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34 Mile Virginia Creeper Day Hike : The Outdoor Gear Review

34 Mile Virginia Creeper Day Hike : The Outdoor Gear Review

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  1. Absolutely wonderful. Thank you for doing and sharing this wonderful walk. Great channel, great guy!

  2. You did an awesome job at the photo shoot at the end… this might be my favorite video of yours… I appreciate the personal triumph!!!

  3. Nice. Except for the ultimate survival drink reference. Thank you for bringing focus to the area. I ride my motorcycle there often. I will def. be hiking that trail.

  4. That was a really great hike! You got some incredible footage as well as some really nice pictures at the end was very impressed with your overall stamina! And to accomplish that goal….what a wondrous thing for you to do and to share with us something that was such a goal for you. Congrats on the speed in which you did it too.
    Be well Luke

  5. fun adventure. i had the same eggs and bacon in my last video. they were pretty good. cool bridges. long hike. nice day.

  6. Another great video! Have you been to Montana? What is the ram van? Also, what did you have to do for training to this point?

  7. Good hike.. Sleep well..
    ….. I don't watch TV anymore.. It's just too dumb..
    ….. Abt the piss.. It does have some medicinal uses.. It's sanitary as it leaves the body.. Eskimos used it to kill lice and fleas.. Porto Ricans use it.. My grandmother was diabetic and refused to take insulin.. Every morning, she would taste her pee.. If it tasted sweet she would not eat sugar all day.. If it didn't taste sweet, she would eat a little sugar with her food.. She lived another twenty years with no complications..

  8. Thank you so much for taking me along on your adventure. That was so beautiful. I really love your still life pictures that you take and share with us. They are so beautiful and amazing to look at and the music that you play is so peaceful and really shows the kind of person that you are. A very caring individual with great morals and values and a sincere love for what God has created. Once again thank you so much. Take care and keep doing what you so love watching. God Bless

  9. I am retired military. I used to really get into Dave Canterbury. But when he LIED about his military resume, qualifications, and experience, I was done with him. I mean, he is an extremely skilled, experienced, and well respected outdoorsman/bushcrafter. Why did he feel the need to lie about his military experience? I'm flabbergasted. 
    Anyway, excellent vid. That was sooo Awesome! I've gleaned a ton of great tidbits from your videos! Keep them up and stay safe.

  10. You should have started and ended in Abingdon, Wolf Hill Brewing is a nice place to end a hike/bike ride.  BTW the rich folks houses at 28:00  was Glennrochie Country Club.  I had a friend who lived there as a kid, nice place to go see Christmas lights, but  I wouldn't want to live there.  I've found that I like to live near rich people, but not to close.

  11. Les, Dave. Biked the Creeper when I was a kid, good memory. Im from the area so of course I love it! cool video thanks.

  12. Actually Bear Grylls has managed some amazing accomplishments before all the TV stuff, was a reservist in the British SAS, broke his back when his chute ripped at 16,000ft & came within a hairs breadth of being paralysed & went on to climb Mount Everest 18 months later…..that earns respect in anyones book. I much prefer his earlier 'Man vs Wild' series though. As for the pee drinking, I guess seeing as urine is sterile in a life/death situation, recycling might be the best option 😀

  13. I noticed the sternum strap on your black diamond pack is the same as the one on my osprey.  Do you know anything about that? 

  14. Dave Canterbury always offers such great advice.  That hippie guy Cody is alright too, but I'm out on the barefoot thing!

  15. The nut you picked up that you thought is half poison is actually a chestnut… Most chestnuts you find are completely edible (I would recommend roasting first though) they grow in a spiky green husk and the way to tell if it's poisonous or not is that if the husk looks like it might be furry and fuzzy (lots of spikes/can't see surface through them) it's good but if it looks like a cactus (spikes are 1/2" apart and can see smooth green surface between) then it's poisonous but inside they more or less look identical

  16. I never heard of the Virginia Creeper Trail until I saw your video. So my wife and I decide to go down to Abingdon VA for a couple of days and really enjoyed the city. We hiked the trail. Went to the Barter Theatre. Stayed at a bed and breakfast. Ate at few nice restaurants. We had a fantastic time! Thanks for the videos and keep it up!

  17. Thanks for posting this video! I used to live in Bristol, TN so this trail for me was my old "stomping grounds" for hiking and biking. i'm having a severe case of home sickness from watching this! Definitely have to visit again soon! 

  18. In central Va we ended up having quite the winter. I don't know it was like out there. I'm it was a bit more intense though.

  19. Luke, who makes the knit cap with the visor that you're wearing in this video?  Awesome video and photos by the way!  Very inspiring!

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