the same as on the previous
model we looked at. There is a hand for seconds, and I don’t
keep this watch in my bedroom at night as I can hear the ticking and it’s not helping
me fall asleep. It sits nicely on my hand, and I really like
the style. Definitely a good buy in my books. The last watch is my absolute favourite. I really like the looks and the quality. The packing was exactly the same as on the
previous watch we looked at, and it had an additional branded plastic bag. No additional information on the back here
either, so I assume that none of them are waterproof and I don’t want to test that. They’ve held fine against occasional splashes
and that’s all I want from them. The bands are made out of faux untreated leather,
and the stitching on them is really well-made. I don’t know how they hold against time,
but I am prepared to replace them if needed. This watch has a dial for seconds, a working
date gauge, and additional non-functional small dials which are there just for the looks. There is a dial that you can use to adjust
both the time and the date, time on one click and date on the second, and the two other
buttons have no use. The size of this watch is perfect and it sits
really nice on my hand. Overall, there is a ton of different watches
at different price levels. The cheap ones can be bought to try out styles,
because they tend to break after a year or so, and if you want a longer-lasting watch,
I will place links to a few trusted brands recommended by my audience in the description
of the video. They are generally within 20 to 50 dollars,
the quality is better and they will last longer. However with that being said if all you care
about is a trendy accessory, the cheap ones are definitely not a bad option. If you want to see more good products with
prices much lower than you find in retail, check out our website, where we have a ton
of different AliExpress finds in the shop section and themed articles with the unique
and best-selling items. Thanks you for the 20,000 subscribers, I enjoy
making these videos for you, if you have not subscribed yet – feel free to do so and please
enable notifications because otherwise it is possible that YouTube will not always let
you know about the new videos. Cheers!

Reader Comments

  1. I'm surprised people still buy watches. I guess it's more for show than necessarily to check time, which our phones do pretty well although it's a minor hassle to take the phone out every time you need to check the time.

  2. do i have a stroke or has the second wristwatch a lose "minuit" arm? when you move your arm, it goes back and forth!! 1:48
    i ordered once a cheap chinese watch too from aliexpress and must admit.. they look nice but it also had a lose arm instantly. if the watch cant present you the right time..its useless, despite good looking

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