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  1. Love those brown high waisted corduroy pants and those Docs! So happy I came across your channel! I don't find many male thrifters with cool hauls. I'm a thrifte too and hope we can sub to one another !

  2. The «iss» vest on the clothes rack at the beginning of the video is actually the uniform of a cleaning company in Norway😂

  3. oh my god, your content is incredible, I'm IN LOVE with your editing and the layout of your videos, suuuuuuch aesthetic!! so happy i stumbled across you!

  4. Cody you must love wearing button up shirts.  Next time try leaving the coller in buttoned, I think you will look way cooler. Those glasses are ok, but the frame is huge.  You would look better if you had smaller framed glasses on.  But yet another great video posted….  Thank you Cody…

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